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You know your family, A Place For Mom knows Assisted Living. Our dedicated local Miami, FL advisors have helped 17534 families make the right choice for their needs. Get full details, pricing and read 63 reviews of our hand-picked communities. Typically prices range from $1500 to $8000 per month.

Assisted living communities in Miami, FL provide seniors the care and support they need, and the privacy and freedom they desire. There are many affordable assisted living options in the Miami area. Find a welcoming, supportive community near you.

Senior housing types near Miami, FL

  • Mercy Family Care # 1

    4604 Southwest 144 Court, Miami, FL 33175

    Mercy Family Care # 1 Mercy Family Care #1 is a senior care home that's located in Miami-Dade county, Miami, FL. The staff at the residence provides assistance to seniors in a group home setting. Located in the renowned city of Miami, the home is idyllically placed amidst cultural, historical,...

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  • Jesus Assisted Living Facility

    3144 Southwest 21st Street, Miami, FL 33145

    Jesus ALF is located in beautiful Miami, FL. We are well known for providing excellent service in our assisted living community. We do have a wonderful hospital located about one mile from us called Coral Gables Hospital. They are well known and trusted and will be there if you need any further...

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  • Westview Pleasant Living

    2140 Northwest 126th Street, Miami, FL 33167

    Westview Pleasant Living is a residential care home situated in the luxurious City of Miami, Florida in Miami-Dade County. We thrive in a serene and naturally rich environment within the outskirts of Miami. Our residence is surrounded by many trees, making this living place attractive and healthy....

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  • Coral Terrace ALF

    Coral Terrace ALF

    6744 Southwest 22nd Street, Miami, FL 33155

    Coral Terrace ALF is an assisted living retirement home located in Miami, Florida featured on acres of landscaped gardens and lawns. We proudly offer a safe environment and loving care to provide our residents with the independent lifestyle they desire but with the care that they need. Every...

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  • Adiuvo 5

    13232 SW 85th, Miami, FL 33183

    Adiuvo 5 is a residential care home in Miami, Florida, located in Miami-Dade County. Miami is a city full of passion, culture, and life, which will become evident through the hundreds of attractions and entertainment this lively city has available. The tropical climate gives way to its beautiful...

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  • Caring Hands Assisted Living Facility II

    13025 Northwest 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33168

    Sometimes loved ones need a little help with their daily activities. Things like bathing and food preparation are to much to handle alone. That is when a place like Caring Hands Assisted Living Facility II can be such a help. With services like assistance bathing, medication distribution, and...

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  • Community Assisted Living Facility Services

    1250 Northwest 126th Street, Miami, FL 33167

    Community Assisted Living Services is a senior care home located in the city of Miami, Florida, in Miami-Dade County. We are found on a beautiful compound that is well crafted to create a secure and warm haven for the seniors. We have good roads leading to our home, aiding the movement in and out at...

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  • Assisted Living Retirement Home III

    2756-2758 Southwest 25 Terrace, Miami, FL 33133

    The Assisted Living Retirement Home III is located in Miami Florida, and it is a place that many elderly citizens decide to stay at. They will find plenty of wonderful activities that they can enjoy inside and outside the facility. Since they will be around people that are over the age of 60, they...

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  • Helping Hand Assisted Home Care

    4406 Southwest 129 Avenue, Miami, FL 33175

    Helping Hand Assisted Home Care, located in the heart of what is both a vibrant and affluent city, home to movie stars, musicians, writers, but let's not forget the regular folks who call Miami home. Moreover, an important part of these friendly, every day people are the large majority of aging...

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  • Caring for You #1 Assisted Living Facility, INC

    5210 SW 5th Terrace, Miami, FL 33134

    Caring for You #1 Assisted Living , INC Caring for You #1 Assisted Living , INC is a senior care home that's located in Miami-Dade county, Miami, FL. Professional caregivers provide assistance to seniors in a group home setting. Miami is an exciting place to be as a resident and as a visitor. Miami...

