Learn more about how to keep seniors healthy, happy and safe. These top articles outline information about prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and care for common conditions, with tips and links to additional resources and support.

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Elderly Hip Fracture

Read about hip fractures in the elderly including causes, risk factors, symptoms, and assisted care treatments.

Parkinsons Disease In The Elderly

Learn about Parkinson's disease in the elderly including the causes and treatments of Parkinson's disease.

Senior Fall Prevention

Learn how you can makes changes to unsafe parts of your home to prevent a senior fall.

High Blood Pressure in the Elderly

Learn about the effects of high blood pressure for senior citizens and how to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Elder Abuse Signs

Know the signs of elder abuse and how to prevent and protect our elders from exploitation.

Colon Cancer In Seniors

Learn about colon cancer, or colorectal cancer, in seniors, including potential risk factors, treatments and specific types of screenings.

Elder Care Warning Signs

Learn about elder care warning signs such as sudden weight loss and how to help a loved one.

Recovery from Stroke

Recognize the signs of a stroke and learn more about recovery from this common and often deadly condition.

Elderly Depression

Read about the warning signs of elderly depression and how to get help for your loved one. Discover why elderly depression is a major public health problem.

Joan Lunden on
Senior Nutrition

with expert Dr. Jones-Born on Better TV

Joan Lunden and nutrition expert Dr. Jones-Born talk about five key nutrients and vitamins every senior needs, the epidemic of senior malnutrition and recipes tailored to senior nutrition needs.