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Nursing Homes in Baltimore, MD

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You know your family, A Place For Mom knows Nursing Homes. Our dedicated local Baltimore, MD advisors have helped 4491 families make the right choice for their needs. Get full details, pricing and read 57 reviews of our hand-picked communities. Typically prices range from $1500 to $7500 per month.

Baltimore is a thriving city in the state of Maryland. It does not belong to any county, making it the largest independent city in the country. Baltimore hosts numerous skilled nursing facilities to cater for its residents and those in surrounding towns. Considering it's a tourist's hub, Baltimore's transportation system is superb which makes it convenient for family members to visit their loved ones in these nursing homes.

Senior housing types in Baltimore, MD

  • Home Quality Care, LLC
    Home Quality Care, LLC
    1908 North Washington Street, Baltimore, MD 21213
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Home Quality Care, LLC is a residential care home in Baltimore, MD, located in Baltimore County. Surrounded by lush green grasses, towering trees, and the tranquility that is brought on by the peaceful harbor, Baltimore is a unique city with a lot to offer. All of the amenities you would want in a...

  • Symphony Manor Assisted Living
    Symphony Manor Assisted Living
    4301 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    We welcome you to Symphony Manor - the newest premier service-rich Assisted Living and Memory Care Community located in the quaint historic neighborhood of Roland Park. Symphony Manor boasts spacious assisted living suites and a world-class memory care program, in a picturesque setting. Symphony...

  • Aunt Dorothy Assisted Living Inc.
    Aunt Dorothy Assisted Living Inc.
    2923 Woodland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Aunt Dorothy Assisted Living Inc. is a senior residential care home that is located in the large city of Baltimore, MD and in Baltimore county. Baltimore is home to one of the largest seaports and is the birthplace of the National Anthem. It is famous for its many shops and crab restaurants. The...

  • Bundles of Joy Assisted Living
    Bundles of Joy Assisted Living
    1615 Ramblewood Rd., Baltimore, MD 21239
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Bundles of Joy Assisted Living Facility is a home-based residential environment where 'independence is promoted. ' Our services provide residents with the daily support they need. Our staff is trained to work with each resident as well as resident's family members to ensure that their needs are met....

  • Springwell Senior Living Community
    Springwell Senior Living Community
    2211 West Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    In a lifestyle that  is tailored, fulfilling and refined, Springwell promotes a caring environment where residents can experience a supportive and spiritually rewarding lifestyle enhancing their quality of life. Springwell offers a unique, distinctive and innovative senior living...

  • Peregrine Senior Living at Tudor Heights
    Peregrine Senior Living at Tudor Heights
    7218 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21208
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Tudor Heights is a unique senior community that fulfills the needs of those who prefer a Kosher environment, and who choose to continue lifelong traditions. The community is designed for senior adults who wish to maintain their independence, yet may need some additional assistance. Three levels of...

  • Woodlands Assisted Living
    Woodlands Assisted Living
    1320 Windlass Drive, Baltimore, MD 21220
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    The Woodlands Assisted Living offers seniors the best of everything: a hotel-like atmosphere with family caregivers. We are a 70-unit assisted living center, located in the Baltimore area, nestled among four acres of serene woods. Our Spacious dining room and community area encourages the residents...

  • Quindel's Home Assisted Living
    1624 East Biddle Street, Baltimore, MD 21213
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Quindel's Home Assisted Living is a residential care home in the vibrant historic city of Baltimore, Maryland in Baltimore County. Visitors and residents have a multitude of attractions to enjoy from natural parks to sporting events. This city has something to offer for everyone. Whether you are a...

  • Love & Faith Home Care
    2112 W. Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD 21223
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Love & Faith Home Care is located in Baltimore, MD in Baltimore County. This residential care home is available to you with the kind of help that is right for your life in an area that you will love to call home. Those who visit Baltimore and those who choose it as their home appreciate all that the...

  • Esther’s Place
    2926 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21218
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    Esther's Place is an assisted living community located in Baltimore, Maryland, the home of some of our nation's great national history. The sea harbor is absolutely one of the spectacular places to enjoy on a beautiful day. Baltimore, Maryland is home to the Baltimore Orioles and there is nothing...

  • A Ray of Light Assisted Living
    933 Ellicott Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21216
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    A Ray of Light Assisted Living is a senior care home that's located in Baltimore county, Baltimore, MD. Professional caregivers at the comfortable home provide assistance to seniors in a group home setting. The city was founded with Irish roots owing to its first governor, Cecil Calvert, Second...

  • D'Elana Manor LLC
    1346 Kitmore Road, Baltimore, MD 21239
    866-223-3192 for a local advisor

    D'Elana Manor LLC is a residential care home in Baltimore, MD, located in Baltimore County. Baltimore is a city full of wonder and amazement, rich in culture and history. Enjoy walks along the paved walkways that overlook the harbor, tree-lined streets that changes colors with the season, and...

About Nursing Homes in Baltimore

Skilled nursing facilities in Baltimore offer a wide variety of services depending on the needs of your loved one. Furthermore, amenities provided vary from one nursing home to another. Here are some of the services offered in a nursing home facility in Baltimore:

  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Special diets
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Individualized care plans
  • Short and long term assistance
  • Acute and respite care
  • Convenient visiting hours and policies
  • Restorative rehabilitation services
  • Post-hospital and post-surgical care

Nursing homes in Baltimore have the best amenities to take care of your loved one because their health is a priority. Call us to help you find a nursing facility that best fits your loved one's needs.

Who Needs Skilled Nursing?

When a loved one has been discharged from the hospital but still needs intensive care, it is prudent to take them to a skilled nursing facility. Residents get round-the-clock assistance, supervision and medical attention from professionals thoroughly trained for the work. Baltimore has a multitude of excellent nursing homes to choose from for anyone with a loved one who requires undivided attention after surgery.

Getting Help

If you have trouble finding a skilled nursing home for your loved one, feel free to contact our Senior Living Advisors for help. We will assist you through the process of finding an appropriate nursing home in Baltimore that best suits the needs and preferences of your loved ones.