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From talking to your loved ones about making a move to senior living to selecting the right community, the experts at A Place for Mom offer guidance for every step in your family’s journey. Learn more about financing, caregiving and more.

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Public Pay Resource Guide

Know your options: Download this comprehensive guide, which covers the ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid and state insurance programs, with links to additional resources.

Tips for Touring Assisted Living Communities

Ten essential factors to look out for when visiting an assisted living community.

Guide to Seniors Housing in Canada

Navigate the vast array of senior living options with this article that lists care types, price ranges and naming conventions.

Assisted Living Residence Checklist

Checklist and questions you should ask assisted living communities when you evaluate the property.

Dementia Care Guide

What is dementia? From genetic to head trauma to diseases, there are many causes. Learn more.

Glossary of Senior Living Terms

Glossary of senior living terms designed to help you have a clear understanding of commonly used senior housing and care terms.

Guide to Pet Friendly Assisted Living

A directory of assisted living communities throughout the United States that accept pets.

Caregiver’s Tool to Prioritize

Tips on how to decide if your aging parent should move to a community.

Moving Seniors

Tips for moving seniors and making a smooth transition into an assisted living community.