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Men's Health Stats: An Index on Men and Aging

Ami Noss
By Ami NossJune 15, 2017

June is National Men’s Health Month, and this week spotlights National Men’s Health Week leading up to Father’s Day.

In an effort to promote healthy aging in men, A Place for Mom compiled this men’s health index of surprising stats on aging, behavior, longevity and love. Learn more about men’s health statistics from this index on men and aging.

Men’s Health Statistics

The goal of Men’s Health Week is to raise awareness on how to prevent health problems through early detection and treatment of diseases. People are encouraged to participate in activities ranging from fundraising for prostate cancer to “Wear Blue Day” and many other activities.

Below is a collection of men’s health statistics that celebrates both the common and unique ways in which men age:

Difference Between Men and Women

Current U.S. ratio of 100+ year-old men to women: 1:5

Current U.S. population of men age 65 and older: 17.9 million

Age at which women outnumber men 3:1: 89

Worldwide ratio of baby boys to baby girls born every year: 1.07:1

Death rate, in developed countries, for infant boys compared to girls: 1.24:1

Record Setting Men

Youngest U.S. male college graduate ever: 10

Youngest Nobel-Prize-winning man: 25

Youngest male Mensa club inductee (who potty trained himself at age one after reading a book about it): 2.5

Oldest elected U.S. president: 69

Oldest male Olympic gold medal winner: 72

Oldest new dad on record: 96

Oldest Best Actor Oscar winner: 76

Oldest man to climb Mount Kilimanjaro: 84

Oldest man to climb Mount Everest: 80

Oldest male competitive marathon runner: 101

Age of the world’s oldest man at the time of his death: 116

Life Expectancy of Men

Life expectancy for men who live to be at least 65: 17.8 years

Life expectancy for men who live to be at least 85: 5.7 years

Average life expectancy for a U.S. man: 75.9

First “lifetime happiness” peak for men: 23

Age at which men reach their physical peak: 33

Age at which men reach their mental peak: 42

Second “lifetime happiness” peak for men: 65

Men, Love and Marriage

Average age at which a U.S. man gets married for the first time: 29

Percent of men age 65 and older who have never married: 4.4%

Percent of men age 65 and older who are married: 72%

Average age of the woman a 70-year-old man on Match.com seeks: 58

Average age of the man a 70-year-old woman on Match.com seeks: 66

Age of world’s oldest bridegroom: 96

The Physical and Mental Peak of Men

Percent of U.S. men age 65 or older who live in poverty: 7%

Percent of 65 to 69 year-old men still in the workforce: 36.5%

Age at which the average man’s testosterone level starts to decline at 1% per year: 30

Rate at which men’s brains shrink after age 40: 5% per decade

Percent of older men with hearing loss: 46%

Percent of U.S. men age 65 and older with heart disease: 37%

Percent of men who will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives: 40.8

First age at which the average man has a 1% chance of dying with a year: 85

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Which statistic or record do you find most surprising in this index, and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Ami Noss
Ami Noss
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