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7 Assisted Living Facilities near Jackson, TN

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If you’re looking for assisted living in Jackson, our local senior living advisors can help you find a safe, welcoming community for you or your loved one. Whether you’re searching for luxury assisted living in Jackson or sticking to a budget, we’ll work with you to understand the cost of assisted living in Jackson.

From there, we’ll show you the best assisted living communities in Jackson for your family member’s budget, lifestyle, and personal care needs. With 7 assisted living facilities in the Jackson area, A Place for Mom makes it easier to find a secure and social community for this next stage of life.

We are also serving Assisted Living facilities in surrounding neighborhoods like Humboldt, Bells and Westover.
You may also consider nearby communities such as Humboldt, Bells or Westover.

Jackson Assisted Living Facilities | 72 Reviews

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Last Updated: 11/21/23
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Best Meals and Dining
Nutritious meals are one of the most important and valued benefits of senior living. Chefs and meal planners provide residents the right balance of vitamins and minerals – and so much more. The best make sure every dish is made with quality ingredients, tastes great and leaves diners excited for their next meal.
Starting price (per month)
Average starting price of Assisted Living in Jackson, TN is $3,395/month. Learn more
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Types of care available in Jackson, TN

Assisted Living

Average starting price $3,395/month
Average starting price $143/month
Average starting price $5,068/month
Average starting price $2,799/month
Recent reviews of Assisted Living in Jackson, TN
Brookdale Jackson Oaks

Best place for the ones you love. Very welcoming experience

Regency Retirement Village - Jackson

My parents are doing so well here in the memory care. The staff makes sure that they take part in the activities, and join them in the dining room and my parents like the food. They have a very nice room together and I know that my parents are safe and that the memory care is well secured. My father had walked out of another community so that has become a real concern for me but here I know that he is safe. I would definitely recommend scheduling a tour of this community.

Alexandria Place in Jackson, TN

My mom passed away after being at Alexandria Place for a year. We truly believe we would not have had the last year with her if it had not been for the wonderful, caring staff there. Mom really needed somewhere between assisted living and nursing home care. Until we visited Alexandria Place, we did not think such a place existed. It seemed to be one or the other and neither option would provide her with the quality of life we felt we should have. Of course, I made it very clear in my first letter how indebted we were to the staff at Alexandria Place; and over the course of the year Mom was there, those feelings did not change. In fact, our appreciation for the care she received grew. When I first wrote to you several months after Mom moved in, I had not met and gotten to know the administrator. I believe she was on leave when Mom came. She has been a joy to deal with. Anytime I have needed to talk with her, even after her regular workday was done, she responded immediately and helped with anything she could. The emergency room Doctor said it was not unusual for the family to arrive and then be told their loved one had passed away. She was compassionate enough to make what I am certain was a very difficult call to me so I did not walk into that ER without knowing what I faced. She offered to help me in any way she could and I gladly took her up on her offer. If not for her, we would have had to deal with so many things when we were emotionally raw and dealing with our loss. Thanks to her, we were able to come to Mom's room a couple of times and turn it all over to [name removed]. She asked me what we needed and wanted and then she simply took care of it. Everyone facing this situation should have someone like HER, but unfortunately, as we have learned from friends in similar situations, not everyone is as lucky as we were. You are very fortunate to have her but I'm sure you know that or she wouldn't be there! Thank you for all you do to help families with the care of their loved ones.

American House Jackson

911 Old Humboldt Rd, Jackson, TN 38305

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
20 Photos available
Review Score
22 reviews

What we like the most about the American House Jackson community is the personal touch the staff members give to the residents as well as their families. Based on the experience we have had so far, we would...

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care
See all American House communities

Providing Assisted Living and Memory Care to the Jackson area.

Brookdale Jackson Oaks

3131 North Highland Avenue, Jackson, TN 38305

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
9 Photos available
5 Floor plans available
Review Score
22 reviews

My father lives in Independent Living. He does have Alzheimer's but doesn't need memory care yet. He is well cared for and the staff is very good to him. Maintenance requests are completed promptly. He...