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  • Colonial Assisted Living at Miami

    Colonial Assisted Living at Miami

    1864 Northwest 175th Street, Miami, FL 33056

    Colonial Assisted Living at Miami offers care for those in need of assistance with daily living activities but do not require the full time healthcare services from a nursing home. The Miami area provides warm temperatures and plenty of sunny days for retirement living. Colonial Assisted Living at...

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  • Princess Gardens ALF

    Princess Gardens ALF

    5120-22 Northwest 4 Terrace, Miami, FL 33126

    The Princess Gardens ALF is an assistant living facility tucked into a quiet and safe neighborhood of Miami, Fl. The Princess Gardens is a micro-community residential care facility. We pride ourselves in the fact that our facility is truly like a family do to our small residential size. Our staff is...

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  • Assisted Living Retirement Home I

    132-134 Northwest 17th Court, Miami, FL 33145

    Assisted Living Retirement Home is a senior care home located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. Our city has so much life and culture to offer our residents. We have perfect sunny skies and tropical weather all year round, great for seniors who enjoy outdoor activities. We encourage our...

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  • Premier Assisted Living

    11401 Sorthwest 42 Terrace, Miami, FL 33165

    The Regal Palms Assisted Living community located in Largo, Florida feels more like a resort than an assisted living facility. We did that on purpose, because we didn't want senior citizens to feel like their lives are over. Our objective is to keep our residents as active as possible. We provide...

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  • Coral Villa II

    14213 Southwest 100th Lane, Miami, FL 33186

    Coral Villa II, an assisted living facility in Miami Florida, offers services for the elderly that include adult day services, residential care homes, and Alzheimer's memory care. With a staff professionally trained in the medical field, you can trust that residents are well looked after, and that...

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  • Calvinelle Adult Home Assisted Living Facility #2

    1786 Northwest 47th Terrace, Miami, FL 33197

    Located on Terrace Avenue in Miami, Florida, Calvinelle Adult Home, ALF#2, offers senior citizens exactly what they want. Our Miami location provides the familiarity of its culture for those who have lived here many years. The elderly residents number less than twenty at any given time, and a doctor...

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  • Isa Home Corp

    Isa Home Corp

    13316 SW 112 Court, Miami, FL 33176

    Isa Home Corp is a senior care home located in the southern part of Miami, Florida in Miami-Dade County, close to Palmetto Bay. Miami is a culturally diverse city with many fashion, sports and entertainment hubs throughout the area. Miami is warm all year round, with clean streets and drinking water...

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  • Our Mercy Residence

    9441 Southwest 27 Drive, Miami, FL 33165

    Located in exciting Miami, Florida, Our Mercy Residence is a senior care home that offers a cozy and wholesome atmosphere in which residents can spend the best years of their life. Being Miami, we're surrounded by excellent hospitals, health care centers and therapists, fantastic shopping, sites,...

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  • Valdes Retirement Home, Inc

    8100 Southwest 95th Court, Miami, FL 33173

    Valdes Retirement Home is a residential care home located in the beautiful city of Miami, in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our spectacular city is home to world-class restaurants, premier shopping destinations, breathtaking beaches, and a variety of exciting festivals running throughout the year. We...

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  • Dios Da El Mana Corp

    9980 Southwest 1st Street, Miami, FL 33174

    Dios Da El Mana Corp is a senior care home residence located in Miami FL Miami-Dade County. The highly vibrant city of Miami is well known for its world class hospitality, the great weather not to mention the great beaches. It's particularly ideal for the residence because of the ease of...

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  • Two Sisters Love & Care

    54-56 Northwest 45th Avenue, Miami, FL 33126

    Two Sisters Love & Care is a residential care home located in the stunning Miami, Florida, located in Miami-Dade County. Our amazing community fulfills the urge of living in an environment that is cool and peaceful. The neighborhood around is welcoming and possesses the beauty that comes along with...

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  • Calvinelle South Assisted Living Facility

    1750 Northwest 41st Street, Miami, FL 33142

    Calvinelle South Assisted Living is an outstanding residential care home located in the region of Miami, Florida in the County of Los Angeles. Our community is a greatly constructed residence that has been customized to fit the needs of our seniors. We are strategically located near good road...

