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Learn more about how to keep seniors healthy, happy and safe. These top articles outline information about prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and care for common conditions, with tips and links to additional resources and support.

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How to Prevent Senior Malnutrition

Read and share this infographic, which illustrates valuable insights on how to spot the warning signs and then prevent senior malnourishment.

Osteoporosis Information

Read osteoporosis information including the causes and how to treat and prevent osteoporosis.

Sundown Syndrome: Triggers & Management

Read Sundowners Syndrome information including possible causes and how to cope with Sundowners Syndrome.

Shoulder Injury

Read rotator cuff shoulder injury information including the causes and treatment options.

Ask an Expert: Geriatric Medical

Dr. Kernisan is a Geriatrician with a private practice in the Bay Area, as well as a Clinical Instructor in the UCSF Division of Geriatrics. Her practice is dedicated exclusively to seniors and their optimal health and well-being.

Glaucoma In Seniors

Learn about glaucoma in seniors, including causes, symptoms and possible treatments. Discover why omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent elderly glaucoma.


Learn how to prevent and treat bedsores and personal care services that may help.

Parkinsons Disease In The Elderly

Learn about Parkinson's disease in the elderly including the causes and treatments of Parkinson's disease.

Elderly Anxiety Disorders

Learn about treatments for various elderly anxiety disorders including acute stress disorders, panic attacks, and social anxiety disorder.

Joan Lunden on
Senior Nutrition

with expert Dr. Jones-Born on Better TV

Joan Lunden and nutrition expert Dr. Jones-Born talk about five key nutrients and vitamins every senior needs, the epidemic of senior malnutrition and recipes tailored to senior nutrition needs.