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Senior Living Cost Calculator

As aging loved ones need more help, families begin to wonder if it’s best to age in place or consider senior living. Budget is often a deciding factor, and families need a clear understanding of how current expenses — mortgage or rent, utilities, groceries, in-home care, entertainment, etc. — compare to the cost of senior living.

When you enter your loved one’s approximate or actual current living expenses and zip code into our cost calculator, we’ll compare those costs for you. To give you a comparison you can rely on, we base our estimates on our vast network of senior living partner communities in your area.

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See how your loved one’s current living expenses compare to senior living costs in your area

Get estimated costs for assisted living, memory care, and independent living

Learn what services and amenities each type of senior living offers

Our Methodology

Why trust this cost calculator

A Place for Mom is the nation’s leading senior living advisory service, with:

  • More than 20 years of experience in the industry
  • A network of more than 14,000 partner communities nationwide
  • A track record of helping more than 2 million families find senior living

We’ve brought all that expertise to bear in our unique senior living cost calculator, which uses proprietary data about our local senior living partners to provide you an accurate estimate of senior living costs in your area.

How we calculate average costs

When you use the cost calculator, you will see a full picture of your loved one’s current cost of living, as well as the average cost of assisted living, memory care, and independent living in your area.

We calculate your loved one’s current cost of living from your responses to a series of questions about common living expenses, like housing, utilities, meals, in-home care, and activities. You can approximate living expenses based on national averages or enter actual values.

To calculate the average senior living costs in your area, we use proprietary starting cost data from our network of 14,000+ partner communities nationwide. Our cost information automatically updates to reflect current costs of assisted living, memory care, and independent living in your area.

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