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Poem: Homecoming by Maxine Kumin

A Place for Mom Staff
By A Place for Mom StaffJuly 7, 2014
Poem Homecoming

Poem Homecoming

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by Maxine Kumin

Having come unto
the tall house of our habit
where it settles rump downward
on its stone foundations
in the manner of a homely brood mare
who throws good colts
and having entered
where sunlight is pasted on the windows
ozone rises from the mullions
dust motes pollinate the hallway
and spiders remembering a golden age
sit one in each drain
we will hang up our clothes and our vegetables
we will decorate the rafters with mushrooms
on our hearth we will burn splits of silver popple
we will stand up to our knees in their flicker
the soup kettle will clang five notes of pleasure
and love will take up quarters.

A Place for Mom Staff
A Place for Mom Staff

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