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  • All USA Homes

    4214 Southwest 3rd Street, Miami, FL 33134

    All USA Homes is a residential care home situated in Miami, Florida. The home is located near restaurants, commercial and shopping centers. Other services available in this neighborhood include St Michael's Catholic Church, a library, Philips and Kinloch Park, convenient transport, pharmacy and...

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  • Golden Girls Home Inc

    Golden Girls Home Inc

    15700 SW 102 Avenue, Miami, FL 33157

    Located in sensational Miami, Florida, Golden Girls Home is a senior care home that feels as familiar as our name. Miami is famous for its youth culture, entertainment and nightlight, but we bet you didn't know that it's just as popular with seniors. The sense of community among mature residents...

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  • Estela Home for the Elderly

    Estela Home for the Elderly

    9940 SW 74th Street, Miami, FL 33173

    Our property is located in a nice and peaceful neighborhood offering a quite and secure place for our residents. The property counts with private and semi-private spacious rooms, ample and comfortable common areas and a terrace to enjoy with garden and water fountain. We also offer a large area...

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  • Lourdes Residence

    5770 Southwest 5th Terrace, Miami, FL 33144

    Lourdes Residence is a beautiful senior living community located in the heart of Miami, Florida. It is one of the prime choices for people who are looking for a place for their elderly loved ones to stay. We offer a number of amenities that can make it easy for you to choose us as your senior living...

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  • A Comfort Living

    1660 NW 135 Street, Miami, FL 33167

    Comfort Living is a residential care home located in Inisheer Way, Sacramento, CA. Sacramento serves as the commercial and administrative center of the state of California and Sacramento County. We are a State fully certified Hospice and Dementia Care home and serves both ambulatory and...

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  • Moon River Assisted Living

    Moon River Assisted Living

    2811 NW 88th Street, Miami, FL 33147

    Moon River Assisted Living is a senior care home in sunny Miami, FL in Miami-Dade County. Miami sits on the Atlantic Coast and is famous for its popular South Beach, Miami Dolphins and strong Cuban influences on culture and food. It is a vibrant city with beautiful beaches, a busy downtown, museums,...

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  • Alice's Home

    12795 Northwest 10th Lane, Miami, FL 33182

    Alice Gardens is a board and care home located in Union City, California. Union City is located just north of Silicon Valley in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The San Francisco Bay Area has a great deal to offer in terms of pleasant activities. Union City has an aquatics center with water...

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  • Caring for You #II Assisted Living Facility

    5645 SW 2nd Street, Miami, FL 33134

    Caring for You #II Assisted Living Caring for You #II Assisted Living is a senior care home that's located in Miami-Dade county, Miami, FL. Compassionate caregivers assist seniors residing here within a group home setting. Sunny Miami is a popular and successful renowned city. The city has been...

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  • Casa de Paz

    9360 Southwest 24th Street, Miami, FL 33165

    Casa de Paz is a rehabilitation and health care center located Sioux City, Iowa. Our main target is to provide senior care as well as care for the disabled. This facility has been a stable choice for the Sioux City community for the past 30 years; we strive to meet the needs of all our residents and...

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  • Richland Retirement Senior Home

    3508 Southwest 26th Street, Miami, FL 33133

    Often, we find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to personally take part in the care for our loved ones and the need to move toward finding an Assisted Living Facility is needed. This should not be a difficult or time-consuming decision to make, and with assisted living facilities such as...

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  • Marilin ALF

    7312 Southwest 16th Street, Miami, FL 33155

    Choosing an assisted living home for their elderly relative is a difficult and emotional process, but finding the right facility can make the transition much easier and much more positive. Marlin ALF is there to help make that process easier. This small assisted living facility is a place where...

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  • Sunset West Assisted Living

    13360 SW 66th Street, Miami, FL 33183

    Sunset West Assisted Living is a residential care home and memory care provider in Florida's exciting hub of Miami. The city is famous for it's sun, surf and salsa-hot nightlife, but our residents have found Miami's softer, more relaxing side and they wouldn't change it for the world. The Sunset...

