When is the Right Time to Move?


Watch A Place for Mom Senior Living Advisors Kelly Florian, Shelly Lim and Sue Johansen as they share their thoughts about when is the right time to consider moving to senior living. This video is part of our “Ask An Advisor” video series. Or read the transcript below.

“Ask an Advisor” video series: When is the Right Time to Move?


Kelly: Hello and welcome to the A Place for Mom “Ask an Advisor” series. Today I’m here with Shelly and Sue, and we’re going to be discussing how to talk about when is the right time to make a move to a senior living community. So Shelly, when is the right time?

Shelly: That’s a great question, Kelly. You know there’s really no right or wrong time. Generally as a rule of thumb, you may look at some of these signs from your family member or a loved one and they could be that they’re all of a sudden having a hard time walking. They are now at risk for falling. They have trouble taking their medication. They have a real difficulty in going shopping, preparing, even storing food. They may not be eating properly. And all of a sudden they’re not seeing their friends as much. So they have a real sense of isolation and they’re really having a hard time getting out and seeing anybody. So those are just a couple of things that you might start to see.

Sue: Now when you do see these signs that’s really the time to take advantage of sitting down and explaining all the benefits of a senior community to your parent or loved one. Because of the things that they offer, it really does speak directly to those concerns. In a senior community, they will provide transportation and a full calendar of social activities. They can monitor health and medications and provide that level of engagement that seniors really need to remain vital.

Shelly: Sometimes we hear from families that just getting started with the logistics is so overwhelming. Just even contemplating a change, having to sell their house. This is where a Senior Living Advisor comes in. They can help you get started with the entire process and take the burden off of families.

Kelly: OK, so if you’re in this situation then what do you do? What’s next?

Shelly: So doing your homework is the first step. There are so many care options available out there. So speak with a Senior Living Advisor today to go visit some of these communities. Set up a tour. You’ll gain firsthand experience and observations. Then you can go back and share this with your family and loved ones. That is a great place to start.

Sue: Right. And once you’ve done your homework, you can sit down with your family member and really have a specific conversation about what a senior community can offer them. And position yourself as an advocate. Really understanding the marketplace and letting them know that there are options and that making that decision isn’t as difficult as they might think.

Kelly: That’s great advice. And so what I think we’re hearing today is if you or a loved one are dealing with situations that we discussed today–the isolation, the trouble taking their medications, not eating well, falling–then that’s a good time to visit with a local advisor at A Place for Mom and discuss setting some tours of some communities so you can see how much better the quality of life can be. For more information you can visit our website shown here. Or you can call A Place for Mom directly and speak with one of our local advisors. Thank you.

When Is the Right Time to Move?

  • Hard to walk? At risk for falls?
  • Trouble preparing food or taking medication?
  • Isolated, depressed or bored?
  • Do homework and tour in person
  • Have the conversation