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20 Assisted Living Facilities near Palisade, CO

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If you’re looking for assisted living in Palisade, our local senior living advisors can help you find a safe, welcoming community for you or your loved one. Whether you’re searching for luxury assisted living in Palisade or sticking to a budget, we’ll work with you to understand the cost of assisted living in Palisade.

From there, we’ll show you the best assisted living communities in Palisade for your family member’s budget, lifestyle, and personal care needs. With 20 assisted living facilities in the Palisade area, A Place for Mom makes it easier to find a secure and social community for this next stage of life.

We are also serving Assisted Living facilities in surrounding neighborhoods like Grand Junction, Clifton and Orchard Mesa.
You may also consider nearby communities such as Grand Junction, Clifton or Orchard Mesa.

Palisade Assisted Living Facilities | 120 Reviews

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Last Updated: 12/2/23
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Types of care available in Palisade, CO

Assisted Living

Average starting price $3,902/month
Average starting price $6,039/month
Average starting price $3,974/month
Average starting price $2,499/month
Average starting price $3,476/month
Recent reviews of Assisted Living in Palisade, CO
Comfort Care-Alzheimers in Grand Junction, CO

My mother's stay with Comfort care is going great! The facility is very clean and the staff is very friendly. They are also sure to speak with the family regularly and update us with any changes that may arise. I would definitely recommend Comfort Care!

Cappella of Grand Junction

I would suggest you make sure the community matches the needs of your loved one. I wasn't aware that there was no nursing care onsite for my loved one. The communication with staff and family was fine.

The Fountains in Grand Junction, CO

I loved into The Fountain of Hilltop [date removed]. It is a very friendly place, which I can home now. Everyone is so helpful. If you have a problem, they are very willing to help get it solved. It is so nice to live in this wonderful place, and I love living here.

Western Slope Memory Care

2594 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
6 Photos available
Review Score
12 reviews

When looking for a place for those who need memory care, this is the only place in the city that goes the extra mile. They communicate with family, the meals are top notch, and the care is absolutely...

Provides: Memory Care
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Give your loved one the gift of an engaging lifestyle in a supportive atmosphere at Western Slope Memory Care in Grand Junction, Colorado. Living with memory loss does not mean the end of joy and independence. Our Memory Care specialists provide 24-hour-a-day care and support in a warm setting...

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Aspen Ridge Alzheimer's Special Care Center

622 28 1/4 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
11 Photos available
2 Floor plans available

Pricing promotions expiring soon

Review Score
12 reviews

One thing our family likes the most about the Aspen Ridge Community is all the different activities they have for the residents. They have activities like arts and crafts, karaoke and dancing.

Provides: Memory Care
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The decisions surrounding Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia's are some of the most difficult that a family must make. Aspen Ridge Alzheimer's Special Care Center will be unique to the Grand Junction area, and will be specially designed and devoted exclusively to the care of those suffering...

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The Lodge at Grand Junction

2656 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
15 Photos available
Review Score
6 reviews

All of the staff at The Lodge at Grand Junction were amazing! You can call or stop by anytime. The housekeeping came daily for trash. The food was in transition as they lost two people, but they continued...

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care
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Residence at Grand Mesa

565 28 1/4 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81501

8 Photos available
Review Score
8 reviews

My father is doing good and he likes the community. He shares a suite that has a living room and bathroom. My dad says the food is better and he gets to have a wine after dinner which he much appreciates....

Provides: Assisted Living

From the very first day of our grand opening in June 2001 we have been dedicated to a 'Philosophy of Caring.' We strive to provide a nurturing environment which encourages the continued independence of our residents while providing a full range of supportive services. A wide array of activities...

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Grand Villa

2680 N. 15th St., Grand Junction, CO 81506

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
7 Photos available
1 Floor plans available
Review Score
20 reviews

We chose Grand Villa because of the cleanliness of the facility, they had an activity director, and [name removed], the executive director really sold the place. She is a very kind person, was patient with...

Provides: Assisted Living
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In the spirit of love, Bethesda Senior Living Communities provides an environment where vintage lives blossom. We strive to cultivate a vibrant, active and healthy community. Grand Villa is a faith-based nonprofit organization. Across all our communities, faith is a cornerstone of how we operate,...

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The Vineyards Memory Care

1530 Walnut Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501

7 Photos available
Review Score
2 reviews

The feedback given to me from my family and loved one was that everything was positive during her stay. She was very well taken care of, and we were surprised by the cost but she did receive great care.

Provides: Memory Care

The Vineyards is a special place indeed; it is where the atmosphere is calm and inviting, the staff warm and helpful. Residents enjoy listening to soft music in the common area or perhaps taking in a meal in the dining room. Still others work outside in the garden or catch a nap by the fireplace....

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Cappella of Grand Junction

628 26 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Starting at$X,XXX+ monthly
9 Photos available
5 Floor plans available
Review Score
10 reviews

We're having such a night and day experience compared to our loved ones last community. All the staff from top to bottom - the directors, office staff, day to day staff, receptionist, kitchen staff and the...

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care
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The Retreat at Palisade

3781 Heritage Lane, Palisade, CO 81526

6 Photos available
Provides: Assisted Living

The Retreat at Palisade is a privately owned assisted living community in Palisade, CO. Situated in the heart of a scenic wine-country, here you will find a caring, gentle atmosphere where residents and staff work together to form a community that is sound and uplifting for all. The Palisade...