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  • Victoria's Dedicated Retirement Home

    6890 SW 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33155

    Victoria's Dedicated Retirement Home Victoria's Dedicated Retirement Home is a residential care home located in sunny Miami, Florida in Miami-Dade County. The city of Miami gets more than 260 days of sunshine each year, allowing the residents to have plenty of time to enjoy the miles of beaches...

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  • Alborada Family Home Assisted Living Facility

    5524 Southwest 5th Street, Miami, FL 33134

    Alborada Family Home Assisted Living is a residential care home located in Miami City, Florida, located in Miami — Dade County. We are situated in an area that is filled with serenity and amicability. The breeze in the home carries with it smoothness that is craved by anybody. The seniors...

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  • BJ Home Care

    2218 Southwest 26th Lane, Miami, FL 33133

    BJ Home Care is a great residential care home in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida in the Miami-Dade County. Our home has been set in this strategic region because the weather and surroundings are very convenient for seniors. The serene environment here provides our seniors with a great...

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  • Calvinelle Adult Homes #1

    1627 Northwest 62nd Terrace, Miami, FL 33147

    Calvinelle Adult Homes is an assisted living community located in the thriving Miami, Florida. We provide quality, professional service to every resident that walks through our doors. We have been operating a successful and growing community for many years, and are always eager to welcome a new face...

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  • Serene Living Facilities

    8615 Southwest 43rd Terrace, Miami, FL 33155

    Serene Living Facilities is located in beautiful sunny Miami, Florida. We are well known for our exceptional services we provide for assisted living. Our staff is very well trained and are true professionals. We have the Westchester General Hospital located about only one mile away in case you need...

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  • Triplet Adorable ALF

    1105 NE 134th Street, Miami, FL 33161

    Triplet Adorable Assisted Living is a senior care home located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida, in Miami-Dade County. A comfortable group home setting in a secure environment, Triplet Adorable Assisted Living is an excellent choice for your new home. Miami is an beautiful city with lots of...

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  • Paradise Assisted Living Facility Corp

    6524 Sorthwest 148th Place, Miami, FL 33193

    Paradise ALF Corp is a small assisted living facility located on a residential street in beautiful, lush Miami Florida. We are a senior living facility with many added benefits and amenities. Our nearest hospital, Kendall Medical Center, scored eighty-nine out of one-hundred on its latest Medicare...

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  • A+ Senior Home

    A+ Senior Home

    41 SW 68 Avenue, Miami, FL 33144

    A + Senior Home's foundation stands upon a strong desire to serve the needs of the elderly of our community. Creating personalized service plans and tailoring home care to the unique needs of each resident, including: daycare, long & short term care, 24-hr personal care, administration and...

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  • Assisted Living Retirement Home II

    2787-2789 Southwest 33rd Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

    Assisted Living Retirement Home II is located in Miami, Florida, situated in a quiet residential neighborhood. Just a few miles away is the beautiful Biscayne Bay and historical Biscayne National Park. Miami is well known for the warm climate and temperatures that remain in the 70's and 80's year...

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  • Idalmis Residence

    3530 Southwest 12th Street, Miami, FL 33135

    Idalmis Residence is a micro living community for senior citizens in the Miami, Florida area that offers residential care and access to hospital facilities. The facility is able to provide access to hospital care right within the community and is also located within two miles of a traditional...

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  • Elia's Home Care 2, Inc

    6415 Southwest 6th Street, Miami, FL 33144

    Elia Home Care is a residential care home located in the lively and diverse city of Miami, in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Our city is home to a variety of shopping destinations, world-class restaurants, and a vibrant arts and culture community. We encourage our seniors to participate in wildlife...

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  • Caring Hands Assisted Living Facility I

    12735 North Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33168

    Caring Hands Assisted living facility located in North Miami, offers personalized assistance, supportive services, and compassionate care in a professional HOME based environment. Caring hands has the personalized service for each individuals needs. Caring hands is the perfect the place for seniors...

