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80 Life Lessons From Mom

Caitlin Burm
By Caitlin BurmApril 23, 2018
80 Life Lessons From Mom

As Mother’s Day approaches, we reflect on the invaluable guidance our mothers have given us over the years. We asked you, our A Place for Mom readers, to share the most important life lessons you’ve learned from your mothers – and you responded with important pieces of advice, large and small.

Lessons From Mom

A mother knows best, and for most of us, if life has taught us anything, it’s to listen to the advice our mothers gave us.

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What is the number one lesson your mother taught you?

We’re sharing your most valuable lessons from Mom today in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday:

  1. “Always be honest and never take anything that belongs to anyone else. In other words, do not steal.” – Ann C.
  2. “Be hardworking, honest and respectful.” – Anna E.
  3. “To have respect.” – Annette J.
  4. “To have manners and respect.” – Antri S.
  5. “That family is everything.” – Betty F.
  6. “She blessed us each day when we left home with: ‘Be careful!'” – Carol S.
  7. “No one is promised a rose garden. If you want one, plant your own.” – Cathe C.
  8. “Be kind to everyone you meet in life.” – Cathy D.
  9. “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” – Chrissy W.
  10. “To always be able to stand on my own two feet.” – Cindy P.
  11. “To be kind and loving. She was probably the sweetest person you ever met.” – Coleen L.
  12. “Always be kind to all – or at least always try.” – Deb F.
  13. “That everyone isn’t your friend.” – Donita B.
  14. “Do the best you can. Just try.” – Doris P.
  15. “All about love.” – Evangelist I.
  16. “To be honest and truthful. – Georgina K.
  17. “Work for what you want and always help others who are less fortunate.” – Georgina I.
  18. “Not to do what she did.” – Georgina W.
  19. “To be honest and always tell the truth.” – Gris B.
  20. “Not to fear anything or worry about something. If you can fix it, then fix it. If you can’t, don’t worry about it! I love her for these lessons.” – Helen S.
  21. “About having faith.” – Jackie F.
  22. “To act like a nice young girl.” – Jeane E.
  23. “Always trust your gut feeling and always respect others.” – Jennifer F.
  24. “Be honest and never lie or steal.” – Jennifer G.
  25. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” – Joane B.
  26. “Be honest and tell the truth.” – Joanne C.
  27. “Be grateful.” – Joanne W.
  28. “To always be honest and truthful.” – Joanne W.
  29. “When to hold my tongue.” – John V.
  30. “To have compassion and save money.” – Joyce K.
  31. “Never judge anyone.” – Juanita F.
  32. “To love all people and treat everyone with respect.” – Judy G.
  33. “Always be humble and kind. Have faith. Work hard for what you want in life. Tell the truth and be kind to others.” – Judy L.
  34. “Manners and respect.” – Karen B.
  35. “How to work.” – Karen H.
  36. “To love your family and be polite and positive.” – Kim W.
  37. “To love your children unconditionally.” – Laurel W.
  38. “You get what you give and to also be careful what you wish for.” – Lesia D.
  39. “To be humble, loving and to speak out for those without a voice.” – Linda P.
  40. “Respect everyone, especially yourself.” – Lois S.
  41. “Be kind.” – Loretta C.
  42. “Beauty is skin deep and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.” – Lorrie V.
  43. “Be honest.” – Lucia C.
  44. “Perseverance through faith.” – Margie H.
  45. “How to iron.” – Marilyn D.
  46. “She taught me to love unconditionally.” – Marilyn P.
  47. “To not give into men.” – Maritza M.
  48. “Waste not, want not.” – Martha C.
  49. “To have good table manners.” – Mary H.
  50. “Life can be lovely.” – Mary K.
  51. “She could always make friends quickly and I inherited that from her. Thanks, Mom!” – MaryKay B.
  52. “Treat people like you want to be treated!” – Maureen B.
  53. “What’s his is mine, what’s mine is mine.” – Nancy B.
  54. “She taught a lot by example. She was a strong woman, whose priority was to dad and the family.” – Nora B.
  55. “Have good manners, respect others and smile!” – Pamela P.
  56. “Love, honesty and respect.” – Pat C.
  57. “Tolerance.” – Patricia C.
  58. “To make time for play.” – Patty B.
  59. “Follow your heart and faith.” – Patty W.
  60. “Do the right thing.” – Paula R.
  61. “Work never hurt anyone.” – Rebecca B.
  62. “To always love.” – Rose J.
  63. “Be kind to others and treat everyone like you would want to be treated.” – Sandy D.
  64. “That you should not want.” – Sandy K.
  65. “You can’t have champagne ideas on beer wages.” – Sandy W.
  66. “Be neat and tidy.” – Sherril L.
  67. “Always be tearful.” – Sherry L.
  68. “To be grateful.” – Sherry M.
  69. “It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, you can keep yourself and your house clean.” – Shirley R.
  70. “You can never tell one lie.” – Shirley S.
  71. “That it is okay to not like someone you love.” – Stephanie P.
  72. “Cherish the time with your mom. When she’s gone, you’ll regret those moments.” – Steven M.
  73. “To have good manners.” – Susan C.
  74. “Always try to be respectful and polite, especially towards your elders.” – Susan G.
  75. “Behaviors have consequences. Learn lessons from your mistakes.” – Tana D.
  76. “Respect your elders and do not touch what does not belong to you.” – Tere M.
  77. “Finish your college education so you can always support yourself.” – Teresita M.
  78. “To respect our elders.” –Terri K.
  79. “That I am as good as anyone but better than no one.” – Valerie W.
  80. “Silence is golden.” – Wendy C.

Thank you to all of our A Place for Mom readers for sharing your life lessons from Mom! We enjoyed hearing such priceless advice from sage mothers.

Do you have any invaluable lessons from your mother that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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Caitlin Burm
Caitlin Burm

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