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11 Residential Care Homes near Fruita, CO

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Residential care homes in Fruita may appeal to seniors who value smaller, more close-knit communities and many opportunities for socialization. Fruita care homes typically take in fewer residents, meaning older adults know each resident in the home and develop strong friendships.

Older-adult care homes vary more than other options for senior living in Fruita, so families can choose from a wide range of prices, amenities, and services. A Place for Mom will work with you to understand the cost of care homes. From there, we’ll help you find the right fit, whether you’re staying on a budget or searching for luxury retirement communities.

We are also serving Residential Care Home facilities in surrounding neighborhoods like Grand Junction, Redlands and Rhone.
You may also consider nearby communities such as Grand Junction, Redlands or Rhone.

Residential Care Home Facilities near Fruita, CO

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Last Updated: 11/23/23
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Average starting price of Residential Care Home in Fruita, CO is $2,499/month. Learn more
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Types of care available in Fruita, CO

Residential Care Home

Average starting price $2,499/month
Average starting price $3,944/month
Average starting price $6,039/month
Average starting price $3,974/month
Average starting price $4,505/month

Comfort Care Three

445 Sandia Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81507

Director was very helpful. Place was clean, organized, orderly, had proper postings.

Provides: Care Homes

Comfort Care Three is a senior care home located in exceptionally remarkable Grand Junction, Colorado, located in Mesa County. Comfort Care Three residential care home is located in a serene environment with friendly neighbors, with natural scenery from beautiful mountains. Our group home setting...

... Read more

Comfort Care Too

442 Sandia Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81507

Provides: Care Homes

Comfort Care Too is an assisted living facility for senior citizens located in Grand Junction, Colorado. This facility offers many amenities that make life a little easier and safer for the residents that reside there. One such benefit of our facility is that there is 24 hour a day staff. These...

... Read more

Comfort Care Homes

442 1/2 Sandia Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81507

Provides: Care Homes

Grandview Care Lodge Assisted Living

815 26 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Provides: Care Homes

Comfort Care-Alzheimers

807 Tahiti Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81501

I like that my mother-in-law is here in this smaller community. They have reached out to make sure she is welcomed. They are doing everything they have promised to do. They will make sure to give her...

Provides: Memory Care, Care Homes

ComfortCare Homes offer personalized Alzheimers care in a protective residential environment. ComfortCare Homes are located in beautiful neighborhoods in Baldwin City, Pittsburg, Kansas City, and Wichita, Kansas, and Omaha, Nebraska. The well-established senior care alternative offers a...

... Read more

Pilgrim House Assisted Living

405 W Mayfield Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81503

Review Score
1 review
Provides: Care Homes

Aspen Glen

448 Bookcliff Dr, Grand Junction, GA 81501

Provides: Care Homes

Crest Ridge Memory Care

972 Walnut Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Provides: Care Homes

Bright Star Private Care

2908 Hermosa Court, Grand Junction, CO 81504

Provides: Care Homes

Blossom View Assisted Living

3456 F Rd, Clifton, CO 81520

Provides: Care Homes

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The Hacienda Assisted Living

4199 Highway 50, Whitewater, CO 81527

Provides: Care Homes

At THE HACIENDA ASSISTED LIVING, we provide regular assisted living services in a home environment. This IS our home, and we are happy to share it with 6 residents who prefer a country home that’s near the lovely town of Grand Junction, CO. In our 4000 sq. ft. home, we have 3 bathrooms for six...

... Read more
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Cost of care homes in Fruita, CO

The average cost of senior living in Fruita is 2,499 per month. Cheaper nearby regions include undefined, undefined with an average of 0 per month.

Monthly average care homes cost comparisons
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Discover the many ways to pay for senior living

Planning ahead can better position you to make good choices for your loved one’s care in the future. But if your aging family member needs care now, there are ways to finance the cost of long-term care through a combination of approaches.

What are care homes?