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  • Love Village Inc

    11060 SW 58th Terrace, Miami, FL 33173

    Love Village Inc is residential care home situated in the vibrant and culturally rich center of Miami, Florida in the Miami-Dade County. Miami is steeped in rich history with the country's most vibrant Cuban influences seeping into every aspect of the area, infusing the town with colorful energy....

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  • Las Mercedes Boarding Home

    3418 Southwest 23rd Terrace, Miami, FL 33145

    Las Mercedes Boarding Home The Las Mercedes Boarding Home is located in one of the world's most beautiful cities, Miami FL. There are so many different things to do in Miami, which means a senior will never have to worry about being bored. Miami is right on the coast and supplies all of the fun in...

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  • Elia's Home Care Inc

    5600 Southwest 7th Street, Miami, FL 33134

    Elia's Home Care is located right in the heart of Miami, Florida. It is an assisted living facility that offers the freedom of in home care with the security of assisted living. We have a staff that is friendly, professional, and well trained to meet the needs of the senior citizen. Our ability to...

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  • East Ridge Retirement Village a CCRC

    East Ridge Retirement Village a CCRC

    19301 Southwest 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33157

    Three Palms at East Ridge Made up of Palm Terrace, Palm Court, and Palm Lane. Palm Court, our new assisted living neighborhood in Three Palms blends the comforts of home with resort-style hospitality, including assistance with daily activities. One and Two bedroom apartments are equipped with...

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Assisted Living in Miami, Florida

Located in the southeastern region Florida in Miami-Dade County, Miami is a beautiful city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean that offers a wide range of sights and amenities. It has been classified as an Alpha-World City and is recognized as being a leader in culture, entertainment and the arts. Here, seniors can enjoy exploring numerous museums and visiting five-star restaurants. If you or your loved one wants an active, low-maintenance lifestyle, then assisted living in Miami may be right for you.

What to Expect

Many of the assisted living communities in Miami offer similar services and amenities, including:

  • Meals and snacks provided daily, with accommodations for special dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Community-organized programs
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Private bathrooms with full tubs and wheelchair accessible showers
  • Pet-friendly accommodations

In addition to these amenities, many communities recognize the importance of religion or cultural identity in the daily lives of their residents. We can assist you in finding the assisted living community that fits your preferences.

Senior Friendly Neighborhoods in Miami, Florida

Perfect for maintaining an active lifestyle, Miami has been ranked by Walk Score as the eighth-most walkable of the nation's 50 largest cities. It offers several major roadways that are accessible only by pedestrians and bicyclists. The city also features several public transportation options, including the commuter rail, heavy-rail rapid transit, an elevated people mover and city buses.

Miami can be divided into several neighborhoods:

The Downtown district is an urban residential neighborhood that is home to several parks, including Bayfront Park, Museum Park, and Pace Park. Seniors enjoy exploring Flagler Street, which serves as the neighborhood's main shopping street.

Coconut Grove is a common destination for many seniors. It is central to the boating community and features a small commercial center with juice bars, boutiques and cafes.

Anchored by a high-end shopping mall, Aventura offers easy access to several highways and amenities. It is known for its high-rise condos and boating and tennis facilities, as well as its range of dining options.

Activities for Seniors in Miami, Florida

Miami is highly sought out for its diverse cultural influences, which are celebrated through the city's unique cuisine, world-class museums and annual festivals. From grand operas, world-class ballets, concerts and musicals from all over the world, Miami's vibrant arts and culture scene has something to offer to everyone.

The city also offers numerous annual festivals and events. The Carnaval Miami and CalleOcho Festival are among the city's most popular events, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy music from local talent, explore local vendors and participate in various games and activities.

Finding Assisted Living in Miami, Florida

If you or your loved one is interested in learning more about the assisted living communities in Miami, contact us today. Our team of expert Senior Living Advisors can guide you in choosing the community that will best fit your interests, needs and lifestyle.