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living
See all Brookdale communities

All the Comforts of HomeNo one should be forced to choose between quality care and a rich and full life, which is why you will love being a resident at our independent and assisted living community in Jackson, Tennessee. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing our team will always be available to...

... Read more

Charter Senior Living of Jackson

1200 N Pkwy, Jackson, TN 38305

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
9 Photos available
3 Floor plans available
Review Score
12 reviews

We've had a great experience at Charter Senior Living of Jackson. The people/employees there are very friendly, and they care about their residents. Very good food and very clean facility too.

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care
See all Charter Senior Living communities

At Charter Senior Living of Jackson, we offer the warmth of home, exceptional services and truly inspiring support. Whether it is assistance with personal care such as dressing, bathing or medication oversight or ensuring each resident enjoys an active, fun-filled day, we help residents gain a...

... Read more

Alexandria Place

108 Physicians Dr, Jackson, TN 38305

7 Photos available
Review Score
12 reviews

During this Covid season our visits with my Mom, mostly took place through a window in her bedroom or a window in the front lobby. My Mom suffered from dementia and any kind of change was difficult for her...

Provides: Assisted Living

Alexandria Place, assisted living by Americare, is located right here in Jackson, Tennessee. We offer a gracious lifestyle to area seniors seeking care outside the home. Our quiet setting is just minutes away from health care and shopping. Need an occasional helping hand? Don't want to live...

... Read more

Share & Care

156 Carriage House Dr, Jackson, TN 38305

Provides: Assisted Living

Regency Retirement Village - Jackson

420 Cheyenne Dr, Jackson, TN 38305

My brother-in-law who is 90 has just come alive here. He is very social and enjoys being a part of the activities, he went to Prom Nite on Sat. with the other residents. He has settled in and likes his...

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care

Cades Center Assisted Living

82 Will McKnight Drive, Jackson, TN 38301

1 Photos available
2 Floor plans available
Provides: Assisted Living

Cades Center Assisted Living is an assisted living community located in Jackson, Tennessee. Our modern location sits in a private, park-like setting and provides you with a home-like feel. You'll find that our location is perfectly suited for those who want to be near medical facilities,...

... Read more

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Cost of assisted living in Jackson, TN

The average cost of senior living in Jackson is 3,395 per month. Cheaper nearby regions include Brownsville, TN with an average of 5,150 per month.

Monthly average assisted living cost comparisons
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Your actual costs may be higher or lower than the average.
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Discover the many ways to pay for senior living

Planning ahead can better position you to make good choices for your loved one’s care in the future. But if your aging family member needs care now, there are ways to finance the cost of long-term care through a combination of approaches.

Research services for seniors in Jackson, Tennessee

Financial assistance


Health care

Senior activities

In Jackson, Tennessee, seniors have access to local offices and organizations that may help them obtain financial assistance for senior care, including:

Financial assistance

In Jackson, Tennessee, seniors have access to local offices and organizations that may help them obtain financial assistance for senior care, including:


Jackson is car dependent, meaning seniors can expect to need a car for most errands. Transit options in Jackson include bus routes and public paratransit services, which are available through the Jackson Transit Authority. Seniors may receive fare discounts. Jackson has limited biking infrastructure and is not particularly walkable.

Health care

Jackson offers several health care providers for seniors wanting to be proactive about their health or for seniors seeking treatment for chronic conditions. The area has few hospitals, including Jackson-Madison County General Hospital and Milan General Hospital.