Residential care homes are houses in residential neighborhoods that are equipped, adapted, and staffed to care for a small number of residents, usually between two and 10. Like assisted living communities, staff at care homes typically help residents with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, and medication management. Although residential care homes vary significantly depending on the community, services usually include:

  • Help with personal care
  • Medication management
  • Mobility assistance
  • Nutritious meals
  • Social activities and outings
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
More about care homes

Learn more about other types of senior living in Fruita, Colorado

Fruita, Colorado

Care Homes

A care home offers a communal environment for people who are who do not require skilled nursing services. This type of community is like a single-family home. Services provided may include food service, laundry, and transportation. In Colorado, the annual median cost for an assisted living community is around $49,140. Colorado has a number of stipulations associated with this kind of community. The Department of Public Health and Environment licenses care home residences certifies this community type.

Cost of Living

The neighborhood where a community is located can have a significant influence on the cost of care. Cost of living can be a major factor in deciding which care option meets the needs of you or your loved one’s needs. The median monthly rent in Fruita is about $1,119 and the median value for a house for Fruita is $206,897. The rent burden for Fruita is around 20.9% of the average person’s monthly income.

Demographics and Values

Racially, the population of Fruita is 94.2% white, 14.9% Hispanic, 0.0% Asian, 0.2% black, 2.4% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian, 2.6% mixed race, and 0.5% other or not specified. In terms of education, 23.7% have a college degree, 22.8% have a high-school diploma, and 10.5% have a graduate degree. In Fruita, 10.2% of the citizens are veterans of the United States military. Out of the total population of Fruita, 12.0% do not have health insurance, 63.5% participate in the labor force, 15.8% live in poverty, and 5.9% consider themselves widows. Currently, the population of Fruita consists of 13,294 people. Fruita has a population density of 673 people per square mile. Out of the total city population, 49.9% are male and 50.1% are female. The median age of Fruita is 38 years old.

State Information

An overview of Colorado

The natural beauty of Colorado is ranked 31st in the nation. In total, Colorado has 92 general hospitals and 162 health centers that provide care for 5,776,356 citizens. The top three hospitals in the state are considered to be Poudre Valley Hospital, Mercy Regional Medical Center, and Centura Health-Penrose St. Francis Health Services. The state of Colorado has a cost of living index of 105.5 where a score of 100 is the national average, and anything above 100 is considered more expensive than the average. The state has a grocery index rating of 102.5 and a housing index rating of 119.0. Overall, Colorado ranks 10th in quality of life and 12th in healthcare compared to other US states.

Social demographics of the state

In Colorado, 30% of the population attend some form of religious service and there are 4,188 different congregations. The top three Christian denominations in the state are Evangelical Protestant-26%, Mainline Protestant-15%, and Historically Black Protestant-2%. The top three non-Christian denominations in the state are Jewish-<1%, Muslim-<1%, and Buddhist-<1%. In Colorado there are 148 masonic lodges. During the latest presidential election, 43% voted for the Republican candidate while 48% voted for the Democratic candidate. The median age in the state is 37, and 27% of the population is over the age of 55. The state of Colorado ranks 18th in the country for diversity, and the state is considered LGBTQ friendly.

State-wide weather information

The average air quality index rating in Colorado is 44.4 AQI. The highest seasonal air quality index rating occurs in the month of July with a rating of 61.9 AQI. The average humidity across the state is 54%. Humidity levels tend to reach their peak in the month of December at around 79%. During the summer, the average temperature in Colorado is around 66F. Over the summer months the average high temperature peaks at around 96F during the month of July. The average low summer temperature is around 31F in the month of June. The average temperature in the winter falls to around 26F. During the winter, the average high temperature peaks at around 53F during the month of February. In the winter months, the average low temperature falls to around -8F during the month of January. The average amount of precipitation peaks during the month of April at around 4.53 inches. On average, the state receives 1.32 inches of precipitation a month. While residents of Colorado mostly enjoy pleasant conditions, it’s important to be aware of inclement weather as well, which in Colorado can include earthquakes (moderate).

Wildlife to be found in Colorado

The state of Colorado has a diverse array of plant and animal life. Local plant life can consist of berry shrubs, conifers thrive, lilies, and berry shrubs. While venturing throughout the state, you might see animals such as the antelope, the mountain lion, the the lark bunting, or the salmon. The state animal of Colorado is the the rocky mountain bighorn sheep.

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There are 11 care homes near Fruita, Colorado. See the full list.

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