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More senior assisted living communities have begun to integrate animals into their care through pet therapy programs, and more communities are allowing seniors to bring their companion animals with them into assisted care and retirement homes. Over the long term, research has shown that interacting with animals can help people decrease their cholesterol levels, fight depression and may even help protect against heart disease and stroke.

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9 Most Inspirational Seniors from Television

Seniors on television: they’re doctors and detectives, retirees and rabblerousers. But one thing is certain – they’re anything but boring. Learn more about some of the most inspirational seniors on TV. Seniors continue to be underrepresented on television, and when we do see them, it’s usually...More

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5 Reasons Seniors Should Volunteer Their Time

Besides the intrinsic rewards of helping others, volunteering promotes good physical and mental health and helps seniors pursue their passions in retirement. When self-described “little old woman” Maggie Kuhn was forced to retire in 1970, she decided to use her unanticipated free time to found the...More

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