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10 Startups Helping Seniors

Kimberley Fowler
By Kimberley FowlerMarch 29, 2018

By design, startup companies, or “startups” are rooted in innovation and risk, finding their success by thinking outside the box and going beyond what is currently available in the market to create change and solve problems.

Startups Helping Seniors

Senior care is an ever-evolving industry and a natural fit for startups looking to improve the life and livelihood of people in their golden years.

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Check out our list of startups aimed at helping seniors:

1. 23andMe

23andMe is a genetic testing company that allows every-day people to learn about their personal ancestry, health and traits by mailing in a sample of their saliva for medical analysis. Although not technically considered a “startup company” as it was initially founded in 2006, 23andMe recently experienced a breakthrough when they won FDA approval to sell tests that provide genetic health information for conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Celiac disease, Macular Degeneration, Parkinson’s disease and several others.

2. Cake

Cake offers a platform for seniors to establish and communicate their end-of-life wishes. Cake presents questions in a unique format, guiding users through end-of-life decisions including:

  • Advanced healthcare preferences
  • Financial and legal decisions
  • Funeral and memorial plans
  • Legacy ideas

Cake is secure and can be changed at any time while allowing users to generate legally-sound documents based on their wishes.

3. CareMessage

Not every person who is discharged from hospital has a comfortable, safe home to return to. Many disenfranchised groups, including low-income seniors are vulnerable to poor health outcomes and fall between the cracks of our traditional healthcare system. CareMessage has responded to this need by using mobile technology to reach and engage underserved populations, making healthcare more accessible and improving their overall health.

4. Eligible

Eligible is a revolutionary company that aims to remove the veil of confusion surrounding the medical industry and make it easier for people to understand what they are paying for. Eligible uses data science to prevent billing inaccuracies and unexpected healthcare bills, which is beneficial for both healthcare organizations and every-day people.

5. Hometeam

Hometeam also specializes in home-based senior care, however their mission is to not only support and empower clients, but the caregivers they employ as well. Hometeam believes in “empowering caregivers to deliver exceptional care” by providing full-time employment opportunities with benefits, extensive training and coaching, and a culture of caring. This approach has resulted in unprecedented levels of satisfaction for both caregivers and clients.

6. Honor

Honor specializes in home-based senior care with the goal to help older adults remain healthy and independent within the comfort of their own home. Their easy-to-use app allows caregivers, clients and family members to interact in real-time to monitor care and schedule appointments. Honor can help seniors with:

  • Groceries and meal prep
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Transportation

7. Joany

Joany offers a healthcare concierge service that considers a variety of your specific, personal factors such as demographical information, family and medical history to deliver a personalized health care plan just for you. With Joany, you can enroll in a health plan, find a top-rated doctor, get help contesting and understanding medical bills and check medical coverage, free of charge.

8. Papa

Papa, a startup which provides “Grandkids on-demand” believes in the intermingling of two generations to provide support and social experiences for seniors. Papa connects seniors with youthful college students to offer a variety of services, including:

  • Companionship
  • Help around the house
  • Support with technology
  • Transportation

9. Renew

Renew launched in 2016 with the goal to take the stress out of retirement. By offering guidance and user-friendly tools in real time, Renew helps seniors who are nearing retirement navigate through all of the “complex and conflicting information out there” and figure out the best retirement plan for them. Renew helps people to consider their future financial, health and social needs so that they can “focus on enjoying the next phase of their life.”

10. Rendever

Rendever is a revolutionary company that offers seniors in long-term care facilities the opportunity to experience the wonders of the world through virtual reality technology. With this virtual experience, seniors can step back in time, visiting their childhood communities, or travel the world to unimaginable destinations. In addition to being incredibly cool, Rendever believes that through virtual reality, residents can experience relief from depression and isolation and improve quality of life.

Do you know of any other innovative start-ups in your community that are changing the lives of seniors? We’d love to hear about other startups helping seniors in the comments below.

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