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Staying Connected to Senior Loved Ones with Senior Care Box

By Caitlin BurmDecember 11, 2015
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It’s important for families to stay connected — especially as we age. Seniors who actively socialize with family are less vulnerable to isolation and other risks, and we benefit by communicating and learning a wealth of knowledge from them. 

Senior Care Box founder, Kyle Ems, speaks with us about strengthening our connection with the seniors in our lives and shares tips about making memories together as we age. Learn more about how to stay connected during this time.

Staying Connected to Senior Loved Ones As We Age

Although parents, grandparents and senior loved ones play such an important role in our lives, it can sometimes be difficult to show them how thankful we are or how much we care.

This becomes more difficult as our lives change — as families grow and as we get older — but there are meaningful ways to show loved ones that we will always value our connection and relationship with them.

Senior Care Box shows us how to stay connected during this time, as founder Kyle Ems offers us tips and shares how to use a care package to continue to create memories with the seniors in our lives.

A Place for Mom (APFM): Why is it important to stay connected with senior loved ones and how can Senior Care Box help?

Kyle Ems (KE): Studies show that strong interpersonal relationships help seniors maintain good physical and emotional health and cognitive function. Staying connected with senior loved ones also benefits you, by providing a better understanding of just how much the world has changed during the past 60+ years. Senior Care Box, a monthly subscription care package for senior loved ones, helps build and maintain these strong connections.

Every month, the sender and recipient can have a conversation about the box contents and the historical photo, and create new memories together.

APFM: What inspired you to start Senior Care Box and what kinds of things do you include in your box each month?

KE: I was inspired to start Senior Care Box because I wanted to stay better connected to my own family. My wife and I have four family members who are 75 years of age or older. Most of them live more than an hour away from us, which limits our ability to spend time with them. We wanted them to know we were thinking of them, but with busy schedules we couldn’t regularly send them care packages.

We searched the internet for a service that provided a unique, but reasonably priced gift and had no luck. We could have sent monthly flowers or fruit baskets, but they can cost upwards of $55.00 and don’t provide significant mental stimulation. We knew this was a common problem, so we decided to start Senior Care Box.

Each box includes at least five products, which could include:

  • Old-fashioned candy
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Hand lotion
  • Lip balm
  • Puzzle books
  • Holiday themed decor

In each month’s box, we also include a historical photo from the 1920s-1960s. We ask recipients to send us their memories relating to the photo to be shared on the Senior Care Box Reminisce webpage and in future boxes. We include return postage to make sharing their stories easy.

The next month, they receive a new historical picture plus the best stories from the previous month. Box recipients may never meet each other, but they get to know each other through the stories of their shared history. In past boxes, we have asked senior loved ones to share their favorite memories of things like: radio programs, ice cream shops, childhood outdoor games, grocery store visits and what it was like using party telephone lines.

APFM: How can you sign up for a Senior Care Box and become a part of the SCB Community?

KE: You can sign up your senior loved to receive a Senior Care Box and become part of the community at: http://www.seniorcarebox.com/order-now/.

All orders include free shipping!

APFM: Do you have any tips about how to use Senior Care Box to connect with loved ones?

KE: Senior Care Box is a great conversation starter. You could ask your loved ones which item in the box they most enjoyed, for instance.

We recommend that senders read the stories on the Senior Care Box Reminisce webpage for ideas on how to connect with loved ones. Their stories will help you gain an appreciation for the Greatest Generation.

Would you consider sending a care package to stay connected with a senior loved one? How else do you maintain your relationship with senior relatives? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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