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Caregiver Resources and Support

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Everything you need to navigate senior care

Explore senior care information, tips, and tools to help you make the very best decisions for your aging loved one — and yourself.

Signs it’s time for senior care

It can be difficult to recognize when a loved one needs a higher level of care. Signs like weight loss, poor hygiene, and increasing forgetfulness can point to more serious underlying problems. Detecting changes in your loved one’s health and abilities early on can help safeguard their well-being. The same applies to identifying and reducing caregiver stress before it leads to burnout. The following articles address red flags to look for, how to assess a senior’s ability to live independently, and more.


10 Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Help

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Caregiver Burnout: How to Identify and Reverse Course

Discover tips and resources for alleviating caregiver stress.

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What to Do When a Parent is Diagnosed With Dementia: 10 Steps to Help You Move Forward

A dementia diagnosis can be difficult to navigate, but these 10 steps can help you cope and plan care for your loved one...

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A Guide to Care: Parkinson’s Disease Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Parkinson’s disease affects a lot of seniors. Learn about the causes, symptoms, and treatment.

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What Are Activities of Daily Living and How Are They Assessed?

With an ADLs checklist to track changes in a senior's ability to perform basic tasks, you can assess their well-being an...

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Making care decisions

One of the biggest challenges caregivers face is ensuring an aging loved one’s health and safety while respecting their wishes. When other relatives aren’t on the same page, the chances for complications only increase. The following resources can help you navigate difficult care decisions, conversations, and family dynamics.

Talking With Family When You Can No Longer Care for an Elderly Parent

Learn how to talk to your family about the need for a new caregiving arrangement.

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Family Disputes Over Care of Elderly Parents: Common Problems and Solutions

Siblings may disagree on how to best care for aging parents. Learn how to stop these family disputes with communication tips.

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How to Deal With Irrational Elderly Parents Who Refuse Help: 10 Useful Tips and Strategies

Explore helpful strategies to keep the conversation productive and free of judgment on both sides.

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Overcome the Guilt of Moving a Parent to Senior Living

Even when moving to senior living is the right decision, it can trigger guilty feelings for caregivers. Use these tips to cop...

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Senior Respite Care: Time Off From Caregiving

Need a break from caregiving duties? Respite care can be provided in your home or at a senior living community.

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Senior Rehab: Better Care Options After a Hospital Stay

After a hospital stay, senior rehab services help seniors recover at home, in assisted living, or in a skilled nursing facili...

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Care costs and ways to pay

The cost of senior care depends on several factors, such as location and the type and frequency of services needed. For instance, the national median cost of in-home care is $30 per hour, while the median cost of memory care is $6,200 per month. Depending on an aging loved one’s needs and financial situation, payment options may include private funds, certain types of insurance, and public benefits. Before making any care decisions, make sure you understand the differences in price and the various ways to cover these costs.

Cost of Long-Term Care and Senior Living

Explore A Place for Mom's Cost of Care Report to learn about the median costs of assisted living, memory care, and more.

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How to Pay for Assisted Living: A Comprehensive Guide

Go beyond retirement savings to stretch your assisted living budget. Roommates, veterans benefits, and life insurance can hel...

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Long-Term Care Insurance: An In-Depth Guide and Options for 2023

For the chronically ill or disabled, this insurance can fund respite care, adult day care, senior living, and more. See if it...

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Selling a House to Pay for Care: A Guide for Seniors and Families

Learn tips on selling your parents’ home to pay for care, when to sell, and more.

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Medicare, Medicaid, and Long-Term Care

Understand the ins and outs of Medicare and Medicaid to see how you can use these programs to pay for senior care.

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Reverse Mortgages and Long-Term Care: The Pros and Cons

Explore the pros and cons of using a reverse mortgage to finance senior care and other expenses.

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Finding senior care

Choosing the right home care agency or senior living community requires a bit of legwork, but it’s worth it. First, work with your loved one to make a list of the services and features that are most important to you both. For example, would they prefer to live in a quiet, homelike setting or a large community with a full activities calendar? Is low staff turnover and rapport with their caregivers a deal breaker? Would your loved one benefit from specialized dementia care now or in the future?


Creating this list of non-negotiables can help you identify your priorities and narrow down your options. The following guides cover everything you need to know about next steps like touring communities, interviewing caregivers, and comparing potential providers.


