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Kay's Story: How One Family Found Support When It Was Time for Senior Living

By Sarah PratteMarch 22, 2021
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When it was time for 81-year-old Kay to transition to senior living, her daughter Melanie stepped in to help. “I knew nothing about the world of assisted living,” says Melanie. In 2019, she started looking for senior living options for Kay, who had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and had been living alone since Melanie’s father died in 2017.

Melanie started the process as many do: with a Google search. “I toured 13 different places. It took a crazy amount of time,” Melanie says. Yet, she says, none of the places she visited were a good fit. She knew she needed help.

An easier way to look for senior living

Before calling A Place for Mom, “I thought, ‘how are they possibly going to know my tiny little area in Connecticut?’” says Melanie. But, “I put in my information, and right away this lovely woman – Nicole – called me.”

Nicole is one of more than 500 Senior Living Advisors at A Place for Mom. These local, senior living experts work with hundreds of thousands of families each year to understand their needs and find personalized options that fit their lifestyle and budget. This service comes at no cost to families.

On the phone with Nicole, “I felt immediately comfortable and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this person really does know what she’s talking about!’” Melanie says. “Why didn’t I do this earlier?”

After speaking with Melanie, Nicole gave her a list of communities that were tailored to Kay’s needs and helped Melanie book a tour at one local assisted living facility that seemed like a strong fit.

Finding a place for Kay

“I got there and it was the perfect place for my mother,” Melanie says. “I came out completely indebted to A Place for Mom and Nicole because, without her, I probably would have given up.”

Two months later, Melanie relocated her mother to her new home in Connecticut. “It’s just been a wonderful place for her because the staff is amazing and the residents are great,” Melanie says. “A Place for Mom is so tailored, and your advisors are knowledgeable and have worked in the area. That’s really what made the whole experience so perfect for me.”

Spreading the word about A Place for Mom

In March 2021, A Place for Mom launched a new advertising campaign sharing real-life-inspired stories from caregivers and their senior loved ones. Melanie’s brother, Chris, happened to be a member of the production team bringing A Place for Mom’s new campaign to life. When he realized that one of the ads featured a mother-daughter duo, he encouraged Melanie and Kay to apply for the acting roles, as a way to share their experience. Melanie and Kay landed the roles and were featured in the “A Place for Grace” spot.

“Now, I have friends whose parents are in the same situation,” Melanie says. She tells them, “You have to call A Place for Mom because it truly is an amazing service.”

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

Our advisors help 300,000 families each year find the right senior care for their loved ones.

Finding a place for your loved one: Choose with confidence

Making the transition to senior living can be an emotional and sometimes stressful experience for all involved. From independent living to assisted living to memory care, each type of senior living caters to a unique set of needs. And within those categories, each facility may offer a different set of services and amenities.

When it’s time to transition to senior living, our Senior Living Advisors can help.

  1. Connect with a Senior Living Advisor to get local, expert advice and simplify your search.
  2. Review a personalized list of options. Receive a list of senior living communities that match your family’s specific care needs in your preferred location.
  3. Tour communities and decide with confidence. Get help scheduling community tours and receive guidance from local advisors.
Sarah Pratte

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