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Nicknamed the “Aloha State,” Hawaii is a tropical paradise known for its white sand beaches, crystal blue waters, majestic volcanoes, and dense rain forests which are home to a plethora of flora and fauna. Hawaii is one of the premier vacation destinations in the United States, making it an excellent spot to retire and relax in the sun. Many seniors enjoy exploring the local culture and historic sites of the islands, especially Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial.

Currently, A Place for Mom partners with more than 5 retirement homes in Hawaii that provide independent living.

The median monthly cost of independent living in Hawaii is about $4,100.

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Independent Living in Hawaii

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Hawaii Independent Living Regulations

Each state regulates senior living communities differently. Because independent living is often provided by assisted living communities, states may regulate independent living within their guidelines for assisted living. You can use APFM’s guide to assisted living regulations to learn more about access to community records in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, independent living communities — also known simply as retirement communities — are geared towards seniors who are able to live on their own, without daily assistance, and prefer to live among people their age. This usually means residents are self-sufficient and do not require hands-on care. Think of independent living communities as age-restricted (typically 55+) complexes, which provide organized activities, meal services, and transportation.

Cost of Living

Hawaii has some of the highest costs of living in the entire country. This is due to the relative isolation of the Hawaiian Islands coupled with their pristine scenery, making it a highly coveted place to live. The housing cost index for the state as a whole is the highest in the country. All index scores are based on a scale with the national average set at 100.

Price Indexes

  • Cost of living index: 190
  • Groceries: 169
  • Housing: 319
  • Utilities: 173
  • Transportation: 149


About 1/5 of Hawaii’s population is over the age of 65. In the 2016 presidential election, Hawaii leaned very liberal. Over 10% of the population are Native Hawaiians, and there is a large Asian population on the islands, as well.

2016 Presidential Election

  • 62% voted Democratic
  • 30% voted Republican
  • 8% voted third party


  • Median age: 39
  • Over the age of 55: 31%
  • 2018 population: 1,420,491
  • 2020 population: 1,413,096
  • Estimated 2025 population: 1,394,776


  • 28% regularly attend a religious service
  • 38% consider themselves atheist, agnostic, or a non-believer
  • The state has a total of 1,314 congregations
  • There are 16 Masonic lodges in the state

Climate and Weather

Although Hawaii is traditionally thought of as having a tropical climate, the state has a number of different climate classifications across its islands. These classifications range from rainforest and monsoon climates to oceanic and savanna climates. However, temperatures remain consistent across the state year-round despite the wide climate variety. Hawaii receives lots of precipitation during its rainy season in the spring. The combination of year-round pleasant weather and countless beaches makes Hawaii one of the top vacation destinations in the country.

Humidity and Precipitation

  • Average humidity level: 73%
  • Average monthly precipitation: 4”
  • Average maximum monthly precipitation: 16” (March)

Air Quality

  • Average air quality index rating: 42 (Good)
  • Average maximum air quality rating: 58 in July (Moderate)

Moderate air quality means that those who are sensitive to particulates in the air should limit the amount of time they spend on outdoor exertion.

Seasonal Temperatures

  • Average temperature: 72°F
  • Average summer temperature: 75°F
  • Typical summer high: 89°F (August)
  • Typical summer low: 47°F (June)
  • Average winter temperature: 69°F
  • Typical winter high: 83°F (December)
  • Typical winter low: 42°F (February)

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