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Solera At West Houston

2101 Greenhouse Road, Houston, TX 77084

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Wanda lee - Resident/client
Excellent facility!

I was in for rehab for a total hip replacement for 3 weeks. This place was excellent!?the therapists got me really strong and I can walk without a cane after 3 weeks. All the nurses and aids are really nice. Just like anywhere else there is a smaller amount of staff on nights and weekends and it may take a little longer to get assistance during those times but they always paid attention to my needs.... Read more

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Solera At West Houston in Houston, Texas is one of senior living communities in the area. To find the right community for your needs and budget, connect with one of A Place For Mom’s local senior living advisors for free, expert advice.

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July 26, 2022
Rita Lewis - Toured community
Visit the facility and love the atmosphere and environment was welcome with open arms

Facility was a very pleasant surrounding and everyone was so friendly with me I would recommend this facility to everyone who's interested in such a great place to be excellent so bless to come thank you

June 13, 2022
Maria Cerda - Toured community

Nice clean good healthy food

December 14, 2020
anonymous - Loved one of resident/client

Have brother-in-law’ recovering from a battle with Covid. It would be a travesty for him to die at this facility due to staff infection caused from lack of sanitary clean up after he has a bowel movement. Laying in his feces for hours at a time after he pushes his call button.

August 29, 2020
anonymous - Loved one of resident/client
review from a retired RN

I am a retired RN and observed the poor condition my mother-in-law was in when discharged from this facility.At the Dr's office, her surgical incision looked pristine; now upon discharge it looks infected. She had no bedsores when admitted to this facility; now she has bedsores.Obviously they did not turn her in bed as is common ,basic knowledge of how to care for someone who cannot move herself or get out of bed. They also did not bother to assess her response to her medications, as one was the incorrect dose and causing lethargy so that she could not participate in rehab. I'd heard the facility was OK before covid. Now that the family is prohibited from checking up on loved ones as in this case, the care is awful. If there was a 0 rating, I would give it.

September 11, 2019
Maria Masson
The worst place

Solera at west Houston on greenhouse in Katy is the worst place to take a loved one the worse meals, staff is horrible so called nurses don't care they are just pill givers They don't care about the elderly they don't have a heart I had to take my mom to the emergency room they almost killed her. I can't believe how they treat the elderly people They handle the elderly rough The staff gets mad when you called to ask for help At night no one comes to their aid

June 7, 2019
Shelita LaMotte - Loved one of resident/client
This is not a place to put someone you love.......

If you care about your love one PLEASE by no means admit him/her into this facility.... Yes it is beautiful and clean and that’s about it..... They do not take care of the patients, steal from the patients...... My brother took ill to where he had to be Hospitalized and we still have yet to receive a phone call from anyone..... The director of the facility is a joke when we found out my brother was sick (and by the way he had to try to call to let us know he was sick and to hurry and get there ) the man was standing in the room when we and 911 arrived and he did say one word to us.... When I went back to ask questions he act as if he (the director)knew nothing about what happened to by brother, which I found to be extremely sad being he was in the room with us while EMS was working on him.... The staff another joke don’t care what time of day or night you went there almost everybody was sitting behind the nurse station talking and joking... My brothers urinal was never empty he was supposed to take a shower twice a week always had an excuse on why he couldn’t take a shower..... And the food.... We would have to take Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the food that they give to the patients is horrible and always ice cold.......I feel so guilty for putting my brother in a rehabilitation center like this...... And the reason He had to be hospitalized while being a patient at this facility is because he contacted pneumonia from here....... One of his Medications was supposed to be discontinued ordered by his doctor and they never discontinued the med (blood thinner) just kept giving it to him....So that shows that they don’t read the “DOCTORS ORDERS”.....PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE LETTING THIS PLACE TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVE ONE, I FEEL SO GUILTY FOR PUTTING MY BROTHER HERE...

February 15, 2019
Fed up and angry - Loved one of resident/client
Look elsewhere

Do NOT allow anyone you care about to be admitted to this facility. The staff is negligent and indifferent. Someone robbed me of cash and credit cards while I was walking my Mother around the halls during her stay. Don't be fooled by the exterior facade, no one cares about you inside, and someone in there is a thief.The management doesn't care if you get well or not, as long as the money rolls in.

May 4, 2017
Debra Keller - Loved one of resident/client
Uncaring, dishonest beautiful place! Keep looking!

Please don't be fooled by the looks! Solera is not where you want your loved one! The administrative staff is horrible! They are [Removed] and uncaring! The Corporate office is not available they don't care about anything but the money! Unfortunately most people don't stay long enough to make this place accountable! They either are discharged or [Removed]. So the facility gets by with [Removed]. They can't keep good employees! They over work the ones they have. They do just enough to keep the state happy. Keep looking! My Grandmother died a horrible painful death [Removed]

December 27, 2016
J Smith - Loved one of resident/client
Verified Review
This place sucks.

The food is terrible and looks horrible. The residents must be in the dining room by 4:30 but the food comes out at 5:30 or later and is cold. I wish I could post a photo of the food served here. It is disgusting!

April 22, 2016
Donna Schuchardt - Loved one of resident/client
Verified Review
No! Don't go there!! Worry, u won't be Happy!

No, No, No! If you love your family member, do not send them to Solera. The staff is unprofessional & Unconcerned & uninformed. Communication is practically non-existent. My son has been there for rehab. He had to call 911 for an ambulance, to go to the hospital, due to extremely high sugar & blood pressure. He fell off bed twice (due to being incoherent due to high sugar) & waited lengthy periods, after calling for help, before anyone came to his aid. He is blind & has one leg. They are discharging him without the proper equipment needed to function at home. I have spoken to the administrator. However, he just made excuses for their slackness of performance. The corporate office does not provide a telephone number to access them. Either they do not care or do not want to hear about the issues, or both. They need to be investigated & monitored & maybe shut down, if they do not bring their level of care up to par. Sorry, Solera! The truth is the truth!

