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Top-Rated Senior Living Communities Win 2022 Best of Senior Living Awards

By Chacour KoopFebruary 1, 2022
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About 750 senior care providers in A Place for Mom’s network, representing the top 2-3% nationwide, have been honored with the 2022 Best of Senior Living Awards, which are based on community reviews from residents and their families.

To earn the award, communities must have received at least 10 reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars or higher between Nov. 1, 2020 and Dec. 31, 2021 — a more stringent criteria than last year. Families can search the list of these top-rated senior living communities to help them find the best senior care providers in their area.

“Hundreds of thousands of reviews across APlaceforMom.com capture firsthand experiences from residents and their families,” said Sue Johansen, Senior Vice President, Community Network, at A Place for Mom. “A Place for Mom’s reviews are an incredibly valuable resource for our new families who are evaluating options and want trusted and reliable feedback to aid in their decision. A common theme across the top reviews is the outstanding level of care and support senior living communities continue to provide.”

Popular retirement destinations like Florida, California, and Texas had some of the most senior living communities land on the award-winners list, but top senior care providers can be found in nearly every state.

Read on to see three notable ways these award-winning independent living, assisted living, memory care, and in-home care providers are setting themselves apart.

See all 2022 Best of Senior Living Awards winners to find the best senior living communities near you.

Personal connections

While amenities, services, and costs certainly play a role in choosing a home for your loved one, the top-rated senior living communities stand out by developing personal connections with residents and their families. Positive relationships with caregivers and other residents reduce social isolation and loneliness, which are known to harm the health of seniors.

For Joe F.’s family, their journey began when his dad drove a pickup truck into the woods and totaled the vehicle.

“Little things started here and there where he would forget things, become confused and frustrated, but we did not think it would result into us finding Azura,” Joe wrote in a review of Azura Memory Care of Oshkosh, a community in Wisconsin that specializes in helping seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The family was at a loss until Joe discovered Azura, and the director visited their home in person to bond with Joe’s dad.

“The director spent three hours with him looking at the chickens, silo, and new kittens,” Joe wrote. They sat together and talked, eventually gaining each other’s trust. “From that day Azura became our family.”

This is just one of many success stories you can find while reading reviews on A Place for Mom’s network.

Consider the story of Terry T., a resident at Revel Lodi in California. In a review, Terry wrote about making the difficult decision to move into the independent living community and the happiness they felt after making the choice.

“They have been here for me and provided help for me and my service dog who’s recently been diagnosed with heart disease,” Terry wrote. “They go out of their way to make me happy and it’s truly wonderful.”

Appetizing and nutritious food

Let’s face it: A delicious dining experience can improve anyone’s day. Likewise, many of the best senior living communities offer menus with both healthy and tasteful meals. Residents certainly take notice when a community serves up high-quality fare.

“The food is healthy and delicious,” Cindy Q. wrote in a review of The Carlstone Independent Senior Living in Norman, Oklahoma. “The kitchen and dining staff are the best. They take time to make our plates look appealing as well as tasting great.”

Heather F., the loved one of a resident in the same community, even said the food tops any restaurant in the surrounding area.

“They are chef-prepared meals, and I would tell others if they get the chance to try their carrot cake,” Heather wrote in the review.

In East Greenbush, New York, Eddy Hawthorne Ridge — a senior living community with independent living, assisted living, and memory care — earned an incredible review highlighting a feature that’s arguably just as important as its welcoming atmosphere: the kitchen’s wood-oven pizza.

“This is not ‘cafeteria style’ institutional food,” resident Pat L. wrote. “Honestly, in all our years ordering and eating pizzas from local pizza places … this pizza beats them all. They should open up a side business and sell it!”

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Improving mind and body health

Over and over, reviewers of top-rated senior living communities mention improved mental and physical health as a result of effective physical therapy programs, help with medications, and engaging activities.

Rena G., a resident at Traditions of Lansdale in Pennsylvania, noted the community’s rehabilitation program has shown noticeable results: She’s now using a walker instead of a wheelchair.

Nina C. at Hidden Lakes in Salem, Oregon, described herself as a “mental mess” before moving to the independent living community.

“As soon as I go to Hidden Lakes I got involved in activities and started eating in the dining room,” Nina wrote in a review. “I have met so many wonderful people and feel better than I have since my husband died. My son is glad he has his mom back.”

Cindy M., whose mom lives at South Port Square in Port Charlotte, Florida, wrote in a review that the community is dedicated to helping residents thrive.

“Mom has made friends, goes on outings, and attends activities,” Cindy wrote. “She even made a wreath (my mother never crafted). We owe a debt of gratitude to everyone at South Port.”

But you don’t have to move into a senior living community to find these types of assistance.

For Lillian D., an in-home care agency helped her dad with Parkinson’s disease take a turn for the better after she noticed signs he needed help at home. She hired Accuaid Care Services in Flower Mound, Texas, and immediately noticed a difference when her dad began taking his medications on time, exercising daily, going to every doctor’s appointment, and simply enjoying time with his caregivers.

“Now when I go to Texas to visit my dad, he is HAPPY and I get to actually spend time with him instead of having to take him to the doctor and run a thousand errands,” Lillian wrote.

Chacour Koop

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