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Senior housing types near Friona, TX

  • Silvertop Assisted Living

    Silvertop Assisted Living

    3711 69th St, Lubbock, TX 79413
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    SilverTop Assisted Living is designed to meet the personal care needs of the elderly with dignity, respect and Love, offering personalized assisted living options for seniors. Our prominence is on providing a marvelous , delightful assisted living lifestyle, allowing you to do what you can and...

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  • Beehive Assisted Living

    2105 W Loop 289, Lubbock, TX 79407
    866-223-3192for a local A Place for Mom advisor

    Bee Hive Assisted Living Bee Hive Assisted Living is a residential care home located in the picturesque city of Lubbock, Texas, in Lubbock County. Our peaceful community is situated in close proximity to Mahon Park and Lubbock Christian University. Located in northwest Texas, Lubbock is home to many...

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Friona, Texas

Care Homes

Care homes provide seniors with a close feeling of community without the agitation of larger nursing homes. This type of facility is akin to a single-family home. Services provided might include food service, laundry, and transit. The state of Texas has a number of provisions related to this kind of facility.

Cost of Living

Senior living community price is affected by the city where it is located. Monthly, the median rent in Friona is around $479 and the median home value for Friona costs around $72,719. The rent burden for Friona is about 11.1% of the average person's monthly income.

Demographics and Values

Currently, the population of Friona consists of 3,893 people and in total the Friona metro area has a population of 3,910. Friona has a population density of 1,078 people per square mile. Based on gender, 46.4% are female and 53.6% are male. The median age of Friona is 34 years old. Of the population of Friona 38.8% have a high-school diploma, 11.8% have a college degree, and 2.8% have a graduate degree. Racially, the population of Friona is 0.9% black, 0.0% Asian, 82.5% Hispanic, 76.8% white, 0.6% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian, 0.9% Native American, 5.2% mixed race, and 15.7% other or not specified. Out of the total population of Friona, 62.8% participate in the labor force, 6.2% consider themselves widows, 16.4% have some form of disability, and 20.1% do not have health insurance. In Friona, 2.4% of the citizens are veterans of the United States military.

State Information

An overview of Texas

There are 468 hospitals and 501 health centers that service a population of 28,701,845. The top three hospitals in the state are considered to be Nix Health Care System, Grace Medical Center, and Houston Methodist Hospital. Based on natural beauty, Texas ranks 40th in the nation. In terms of resources, Texas has a cost of living index of 91.3, a grocery index rating of 88.9, and a housing index rating of 85.3. These index ratings are based on a system where 100 is considered the national average and anything below 100 is considered less expensive than the national average. Texas is ranked 38th in quality of life and 37th in healthcare.

Social demographics of the state

Forty-two percent of Texas residents regularly attend a religious service from one of the state's 27,848 different congregations. The top three Christian denominations in the state are Evangelical Protestant-31%, Mainline Protestant-13%, and Historically Black Protestant-6%. The top three non-Christian denominations in the state are Jewish-<1%, Muslim-<1%, and Buddhist-<1%. In Texas there are 1,292 masonic lodges. In Texas, 24% of the population is over the age of 55. The median age in the state is 35. In the most recent presidential election, 52% of Texas residents voted Republican and 43% voted Democrat. In terms of diversity, Texas ranks 2nd in the nation.

State-wide weather information

On average, the humidity rating for Texas is around 65%. Humidity levels tend to reach their peak in the month of February at around 81%. The average monthly precipitation for the state of Texas is around 31.68 inches. The most precipitation occurs in June with an average of 7.44 inches of precipitation a month. The average air quality index rating in Texas is 36.8 AQI. The average air quality index rating peaks in the month of July with a rating of around 51.4 AQI. During the summer, the average temperature in Texas is around 82°F. Over the summer months the average high temperature peaks at around 102°F during the month of June. The average low summer temperature is around 56°F in the month of June. The average temperature in the winter falls to around 48°F. During the winter, the average high temperature peaks at around 75°F during the month of February. In the winter months, the average low temperature falls to around 16°F during the month of January. While residents of Texas mostly enjoy pleasant conditions, it's important to be aware of inclement weather as well, which in Texas can include tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.

Wildlife to be found in Texas

The state of Texas has a diverse array of plant and animal life. Local plant life can consist of mesquite, prickly pear (opuntia) cactus, small live oak, and blackbrush. While venturing throughout the state, you might see animals such as the desert big horn sheep, the manatees, the rabbits, or the armadillos. Some of the plants species native to the Texas region include mesquite, perennial bunchgrasses, and live oak. The state animal of Texas is the nine-banded armadillo.