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Expert Senior Living Advisors from A Place for Mom can help direct you to Assisted Living communities. Together, we will find the perfect fit for your loved one, and we will provide direction and support as needed. We partner with 8 Assisted Living facilities in Twin Falls and the surrounding area, so there are many options to choose from. A Place for Mom is the largest senior living referral service in North America, and we can help you make a good choice at no cost to you.

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Brookdale Twin Falls

1367 Locust Street North, Twin Falls, ID 83301

(877) 616-7329

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Embrace Your Golden YearsTucked away in a quiet and charming residential neighborhood in the heart of Twin Falls, Idaho, you will find an assisted living community that provides you with the quality care you deserve and the luxury amenities you crave. With spacious and light-filled common rooms,...

Chardonnay Assisted Living

1045 Carriage Lane North, Twin Falls, ID 83301

(877) 616-7329

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Syringa Place

1880 Harrison St. N., Twin Falls, ID 83301

(877) 616-7329

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Syringa Place is an assisted living community located in Twin Falls, Idaho. The Twin Falls area is best known for the Snake River Canyon and its many waterfalls and vistas. We are located just one mile south of Centennial Waterfront Park and it is a popular afternoon destination for many of our...

Bridgeview Estates

1828 Bridgeview Blvd, Twin Falls, ID 83301

(877) 616-7329

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Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls, Idaho, is committed to providing a dynamic lifestyle for seniors looking to thoroughly enjoy their retirement.Offering both independent living and assisted living, our beautiful community features outstanding services and amenities that encompass a wide variety...

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Grace Assisted Living at Twin Falls

1803 Parkview Dr., Twin Falls, ID 83301

(877) 616-7329

for a local A Place for Mom Advisor


Grace Independent and Assisted Living in Twin Falls offers a welcoming open floor plan with inviting common areas- large windows featuring the open rural scenery- and an ideal location. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood off Poleline Road, the community is minutes away from the new St. Luke’s Magic...

Canyons Retirement Community

1215 Cheney Dr W, Twin Falls, ID 83301

(877) 616-7329

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Welcome home! When considering senior living, you want a community that treats you and your loved ones with dignity and respect. At The Canyons Retirement Community, we care about helping you and your loved ones find joy in the journey, and our highly trained staff and memory care experts are...

Highland Estates

2050 Hiland Ave, Burley, ID 83318

(877) 616-7329

for a local A Place for Mom Advisor


Located in Burley, Idaho, Highland Estates prides itself on offering the best in senior living and offering the best for the elderly when it comes to activities, amenities, services, and more. We pride ourselves on engaging customers in all that we have to offer when it comes to truly living...

Pomerelle Place

1301 Bennett Street, Burley, ID 83318

(877) 616-7329

for a local A Place for Mom Advisor


Nestled in the heart of the Snake River Plain, Pomerelle Place offers a unique and picturesque setting. With outstanding mountain views coupled with a close proximity to nature and vast open spaces our community is a tranquil retreat. Our tight nit community offers a relaxing lifestyle for...

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Twin Falls, Idaho

Assisted Living

An assisted living community is a residential community which administers support, care, and supervision to self-sufficient individuals who are not in need of skilled nursing support. Assisted living communities frequently provide chances for recreational activity, assistance with transit and appointments, and supervision of care. In select situations, communities may offer skilled nursing care, respite, or hospice. The monthly median cost for a private room is around $8,562 and the cost for a semi-private room is around $7,924 . Idaho has specific standards related to this type of community. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare regulates this community type. Public assistance is available through Medicaid State Plan Personal Care option and the Medicaid Aged and Disabled 1915(c) Waiver program. Before a resident is accepted, they must go through a service plan screening to assure their needs are going to be met. This screening includes a number of areas of interest such as interventions for each behavioral symptom, the level of medication assistance, uniform assessment that covers a wide range of areas, and physicians orders. Staff are required to obtain training in a variety of subjects. These include: communication, integration with rehabilitation services, use of adaptive equipment, and 16 hours job-related orientation training. This community type has a number of provisions pertaining to medication assistance. These provisions include self-administer medications, have medications administered, and receive assistance with self administration. This type of community is required to offer a number of services. These include emergency interventions, assistance with activities of daily living, routine housekeeping, and coordination of outside services. Snacks must be offered between meals and at bedtime This community has a number of provisions concerning food and diet which include food selections must take into account residents’ physical abilities, Prior to serving a therapeutic diet, the community must have a therapeutic diet menu planned or approved, signed, and dated by a registered dietitian, each resident on a therapeutic diet must have an order from a physician or authorized provider, and food selections must take into account residents’ food preferences.

Regional Climate and Weather Information

For many seniors, climate and weather are often a key influence in deciding on a home that is right for your loved one. On average, Twin Falls has a humidity rating of around 21%. Humidity ratings are highest in the month of December at about 26%. Twin Falls has a cold semi-arid type of climate. Monthly, Twin Falls gets about 2 inches of precipitation. The most precipitation usually happens in May with an average of 6 inches during the month. Twin Falls gets on average 18.20 inches of snow in a year. In the summertime, the average temperature in Twin Falls is about 72F. The low summer temperature drops to about 49F during June. The summer high temperature peaks at around 94F during the month of July. In the wintertime, the average temperature drops to roughly 30F. The high winter temperature is approximately 44F during the month of February. The low winter temperature gets to roughly 19 F during the month of January. On average, the air quality index rating in Twin Falls is around 33.3. The average air quality conditions are rated as good. This means that there is no health advisory associated with the air quality for this destination. The air quality index score is at its max level in the month of December at approximately 69.9. During this time, the average air quality conditions are rated moderate. This means that those who are unusually sensitive should consider limiting the amount of time spent on outdoor exertion.

