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A Place for Mom Reviews

We ask all families who work with A Place for Mom to give us their honest feedback about our senior living referral service because customer satisfaction is our number one priority. The reviews are collected by, an independent third party, and inspire us to constantly improve the customer experience.

A Place for Mom is rated 97 out of 100 for overall satisfaction with 6036 customer reviews. See our full list of reviews here. You'll find our most recent 20 good and bad reviews below.

"Without A Place for Mom we would still be visiting and researching facilities. They helped us narrow down the choices and pick the right facility for Grandma's current and future needs."

"Jill Butler was a tremendous help in "weeding" out the good from the bad when I was trying to find an Assisted Living Facility for my Mom and also a place for her to
go for rehab after she had a stroke and later on when she had fractured her femur. She always called and/or e-mailed to see how things were going and was always willing to listen and help if I had questions."

"Without A Place for Mom, I would not have a place to live. But I have to say that some of the places they sent me to are not accessible, like the Homestead which has only stairs and not an elevator to get to the elevator. Sutton Gardens is a waste of time to see. The admissions gal was downright rude. Atria is a joke or something. Sylvia told me they need 30 days notice, which I gave them; and they still sent me a bill for December. Furthermore, they cannot even read the instructions on a bottle of Citracal."

"The service provided to our family was indespensible. The timely, thorough,
and sensitive communication made our search much easier. We are very grateful for all the assistance during the selection process."

"I am under extreme emotional stress at this time due to placing my wife in Lake Forest assisted living in the memory care unit, however, after three months, more or less, I feel that the personnel at this location are doing a good ;job of caring for my wife and they seem to have my best interests at heart. At this time I would rate them between good and excellent."

"Very informative, professional, and friendly. Highly recommended."

"Without my advisor's help finding Mom find a good place with the amenities she needs would have taken so much longer and much more difficult as I really didn't know where to start. The whole process went very well. Thank you"

"It was a very good starting place, I was able to get a great list of places to begin the process. I felt that each property was high quality. We looked at many of the properties from A Place for Mom and all would have been the "right" place. We are happy with the "perfect" place we found for my mother-in-law. A Place for Mom followed up with me as often as I wanted, but were never pushy. It was a tremendous resource and I would recommend it to everyone!"

"Cindy Gamache was extremely helpful and a pleasure to meet and work with. Thank you Cindy."

"Never did business with them Moved my mother in law to a different facility"

"Erica was fabulous from the very first phone call. I usually do not recommend ANYTHING but I have already given "a Place for Mom" to three people. The experience could have been a nightmare, but when my aunt was ready, everything went smoothly. I believe Erica was both knowledgeable and extremely capable. I cannot say thank you loud enough !!!"

"They identified local possibilities, set up appointments for us, and we moved Mom in.
Very, very helpful. Couldn't have been better."

"Very helpful and easy to work with. Referrals to local facilities were provided very quickly."

"I loved the helpful & reassuring assistance I received from our representative from A Place For Mom. She helped me through a difficult time period, & assisted me in finding several options of care for my Mother. We found such a wonderful new home, and Mom is very happy & well taken care of. We're so grateful for the service this company provides."

"They helped me and my family in our time of need."

"It was very helpful at a difficult time."

"I am satisfied with the care a place for mom refered my family to. I just hope that my mom will continue to receive the best care possible and that our communication with her care will continue and be well pleasing to everyone"

"Their email requests for me to tell them who I signed up with didn't work properly."

"A Place for Mom is a wonderful service. We didn't end up needing to actually use the service to find a place for my mother in law but they were very attentive when I contacted them. The person assigned to our needs set up all of the appointments and took care of everything. I would and will highly recommend this service to anyone I know who might need it. Thank you!"

"This service was helpful in our time of need. We used one of the recommended services."

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