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10 Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom with Dementia

By Mary SalatinoMarch 2, 2022
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Celebrating your mom on Mother’s Day is easy but finding the perfect gift can be difficult. Explore this list of user-friendly gifts for a mom in memory care and give her something that will bring her joy while making her life easier.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for dementia patients

Consider these ideas to make your mom smile this Mother’s Day.

1. Comfy bathrobe

Physical comfort becomes more important as you get older, as does having access to clothing that is easy to slip on without needing help. Whether your mom uses her new robe as an extra layer of warmth during the day or as something quick to throw on after a shower, this gift will provide daily comfort and convenience.

2. Memory picture phone

Navigating ever-changing phone technology can be challenging when you’re living with dementia, which can make it more difficult to stay in touch with loved ones. Program your mom’s main contacts into a memory picture phone, where the number pad is replaced by highly visible photos of loved ones for speed-dial convenience.

3. Dementia coloring book

Coloring for just 20 minutes a day can increase mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve a person’s mood while improving dementia’s behavioral and psychological symptoms. Dementia coloring books have stimulating designs and larger print that won’t frustrate mom as she creates her masterpiece.

4. Beauty gift set

If your mom is comforted by the familiarity of her makeup or skincare routine, a beauty gift set could help bring some normalcy to her routine. Whether your mom’s niche is nails, lipstick, face masks, or something else, it’s easy to find a gift set that makes her feel beautiful.

5. Dementia-friendly puzzles

Puzzles are a fun way to stay entertained and keep your mind sharp. Puzzles made specifically for people with dementiahave larger pieces and contain recognizable items such as flowers and vegetables. Working on a puzzle helps with motor skills, reinforces brain cell connections, and improves short-term memory.

6. Flowers

A colorful, fragrant bouquet of flowers is a classic gift that mom will enjoy. Flowers are an easy way to brighten up your mom’s environment on Mother’s Day, especially if she’s in a memory care or senior living community.

7. Favorite sweets

Comfort food can transport a person back to fond memories of their youth. However, before you buy mom’s favorite treat, make sure it doesn’t go against any dietary recommendations or restrictions her doctor has made.

8. Robot cat

A robot cat is a great tool to help combat loneliness that’s common for those with dementia. Robot companion cats from companies like Joy for All provide the benefits of having a pet without having to take care of a living animal. Intervention with a robotic pet can improve mood and behavior over time. Comfort items like this are a way to address dementia-anxiety symptoms naturally without pharmacological treatments.

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9. Simple music player

Listening to music is beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. Music reduces stress and anxiety, agitation, and can even help caregivers connect with their loved ones, according to the Mayo Clinic. Musical memories are often preserved in individuals with Alzheimer’s because key brain areas linked to musical memory remain relatively undamaged.

Give your mom easy access to music with the Simple Music Player, which you can load with her favorite tunes. To listen to music, all mom has to do is lift the lever labeled “Lift to Play Music.”

10. Talking photo album

Forgetting important loved ones is a heartbreaking part of dementia. A talking photo album is a great Mother’s Day gift for a mom with Alzheimer’s. It can hold pictures of children, grandchildren, and other close loved ones along with a recorded voice message for each photo to remind her who everyone is, what their relationship to her is, and how much she means to everyone.

Gifting your mom something special for Mother’s Day is a wonderful gesture. But at the end of the day, the greatest gift you can give is your time, love, and patience as she navigates the difficulties of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Caregivers at memory care communities are specially trained to give your mom everything she needs with skilled patience and understanding. Contact a Senior Living Advisor if you would like insight into some memory care communities in your area.


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Mary Salatino

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