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Join more than 600,000 subscribers and get valuable insights, tips from our experts and news on aging and senior care. The A Place for Mom Senior Living newsletter offers a weekly glimpse into every day caregiving and long-term care issues, finance and elder law topics as well as senior health news.

Newsletter Reader Testimonials

"There's always something useful in your newsletters!"  - Sherry H.

"Just a note from a faithful reader to thank you for your work. I lost my dad at 93 last summer, and my mom has Alzeimer's. Your writings have helped me learn, understand and feel less alone." - Lisa M.

"I want to thank you for continuing to send me your newsletters! I share them with so many people and they are very useful!"  - Wilda S.

"What a great newsletter!! Thanks for sharing." - Fannie B.

"The APFM newsletters are wonderful. I get so much email, but your articles are fantastic! You have so many great article links-and I end up clicking on just about every single one and printing them to take home and read. Thank you so much-to you and everyone who writes them. They are great." - Tina B

"I so appreciate receiving these newsletters. We moved my mother-in-law from totally independent living to assisted living in Jan. and we're all still having a hard time adjusting. I find the articles very helpful. Thank you!" - Karen E.

"I would like to thank your organization for the wonderful newsletters to keeping us seniors and families "in the know." Thank you for your wonderful work and a very Happy New Year to all of you." - Corrine G.

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