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Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Older Moms in Assisted Living in 2022

By Mary SalatinoFebruary 24, 2022
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Mother’s Day is coming up, and having a mom in assisted living may put some limitations on the gifts you can get her. Fortunately, even with some practical limitations, there are a lot of options for giving your mother something that will be special to her.

10 Mother’s Day gift ideas for elderly moms

In senior living, your mother probably has a smaller amount of space to work with, so you may want to avoid any gifts that will take up a lot of room. Although you may feel like your options are limited, there are still plenty of gifts out there she’s sure to love. Consider giving your mom one of these 10 Mother’s Day gifts that are great for elderly mothers.

1. A digital picture frame

If your mom’s assisted living residence is lacking in personal touches, images of fond memories with friends and family can be just the right gift to make her place feel like home. If mom has a limited amount of space, a digital picture frameis a great choice as you can upload many images to the frame while making the most of the available space. This is an excellent Mother’s Day gift for older moms because you can upload pictures she may not have seen in a while or even transfer full photo albums from weddings, vacations, and more to a slideshow that’s ready to be seen daily.

2. A nice day out

Most moms of any age will see time with their family as one of the best gifts they could get. Think about activities your mom loves to do — particularly any that she may have had a hard time doing since moving into assisted living — and plan a day filled with pastimes she’ll love, such as a trip to her favorite restaurant or a visit to the movies or spa. One thing to keep in mind is that Mother’s Day gifts for elderly moms don’t have to be extravagant. Sometimes just making plans with her is enough. Whatever it is that will mean the most to your mom, plan to include it in your day out.

3. A tablet

For many seniors that are initially resistant to technology, a tablet turns out to be the easiest type of device to start with. Tablets’ large screens are easier to read than a phone, and they’re easier to carry around than computers. Tablets can conveniently connect to Wi-Fi or be added to a data plan. Pre-load the tablet with apps and games you think mom will like. Gifting her a tablet with Skype or other video messaging apps already on it gives her an easy way to digitally connect with her children and grandchildrenon a regular basis.

4. An activity tracker

Wearable activity trackers like a FitBitor an Apple Watch can be a good incentive for older adults who are trying to form healthy habits by becoming more active and tracking their progress as they go. If you think your mom would like to have some extra encouragement to go on more walks, or you feel she just might be inspired to try a workout class at the assisted living facility with a little nudge, an activity tracker could be a good fit.

5. A monthly subscription

Monthly subscriptions are great ways to continue gifting your mom throughout the year. There are plenty of different types of subscription boxes to choose from. If your mom is someone who really likes coffee or tea, consider signing her up for a subscription box that sends a regularly updated variety.

Another option to consider is a floral service subscription as bouquets are always nice to receive, whether they mark a special occasion or not. These subscriptions can help you ensure your mom has a touch of nature close by to enjoy throughout the entire year.

For a lot of seniors, reading becomes more challenging as their eyesight slowly worsens through the years. But that doesn’t mean your mom shouldn’t continue seeking out the books she loves. An Audible subscriptionprovides an audiobook of her choice each month.

There are many subscription services out there, so consider what things your mom may enjoy throughout the year and sign her up.

6. A self-care basket

Who doesn’t like to do a little comfy self-care in their own home? With a self-care gift basket, your mom can spend time relaxing and pampering herself in the comfort of her own assisted living space. If it’s harder to get out and about, a self-care basket is a great gift for homebound mothers.

Put a self-care gift basket together for mom by getting a plush or sleek set of pajamas, candles with scents that remind her of home, the luxury versions of her go-to beauty supplies, an oversized throw blanket, or other items you think she may enjoy. If you’re not familiar with your mom’s favorite beauty brands or scents, do some sleuthing next time you visit to see if you can pin down her likes.

7. Small appliances to make life easier

Small appliances can be a great way to add extra amenities to mom’s place and make life more accessible for her. If your mom’s assisted living residence doesn’t have a kitchen or stovetop, then making her preferred coffee or tea could be tricky. An electric kettle takes care of that problem. It includes its own source of heat, so all she has to do is plug it in and turn it on to get the water to just the right temperature.

Another appliance that might make mom’s life easier is a battery-operated jar opener. This is great for moms with arthritis or poor grip strength. Thinking about different tasks mom could use help with around the house can help you think of the best options for her.

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8. Homemade decorations

Anything that gives the room more character or serves as a reminder for loved ones can make your mom’s stay in assisted living feel that much more comfortable and meaningful. So, think about crafts or other creative decorations you or the grandkids can make to spruce up the space and provide your mom with colorful keepsakes of the family she loves.

9. A warming or massage pillow

Persistent aches and pains can cause seniors to crave more and more relief with each passing year. A warming pillow or a massage pillow can add comfort to your mom’s life while adhering to her new home’s style. These kinds of gifts are particularly handy because they fit in all kinds of nooks — behind the neck or lower back, alongside a hip, between the knees, etc. — and can be used while seated or lying down.

10. Mobility accessories

Don’t allow mobility issues to stop your mom from moving around her suite comfortably. With accessories like an able tray, mom can get up and down more easily. These trays can attach to a sofa or recliner, and with the additional handle, they can provide balance and support when standing up or sitting down. The attached tray can hold an iPad, a drink, or a remote control, making these the perfect home accessory for the mobility challenged.

There are even mobile accessories to help mom with outdoor activities like gardening. With agarden kneeler, mom can continue to tend to her garden without the hassle of straining to get up and down. The lightweight, foldable seat is easy to take from apartment to garden, and it has an attachment on the side to hold gardening tools. Mobility accessories like these allow mom to stay active indoors and out.

Whether your mom just moved into assisted living or has been living there for years, you don’t have to feel as if there are only a few gift options available for her. With these gift recommendations, life in assisted living can become even more comfortable and exciting for your mom. Whether you give her something personal like a sentimental gift, something practical for everyday life, or something as simple as your time, there are plenty of options for Mother’s Day gifts for older moms.

Mary Salatino

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