September 10, 2015
Wanda lee - Resident/client
Excellent facility!

I was in for rehab for a total hip replacement for 3 weeks. This place was excellent!?the therapists got me really strong and I can walk without a cane after 3 weeks. All the nurses and aids are really nice. Just like anywhere else there is a smaller amount of staff on nights and weekends and it may take a little longer to get assistance during those times but they always paid attention to my needs.

September 4, 2015
anonymous - Loved one of resident/client

My mother admitted to Solera about 2 months ago. At the beginning, everything started off slow, maybe because it was the weekend. On Monday, my mother looked like a totally different person. She had her hair fixed, showered and started therapy. I can not Thank the entire team for such GREAT care. My mom is back to her normal self, after we were told at the hospital she probably would not live another month. Thank you Solera and the entire Team for such Great care again.

August 11, 2015
anonymous - Loved one of resident/client
Horrible care

My grandmother was only there a week and the level of care was horrible. She is oxygen dependent with a history of congestive heart failure. She had been telling the night nurses (when they would actually come, usually 30-45 minutes after ringing the bell!!) that she couldn't breathe. [removed] The service and care for patients here is very poor! My grandmother also has a catheter and the nurse left the cap off causing urine to be dumping onto the carpet in her room. We will not be sending her back.

April 2, 2015
anonymous - Loved one of resident/client

My family was so disappointed in the care at Solera which turned out to be very negligent. Our loved one was in and out of the ER several times, scared to be alone, and always wet. The high turnover in help was never familiar with each patience needs. The weekend crew was extremly lazy as they would sit down talk and laugh and avoid helping the senior residents while they were crying out for help. The response was at their leisure. On the surface Solera looks like a nice place. When living on the inside it was a nightmare. Our loved one is much happier now at a new facility and is treated much better and well cared for. If you are trying to decide whether or not to put your loved one in here... DONT!! You will be sorry if you do.

January 16, 2014
Daughter - Loved one of resident/client
Verified Review

Horrible, I hated leaving in the evenings to leave my dad there by himself. It was a nightmare for us. Their care quality and the ineptness of their caregivers were just awful. It came very highly recommended and it is a new place but it was terrible for us, he was in and out of the ER constantly because they weren't paying attention. They wouldn't give meds in a timely manor, and for my dad, he has certain meds that have to be taken at certain times of the day or you can REALLY tell. For the money that you pay, you expect them to take care of your parent!!!

January 16, 2014
Son - Loved one of resident/client
Verified Review
Good Skilled Nursing

It was brand new when we went there for rehab. They had good skilled nursing but it was very expensive. They do take Medicare insurance, but not Medicaid.

October 18, 2013
no - Resident/client
No What It Appears

This looks like a clean facility. They take better care of the floors than the patients. Very difficult to get them to change a patients diaper. Many times my relative has laid in poop or urine for hours. When asked for someone to come change her, I'm told someone will be right there...but no one comes. They are too busy talking on their cell phones. hiding in vacant rooms or taking a break.

October 18, 2013
Anonymous - Loved one of resident/client
It's Not What It Seems

This looks like a very clean and well taked care of facility. Too bad they take care of the floors and walls better than they take care of their patients. My relative needed a diaper for a season. There were many days that he laid in a puddle of urine and feces for hours without being changed. I consistently had to repeatedly ask for someone to help me. I was told, "there was no one right now. They were all busy". Yet I walked around and saw the care takers sitting around talking on their cell phones, on break, hiding in vacant rooms etc. I had to stay until 8PM lots of nights to be sure we had a clean diaper for the night. Very disappointing.

October 10, 2013
no, I am afraid of retaliation by the staff on my relative - Loved one of resident/client
Not What Meets the EYE

Solera West is a new clean looking facility on the outside, but the clenliness and care for the patients leaves much to be desired. The place smells and looks clean because they spray everyday. Many days I found my relative soaking wet and lying on wet sheets. They are suppposed to check and change them every few hours, but how can someone be that wet if they really do change them. I don't believe that they do. They have a call button for the patients to use, but many times it is 'hidden' where the patient can't call. When you do call it takes 20 min and sometimes 45 minutes before they come to see what is wrong. They charge a first class rate but in my opinion you do not get what you pay for.

October 7, 2013
I am afraid to identify myself because they might mistreat my relative - Loved one of resident/client
The Eyes Are Deceiving

This place looks new and clean, but inside there is much to be disapponted about the care my relative receives. Some of the staff finds busy work to do so they don't have to take care of the patients. Many times the patients are not cleaned up often enough or soon enough. I have found my relative laying on urine soaked sheets or soaking wet diaper many times. Oh, they spray everyday to cover up the urine and feces smell. They have a nurses call button, but they "hide" it where the patient has a hard time finding it. When you do call they take a long time coming to see about why you are calling and usually turn the light off and leave with out fixing the problem. The excuse..... I gotta go get some supplies. But they don't come back for 30 minutes or longer. One shift leaves work for the next shift instead of doing the work themselves when it needs to be completed. They are friendly but tell you one what you want to hear. The office staff is arrogant when you confront them with an issue. My relative is afraid to complain because of what might happen when they are alone in the facility. I had high hopes that the Solera staff would help my relative recover...they have not met my expectations. They demand top dollar to stay there but don't provide the first class care in my opinion.

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