Washington D.C. Assisted Living Records & Reports

Washington D.C. Assisted Living Records & Reports

When choosing assisted living care, consumers are reliant on their state’s regulatory agencies to provide information about communities and their backgrounds. Public access to assisted living records varies greatly state by state. Here is a snapshot of the level of transparency in DC:


  • A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request must be submitted in order to find out the backgrounds of some providers. Other survey reports may be found online.
  • The District of Columbia does not have a searchable database of licensed assisted living communities, but they have a PDF that gives information on licensed assisted living communities.


  • Visit the Health Care Facilities Licensing page to access a PDF listing licenses assisted living facilities in Washington D.C.
  • Visit the DC Health Assisted Living Survey Reports page to find survey reports for assisted living facilities. If you cannot find reports for a specific community, contact the D.C. Department of Health directly to find out about the backgrounds of providers
  • If you need to make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get records, consider browsing these state-by-state resources from the National Freedom of Information Coalition, which included sample state-specific FOIA letters.

Washington D.C. Accessibility Criteria

Our ratings are based on the objective criteria outlined in the table below.

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1  Are licensed assisted living communities listed online in any form? Yes
2  If Yes to #1, is the information updated frequently? No
3  If Yes to #1, is the list of licensed communities searchable? No
4  Does the state post inspections, complaints, survey results, or violations online? Yes
5  If Yes to #4, is the information updated frequently? [within 90 days] Yes
6  If Yes to #2 and #4, is the enforcement information included in the same place as licensed communities? No
7  If Yes to #4 and No to #6, are violations / inspections searchable at all? Yes or N/A
8  Is information about special licensing for care shown? No or N/A
9  Capacity shown? Yes
10  Payment types shown, [e.g. Medicaid, private pay]? No
11  Administrator / Contact name shown? Yes
12  State may fine facility? Yes
13  Frequency of inspections? Every 12 months
14  Website includes pricing of facility? No