Demographics and Values

During the previous presidential election, 12.8% voted for a third party candidate, 20.9% voted Democrat, and 66.4% voted Republican in Twin Falls county. In Twin Falls, 13.0% do not have health insurance, 68.5% participate in the labor force, 15.7% live in poverty, and 13.4% have some form of disability. In Twin Falls, 9.9% of the people are veterans of the United States military. Twin Falls is considered neutral to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Racially, the population of Twin Falls is 1.6% Native American, 2.5% other or not specified, 90.2% white, 16.1% Hispanic, 3.0% Asian, 1.1% black, 1.6% mixed race, and 0.1% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian. Of the population of Twin Falls 6.6% have a graduate degree, 28.8% have a high-school diploma, and 19.4% have a college degree. In terms of crime, Twin Falls has 4.3 violent crimes per 1000 residents and 26.2 property crimes per 1000 residents. Out of the total city population, 48.5% are male and 51.5% are female. The median age of Twin Falls is 33 years old. In Twin Falls, 23.0% of the population are over the age of 55, 8.5% are over the age of 60, 5.9% are over the age of 70, and 4.0% are over the age of 80. In Twin Falls, 48.4% are nonbelievers. In terms of non-Christian denominations in Twin Falls, out of the total population 0.0% practice Judaism, 0.0% practice an Eastern religion, and 0.1% practice Islam. In terms of Christian denominations, out of the total population of Twin Falls 25.7% worship the Church of Jesus Christ, 7.8% practice Catholicism, and 7.2% practice another Christian faith. Twin Falls has a population density of 983 people per square mile. The current population of Twin Falls is growing at a rate of 0.010%.

Local Hospitals and Health Care Providers

For many seniors, primarily those who live with chronic diseases or those requiring long-term treatment, proximity to medical communities might be a key determinant while determining what type of care is best. The top hospitals in Twin Falls include St Luke’s Magic Valley Ram. In total, there is one hospital located in Twin Falls which offer emergency services and other healthcare.

Cost of Living

The location where a care community is located will have a huge impact on the cost of care. Cost of living can be a big influence in selecting which care option meets the needs of you or your loved one. Twin Falls has a median home value of $147,987 and the median cost of rent is around $864 per month per month. The rent burden for Twin Falls is around 17.5% of the average person’s monthly income. Twin Falls has a cost of living index of around 90.6 and a grocery index rating of around 100.1. Index scores are founded on a spectrum where 100 is the average score and any amount beneath 100 is cheaper than the average amount.

State Information

An overview of Idaho

In terms of resources, Idaho has a cost of living index of 94.2, a grocery index rating of 92.2, and a housing index rating of 87.1. These index ratings are based on a system where 100 is considered the national average and anything below 100 is considered less expensive than the national average. The state of Idaho has 46 hospitals and 77 health centers, providing care to a population of 1,790,237. The top three hospitals in the state are considered to be St Luke’s Magic Valley Ram, St Luke’s Regional Medical Center, and Mountain View Hospital. Residents of Idaho enjoy its natural beauty which ranks 15th in the United States. In terms of personal well-being, Idaho ranks 26th in healthcare and 16th in quality of life compared to other states.

Social demographics of the state

During the latest presidential election, 59% voted for the Republican candidate while 27% voted for the Democratic candidate. In terms of religious values, 35% of Idaho’s population regularly attend some form of service and there are in total 2,427 different congregations. The top three non-Christian denominations in the state are Jewish-<1%, Muslim-<1%, and Buddhist-<1%, with the most common Christian denominations consisting of Evangelical Protestant-21%, Mainline Protestant-16%, and Historically Black Protestant-1%. In Idaho there are 55 masonic lodges. The state has a median age of 37 and 28% of its population being over the age of 55. In terms of diversity, Idaho ranks 34th in the nation.

State-wide weather information

The average monthly precipitation for the state of Idaho is around 1.42 inches. The average amount of precipitation peaks during the month of November at around 6.10 inches. Idaho experiences an average humidity rating of about 62%. The highest monthly average humidity rating is 77% in the month of December. The average temperature in the winter falls to around 26F. The average high winter temperature is around 49F in the month of February. The average low temperature during the winter drops to around -2F in the month of December. The average temperature in the summer rises to around 65F. The average high summer temperature is around 97F in the month of July. In the summer, the average low temperature drops to around 31F during the month of June. The average air quality index rating in Idaho is 32.5 AQI. The average air quality index rating peaks in the month of August with a rating of around 67.0 AQI. While residents of Idaho mostly enjoy pleasant conditions, it’s important to be aware of inclement weather as well, which in Idaho can include floods, earthquakes, and and tornados (moderate).

Wildlife to be found in Idaho

The state of Idaho has a diverse array of plant and animal life. Local plant life can consist of Box-elder, Velvet-leaf, Sand-verbena, and Mountain Maple. While venturing throughout the state, you might see animals such as the Pronghorn, the Goose, the American Shad, or the Pygmy Rabbit. The state animal of Idaho is the Appaloosa Horse.

Frequently asked questions about Assisted Living facilities in Idaho

There are 8 assisted living facilities near Twin Falls, Idaho. See the full list.

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