Senior activities

Jackson, Tennessee — also referred to as “Hub City” — is known as the birthplace of Rockabilly music. There are several museums and cultural activities that all members of the family can enjoy, such as the Carnegie Legends and Rusty’s TV and Movie Car Museum. Seniors can benefit from a reduced ticket pricing at several of these attractions, including the Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum — which features a variety of exhibits and their Dixie Cafe on-site.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is long-term care for seniors who are generally active and independent, but who require increased supervision and help with some daily tasks. Staff can assist residents with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and medication management. Assisted living is also a good option for seniors seeking more socialization. Services and amenities in assisted living facilities often include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Help with personal care
  • Laundry
  • Social activities and outings
  • 24-hour emergency response
Complete guide to assisted living

Jackson, Tennessee

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities provide coordinated social interaction and apartment style housing as well as personalized help. Assisted living communities frequently offer support with the activities of daily life, supervision of care, and assistance with transit and appointments. In select instances, communities may provide dementia care, “aging in place”, or hospice. The state of Tennessee has a number of provisions associated with this kind of community. The Tennessee Department of Health, Board for Licensing Health Care communities regulates this community type. This community has a number of provisions concerning food and diet which include the food must be adapted to residents habits, preferences, and and physical abilities, No more than 14 hours must elapse between the evening and morning meals, must provide three meals a day that meet acceptable and/or prescribed diet standards, and must provide additional nourishment and/or snacks to residents with special dietary needs or upon request. Staff members obtain education in a variety of fields. These areas include food service, nutrition, financial management, and fire safety disaster preparedness. This community type has a number of provisions pertaining to medication assistance. These provisions include assistance with reading labels, reminding residents to take their medications, and observing the resident while taking medication. This type of community is required to offer a number of services. These include responsibility for the safety of the resident when in the community, the ability and readiness to intervene if crises arise, assistance with activities of daily living, and laundry services. Before a resident is accepted, they must go through a service plan screening to ensure their needs are going to be met. This screening includes a number of areas of interest such as arrangements for visits by or to health care providers, recreational and social activities, assistance with health services, and physical assessment. Public assistance is available through Medicaid 1115 managed care Long-Term Services and Supports CHOICES program. There is a maximum occupancy of 2 residents per room.

Local Hospitals and Health Care Providers

For many seniors, especially those with chronic illness or those requiring treatment, access to hospitals could be a motivating consideration while determining which care option best fits your loved ones needs. In total, there are 3 hospitals located in Jackson which offer emergency services and other healthcare. The top hospitals that service Jackson include Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, Pathways Of Tennessee, and Oak Hills Behavioral Center.

Demographics and Values

In terms of crime, Jackson has 43.6 property crimes per 1000 residents and 9.9 violent crimes per 1000 residents. Out of the total city population, 54.0% are female and 46.0% are male. In Jackson, 27.0% of the population are over the age of 55, 10.6% are over the age of 60, 5.8% are over the age of 70, and 3.7% are over the age of 80. The median age of Jackson is 36 years old. Racially, the population of Jackson is 44.2% black, 1.8% mixed race, 0.6% other or not specified, 0.1% Native American, 1.4% Asian, 0.0% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian, 4.4% Hispanic, and 51.9% white. In Jackson, 7.2% of the people are veterans. Jackson is considered unfriendly to members of the LGBTQ+ community. In Jackson, 6.1% consider themselves widows, 14.7% have some form of disability, 24.7% live in poverty, and 58.3% participate in the labor force. During the previous presidential election, 40.5% voted Democrat, 56.0% voted Republican, and 3.5% voted for a third party candidate in Madison county. Of the population of Jackson 32.3% have a high-school diploma, 29.0% have a college degree, and 10.4% have a graduate degree. Jackson has a population density of 442 people per square mile. The current population of Jackson is growing at a rate of 0.002%. In terms of non-Christian denominations in Jackson, out of the total population 0.1% practice Judaism, 0.1% practice an Eastern religion, and 0.3% practice Islam. In terms of Christian denominations, out of the total population of Jackson 33.0% are Baptists, 12.5% are Methodists, and 11.1% practice another Christian faith. In Jackson, 33.9% are nonbelievers.

Cost of Living

Cost of living is a major factor in determining what location is best for you or your loved one. Jackson has a sales tax of 7.00%. The rent burden for Jackson is about 18.0% of the average person’s monthly income. The median monthly rent in Jackson is $905 and the median price for a house for Jackson is about $130,762.

