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A Place for Mom Finds Majority of Caregivers are Part of the Sandwich Generation

Stress and Time are Cited as Biggest Challenges for Multi-Generational Caregiver; Trumps Financial and Space Issues

SEATTLE, Wash., July 20, 2012 - Stress and a lack of time to accomplish daily tasks are among the leading challenges faced by multi-generational caregivers, according to a survey released today by A Place for Mom, Inc. (APFM), the nation's largest senior living referral information service. The survey highlights an increasing number of Americans that fall into the category of "Sandwich Generation" caregivers, showing that out of 90 percent of respondents who are caring for a loved one, a staggering 81 percent are also caring for children.

Prepared in advance of Sandwich Generation Month, the survey asked more than 900 Americans, most of who are parents (95 percent) within the Baby Boomer Generation (63 percent), questions relating to caregiving roles and responsibilities for multiple generations within their families. Out of the respondents, nearly 93 percent were female, indicating that women continue to serve as caregivers for their families even after their children are grown.

"More than ever, we are seeing baby boomers face multi-generational responsibilities and awareness around this issue is certainly increasing," said Tami Cumings, Senior Vice President of A Place for Mom. "While our Senior Living Advisors are helping families find concrete solutions to housing issues, they are also finding people need counsel and support as they juggle the everyday pressures of parenting, work, relationships within their own families and more."

Among the findings from the APFM survey:

  • More than half of respondents (52 percent) indicated that an elderly member of their family is currently living in their home or anticipate having one move in with them within the next five years.
  • As a result, nearly half (44 percent) are considering making a career decision.
  • Approximately 32 percent say they will look to reduce their hours.
  • Nearly 26 percent are considering looking for a new job that is less demanding or more flexible.

Although many respondents discussed the unanticipated challenges of multi-generational caregiving, the survey also showed that people find benefits to their roles as well. Nearly 41 percent of respondents cited the opportunity to reciprocate care received growing up as a benefit, while 25 percent claimed that the opportunity for children to develop strong relationships with grandparents is an enriching part of the experience.

"Ten years ago, I would not have guessed my mother would live with us. We just didn't think about what was down the road," said Kim Hunter, a 41-year old wife, mother and caregiver.

"The experience is equal parts challenging and rewarding. On one hand I am juggling work with the needs of both my mom and my kids. On the flipside, my children are getting to know their grandma in a special way while I am getting to know my mom on a different, deeper level."

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A Place for Mom, Inc. is the nation's largest senior living referral information service providing resources and personalized assistance in finding senior care and housing. Using its nationwide network of more than 18,000 providers of senior living services, A Place for Mom helps families find options based on a loved one's stated needs and preferences. This may include independent living, home care, residential care homes, assisted living communities, skilled nursing and specialized Alzheimer's memory care. The service is offered at no charge to families as participating communities and providers pay a fee to A Place for Mom. For more information, visit or call

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