Questions to Ask Assisted Living Facilities When Touring

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Choosing a Memory Care Facility: 10 Tips and Essential Checklist of Questions

Use these 10 expert tips and a memory care checklist to find the most suitable memory care community for a loved one with dementia.

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Assisted Living Alternatives: Your Care Options Explained

Alternatives include home care, independent living, adult day care, care homes, monitoring devices, and more.

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A State-by-State Guide to Senior Living Regulations

Find information on how your state regulates assisted living, memory care, and independent living communities.

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Moving to senior living

Helping a loved one transition to their new home can be emotionally and logistically challenging. Staying organized and asking for help when needed can keep stress to a minimum. If possible, include your loved one in the process, and check in with them regularly about how they’re feeling. Use the tips and checklists below to make downsizing, packing, and decorating much easier for both of you.


Moving to Assisted Living Checklist: Where to Start, What to Keep, and Everything in Between

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Key Items to Include on a Thoughtful Memory Care Packing List

The right personal items can help create a familiar and calming environment for your loved one in memory care. Read on for expert packing tips.

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7 Reasons Why Visiting Elderly Parents is Important After a Move to a Senior Living Commun...

Frequent visits can have a positive impact on your elderly parent. Visits allow you to monitor their well-being and boos...

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Helping Seniors Move: Design and Downsizing Tips for Senior Living

Get expert advice on downsizing, decorating, and where to turn for help with the move to senior living.

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Tips and support for caregivers

Families often focus on providing the best possible care for their loved ones, but you should get the support you need, too. Help for caregivers comes in many different forms: information, connections, products, and services. Having all the right resources can make a big difference in your own physical and mental health and your ability to help others. Browse our most popular articles on caregiving support below.


22 Best Caregiver Support Groups Online and In-Person

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The Worrying Facts About Caregiver Health and Stress

Caring for a loved one can be rewarding, but it can also lead to burnout and poor health outcomes.

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How to Talk to Someone With Dementia: 10 Expert Alzheimer’s Communication Strategies

Alzheimer's may make it difficult to talk with a loved one like you used to. These tips can help you better communicate.

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The Best Apps for Senior Caregivers

Use these 9 free apps to help coordinate care, manage medication, and track symptoms.

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How to Speak to Your Parent’s Doctors: Tips for Successful Communication With Your Parent ...

Learn strategies to help you speak to your loved one's doctors, define your role, and form a care team.

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Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities offer housing and care for active seniors who may need support with activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, and medication management.

The score shown is the overall experience rating which is an average of the reviews submitted for those communities. The overall experience rating is a star rating that ranges from 1 being the lowest to 5 being the highest.

Below are the 51 largest cities grouped by their metropolitan area.

Top states for Assisted Living

Alabama, AL
299 facilities
Alaska, AK
60 facilities
Arizona, AZ
962 facilities
Arkansas, AR
138 facilities
California, CA
3380 facilities
Colorado, CO
424 facilities
Connecticut, CT
173 facilities
Delaware, DE
41 facilities
Florida, FL
2029 facilities
Georgia, GA
824 facilities
Hawaii, HI
39 facilities
Idaho, ID
185 facilities
Illinois, IL
696 facilities
Indiana, IN
482 facilities
Iowa, IA
478 facilities
Kansas, KS
322 facilities
Kentucky, KY
274 facilities
Louisiana, LA
125 facilities
Maine, ME
144 facilities
Maryland, MD
367 facilities
Massachusetts, MA
350 facilities
Michigan, MI
1074 facilities
Minnesota, MN
880 facilities
Mississippi, MS
189 facilities
Missouri, MO
524 facilities
Montana, MT
135 facilities
Nebraska, NE
310 facilities
Nevada, NV
121 facilities
New Hampshire, NH
100 facilities
New Jersey, NJ
362 facilities
New Mexico, NM
137 facilities
New York, NY
521 facilities
North Carolina, NC
702 facilities
North Dakota, ND
101 facilities
Ohio, OH
926 facilities
Oklahoma, OK
248 facilities
Oregon, OR
601 facilities
Pennsylvania, PA
1094 facilities
Rhode Island, RI
66 facilities
South Carolina, SC
400 facilities
South Dakota, SD
127 facilities
Tennessee, TN
452 facilities
Texas, TX
1378 facilities
Utah, UT
167 facilities
Vermont, VT
59 facilities
Virginia, VA
490 facilities
Washington, WA
1400 facilities
West Virginia, WV
58 facilities
Wisconsin, WI
1132 facilities
Wyoming, WY
47 facilities

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