Regional Climate and Weather Information

For many seniors, weather and climate are often a major influence in selecting a community. On average, the humidity level for Jackson is about 59%. Humidity ratings are highest in August at approximately 64%. Jackson has a humid subtropical type of climate. On average, the air quality index rating in Jackson is approximately 28.9. The average AQI conditions are rated as good. This means that there is no health advisory associated with the air quality for this destination. The air quality index rating is at its max in December at about 43.7. In the summer months, the temperature in Jackson is around 79F. The low summer temperature falls to roughly 67F in the month of June. The summer high rises to roughly 91F during July. Over the winter, the temperature in Jackson sinks to approximately 43F. The highest winter temperature will rise to approximately 53F during the month of February. The lowest winter temperature will rise to around 31 F during the month of January. Monthly, Jackson measures around 4 inches of precipitation. The most precipitation normally happens in May with an average of 6 inches in a month. Jackson experiences an average of 4.10 inches of snow.

State Information

An overview of Tennessee

Based on natural beauty, Tennessee ranks 37th in the nation. The quality of life enjoyed by the average Tennessee citizen is ranked 30th nation-wide. Additionally, Tennessee is ranked 43rd by healthcare standards. There are 124 general hospitals and 157 health centers that provide care for 6,831,785 Tennessee residents. The top three hospitals in the state are considered to be Williamson Medical Center, Unity Medical Center, and And Baptist Memorial Hospital. In terms of resources, Tennessee has a cost of living index of 89.5, a grocery index rating of 93.3, and a housing index rating of 80.2. These index ratings are based on a system where 100 is considered the national average and anything below 100 is considered less expensive than the national average.

Social demographics of the state

In Tennessee, 29% of the population is over the age of 55. The median age in the state is 39. In terms of diversity, Tennessee ranks 32nd in the nation. During the latest presidential election, 61% voted for the Republican candidate while 35% voted for the Democratic candidate. In terms of religious values, 51% of Tennessee’s population regularly attend some form of service and there are in total 11,542 different congregations. The top three Christian denominations in the state are Evangelical Protestant-52%, Mainline Protestant-13%, and Historically Black Protestant-8%. The top three non-Christian denominations in the state are Jewish-<1%, Muslim-<1%, and Buddhist-<1%. In Tennessee there are 505 masonic lodges.

State-wide weather information

During the winter, the average temperature in Tennessee drops to around 39F. During the winter, the average high temperature peaks at around 56F during the month of February. In the winter months, the average low temperature falls to around 22F during the month of January. The average temperature in the summer rises to around 76F. The average high summer temperature is around 92F in the month of July. In the summer, the average low temperature drops to around 55F during the month of June. On average, Tennessee has an air quality index rating of around 36.5 AQI. The highest seasonal air quality index rating occurs in the month of June with a rating of 46.5 AQI. Tennessee experiences an average humidity rating of about 69%. The highest monthly average humidity rating is 75% in the month of August. The average amount of precipitation peaks during the month of May at around 6.69 inches. The average monthly precipitation for the state of Tennessee is around 4.46 inches. While residents of Tennessee mostly enjoy pleasant conditions, it’s important to be aware of inclement weather as well, which in Tennessee can include earthquakes (moderate), tornados, and and floods.

Wildlife to be found in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee has a diverse array of plant and animal life. Local plant life can consist of Pine, Tulip Poplar, Shortleaf Pine, and Black Crappie. While venturing throughout the state, you might see animals such as the Waterfowl, the Rough Green Snake , the Songbirds, or the Largemouth Bass. The state animal of Tennessee is the Raccoon.

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American House Jackson, Brookdale Jackson Oaks and Charter Senior Living of Jackson are the top rated assisted living facilities near Jackson, Tennessee. See full list of communities.

There are 7 assisted living facilities near Jackson, Tennessee. See the full list.

The best assisted living facilities near you in Jackson, Tennessee are American House Jackson. These assisted living communities received the highest rankings based on verified family reviews.

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