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To help inform senior care consumers on the availability and request process for state records on assisted living communities, we analyzed the openness and accessibility of such records in each U.S. state and the District of Columbia. Our analysis factored in: the amount of information available to the public, the ease of access to this information, and the frequency of state inspections or surveys.

We've compiled a directory of assisted living licensing websites by state, where you can find regulation standards in your state as well as individual assisted living facility inspection summaries and violation histories.

How accessible are the records in your state? Click or to find out.

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Key Findings

In many states you must file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get assisted living records.

You must pay the state for each page printed in addition to an hourly service fee. Requesting information for a single community in Massachusetts can cost up to $20 per inquiry.

Some states, like Oregon and Texas, process FOIA requests within 2 weeks or less...

In other states, like Mississippi and Utah, it can take more than 6 months to receive the information you requested…

Some states like Massachusetts and New York often exceed the state mandated time frame for getting back to consumers.

Mailed FOIA applications are required by Hawaii before they will process a request.

In Arkansas, you must be a legal resident of the state to obtain any assisted living records.

States with offline records require consumers to submit requests via phone, fax or direct mail.

States that update their records frequently, every 1-2 months, include Virginia, Washington, Indiana and Maryland.

The only state which includes assisted living community pricing information on their state website is Wisconsin.

The most transparent states make all assisted living records available online.

Top States for Information Access

2 (tie)FloridaExceptional
2 (tie)IndianaExceptional
2 (tie)MarylandExceptional
2 (tie)WashingtonExceptional
2 (tie)West VirginiaExceptional
7 (tie)MichiganExceptional
7 (tie)VirginiaExceptional
10 (tie)GeorgiaExceptional

States with Basic Information Access

50South DakotaBasic
48 (tie)MontanaBasic
48 (tie)UtahBasic
46North DakotaBasic
43 (tie)KentuckyBasic
43 (tie)LouisianaBasic
43 (tie)New HampshireBasic

Additional Information

  • Methodology - An overview of the information we used to come up with the rating each state received.
  • State Ratings & How to Request Reports - A list of each state with their overall rating and the best way to access records and reports.
  • About the Guide - Information about why we created this guide and how A Place for Mom uses this information to work with only assisted living communities that are in good standing.
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