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Luxury Assisted Living

By Jeff AndersonAugust 23, 2016
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Last Updated: April 19, 2019

From gourmet cuisine and lectures by retired university professors to putting greens, luxury assisted living offers lavish perks and a resort lifestyle.

Assisted living has its origin in the senior living industry’s aim to provide a more humane and personalized setting for seniors who need some assistance with daily living but will thrive in a setting with medication management, nutritious meals and carefully structured social activities. Today’s high-end assisted living communities offer “resort style living” that is hospitality oriented and designed in the vein of four-star hotels rather than hospitals.

Luxury Assisted Living Amenities

Communities that take luxury assisted living to the next level go above and beyond chandeliers (although they are often still fixtures) and overstuffed pillows.

Common features at upscale communities may include:

1. Activities, education and entertainment.

While nearly all assisted living communities offer activities, classes and entertainment, the most luxurious communities have higher budgets for this aspect of their service and are thus able to offer higher quality entertainment, activities on a more frequent basis.  For instance, Belmont Village in Westwood, California, has an annual fashion show and offers weekly lectures from retired UCLA professors, and Atria Kew Gardens in Kew Gardens, New York, has more than 200 cultural and social events every month. High end assisted living communities, particularly those in urban areas, offer residents frequent outings. A case in point is Aljoya, a luxury assisted living community in Mercer Island, Washington, that not only offers residents outings to art museums and other cultural events such as concerts, plays and sporting events but is actually an art gallery itself with original artwork by renowned artists.

2. Beautiful grounds.

Luxury senior communities are attractively designed inside and out. Many upscale senior communities are built on acreage with gardens, ponds, putting greens and walking paths. Even urban communities where space is limited will typically have an attractive and enticing courtyard for residents to congregate, enjoy a meal outdoors and get fresh air.

Emeritus at Palm Springs in Palm Springs, California

3. Brain training.

Evidence suggests that constantly challenging your mind and engaging in problem-solving can help keep the mind sharp and memory strong during the aging process. Many assisted living communities provide enjoyable brain training to their residents using professionally designed software for use on PCs. For example, LeisureCare uses a system called “SmartFun” to train its residents and found the system so useful that it has purchased a stake in the company. Brookdale Senior Living’s brain training program, “Cross Train Your Brain” and Emeritus Senior Living communities “Fit Brains” program are similar programs for residents.

4. Concierge service.

According to Aaron D’Costa of Pathway Senior Living, concierge service is one of the amenities that separate luxury assisted living from its counterparts. He recently told Senior Housing News, “Looking at the services that that type of senior would want, in many ways, it would be like a hotel concierge and that becomes the greater value that’s being offered. If seniors know that they can go to this concierge in their community and arrange concerts, flights, hotels and so on and that they can arrange this for less than what they could on their own, they’re more likely to choose our community.”

5. Cutting-edge therapy.

By definition, assisted living communities provide personal care to their residents, but the finest communities frequently offer top-notch therapy on top of standard care. In addition to the pet and physical therapy mentioned above, high-end communities often also provide quality occupational therapy, music therapy and Snoezelen therapy, all from certified professionals.

6. Environmental sustainability.

More and more consumers are making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions and senior living is no exception. Many new upscale communities, such as Bright View South River in Edgewater, Maryland, and Atria Tamalpais Creek in Novato, California, have constructed in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines for energy efficient, environmentally-friendly communities.

7. Full kitchens.

A main selling point of the upmarket assisted living communities, is their kitchens. The typical assisted living apartment has a kitchenette, but the most upscale assisted living communities include full kitchens with stovetops and other standard appliance in addition to top shelf finishing. Elmcroft of Sarasota in Sarasota, Florida, includes granite counter tops in its kitchens, while some communities, such as Trezevant Manor in Memphis, Tennessee, provide marble finishing.

8. Gourmet dining.

High-end senior communities pride themselves on high-quality food that is often approved by registered dieticians and tend to employ experienced, certified chefs who serve gourmet meals. Appealing to people’s desires for choice and variety, some of the most luxurious communities have more than two restaurants within the community, each with their own menus.  Vi at Palo Alto has three separate restaurants in their community and Atria Longmeadow Place in Burlington, Massachusetts, is among the select senior communities served by an award-winning chef.

9. High ceilings.

The cathedral or high ceilings which are commonplace in upscale assisted living apartments contribute to an airy, open feel. Atria Baypoint Village in Hudson, Florida, and Heatherwood at Kings Way in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts, are examples of assisted living communities in our network with impressive high ceilings in their apartments.

Allegro of Stuart, in Stuart, Florida

10. Personal fitness trainers and recreational facilities.

Luxury senior communities usually have a number of recreation rooms for seniors to use at their convenience, including computer labs, cinemas and fitness rooms with the latest technology. These communities have personal trainers and senior fitness programs supervised by physical therapists. The Bellettini, a LeisureCare community in Bellevue, Washington, offers residents what’s called a PrimeFit fitness program that includes exercise classes, a gym for independent use, one-on-one training and technologies designed to not only keep residents generally fit, but to improve key capabilities such as balance. High-end assisted living communities also provide full-service beauty salons, barbershops for men and spa treatments. Furthermore, no luxury assisted living community would be complete without a heated pool and spa, which are always popular with residents.

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11. Pet-friendly.

Pet ownership has been shown to be beneficial to seniors and high-end assisted living communities are increasingly open to allowing residents to have pets. Although communities sometimes have limitations regarding the number and size of pets, they frequently provide pet care. Often these communities also provide certified pet therapy in addition to allowing residents to keep their own pets. For example, Steve Winner, co-founder of Silverado Senior Living, joked in an interview with A Place for Mom, “We don’t just let pets in. We require them.” He said Silverado communities not only encourage residents to keep pets but heavily incorporate animals into their programs, sometimes including exotic animals such as chinchillas, llamas and miniature horses.

12. Spacious apartments.

Square footage at luxury communities is about 20% more than standard communities, Louis J. Spiegel of Diversified Investing Associates told Forbes Magazine. As the average one-bedroom assisted living apartment is about 500 square feet, a luxury apartment would be 600 square feet. Two bedroom apartments at upscale communities can be more than 1200 square feet.

If you’re looking for a luxury assisted living community, our Senior Living Advisors can help you and your family identify communities to explore based on your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for free assistance.

What questions do you have about luxury assisted living? Share them with us in the comments below.

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