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Peach Tree Assisted Living #1 & 2

3450 F Rd 3452 F Rd, Clifton, CO 81520

Provides: Assisted Living

Peach Tree Assisted Living #1 & 2 is an assisted living community in a beautiful country setting in Clifton, Colorado. Located right by the Colorado River in a quiet rural town in a beautiful country home, our community is cozy and welcoming for both residents and their visiting...

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Angkor Wat East Assisted Living I &II

3291 Lombardy Ln, Clifton, CO 81520

Provides: Assisted Living

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Angkor Wat East Assisted Living I

3292 Lombardy Lane, Clifton, CO 81520

Provides: Assisted Living

The Retreat Communities

2835 1/2 Patterson Rd., Grand Junction, CO 8150-

Provides: Assisted Living

Angkor Wat Alternative Care

476 Gunnison Way, Grand Junction, CO 81504

Provides: Assisted Living

Bookcliff Manor Assisted Living

2897 Orchard Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501

Review Score
4 reviews

I stopped in yesterday at dinner time to get wish lists for Christmas from the residents, and these are the impressions I got. Most of the residents are mentally delayed/disabled, ages 45-85. It's a small...

Provides: Assisted Living

Bookcliff Manor Assisted Living is a small assisted living community located among the awe inspiring natural beauty of Grand Junction, Colorado. Our peaceful community is conveniently located within Grand Junction, an ideal location for visiting family members known for award winning golf courses...

... Read more

The Retreat at Harbor Cove

2835 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506

6 Photos available
Provides: Assisted Living

The Retreat at Harbor Cove is a privately owned assisted living community in Grand Junction, CO. Here you will find a special atmosphere where residents and staff intertwine and form an environment that is safe, warm, and encouraging for all. The Harbor Cove campus has three buildings each with...

... Read more

Retreat At Harbor Cove

2835 Patterson Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81506

Provides: Assisted Living

The Commons

625 27 1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO 81506

My aunt was only at this community for 5 days as she needed a little more care than they were able to provide. The staff were nice and answered our questions. The food was good, however the service was bad....

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living

The Commons of Hilltop is a vibrant assisted and independent living community where seniors embrace life to the fullest. Here you will find gracious living and personalized care - Where neighbors become friends and everyone knows your name. Our dedicated staff ensure each resident receives the...

... Read more

The Fountains

3203 North 15th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81506

It has been a very good place to be. I felt my loved one was cared for and looked after. The community is friendly and that stands out to me. I wish the pandemic didn't hit, as my experience was during...

Provides: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Independent Living

The Fountains of Hilltop is a graceful assisted and independent living community where seniors discover the beauty of a world filled with possibilities. Here you will find gracious living and personalized care - Where neighbors become friends and everyone knows your name. Our dedicated staff...

... Read more

Comfort Care-Alzheimers

807 Tahiti Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81501

I like that my mother-in-law is here in this smaller community. They have reached out to make sure she is welcomed. They are doing everything they have promised to do. They will make sure to give her...

Provides: Memory Care, Care Homes

ComfortCare Homes offer personalized Alzheimers care in a protective residential environment. ComfortCare Homes are located in beautiful neighborhoods in Baldwin City, Pittsburg, Kansas City, and Wichita, Kansas, and Omaha, Nebraska. The well-established senior care alternative offers a...

... Read more

Beehive Home of Grand Junction

2395 H Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Provides: Assisted Living
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Cost of assisted living in Palisade, CO

The average cost of senior living in Palisade is 3,902 per month. Cheaper nearby regions include Grand Junction, CO with an average of 4,916 per month.

Monthly average assisted living cost comparisons
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Discover the many ways to pay for senior living

Planning ahead can better position you to make good choices for your loved one’s care in the future. But if your aging family member needs care now, there are ways to finance the cost of long-term care through a combination of approaches.

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is long-term care for seniors who are generally active and independent, but who require increased supervision and help with some daily tasks. Staff can assist residents with activities of daily living like dressing, bathing, and medication management. Assisted living is also a good option for seniors seeking more socialization. Services and amenities in assisted living facilities often include:

  • Housekeeping
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Help with personal care
  • Laundry
  • Social activities and outings
  • 24-hour emergency response
Complete guide to assisted living

Palisade, Colorado

Assisted Living

Assisted living communities offer care, supervision, and social opportunities to persons around 65 years of age or older. Services offered often include help with activities of daily living. Occupants may be kept under observation and evaluation. Under certain circumstances, communities may provide respite, skilled nursing, or hospice. In Colorado, the annual median cost for an assisted living community is around $49,140 . Colorado maintains a number of provisions related to this kind of community. The Department of Public Health and Environment licenses assisted living residences certifies this type of community. The minimum number of residents for this community type is 3. There must be one bath or shower for every 1 residents and one toilet for every 1 residents. This type of community is required to have a staff member on duty 24 hours a day. Public assistance is available through Medicaid 1915(c) waiver program. This type of community is required to offer a number of services. These include physically safe and sanitary environment, social and recreational services, assistance with activities of daily living, and personal services. This community type has a number of provisions pertaining to medication assistance. These provisions include assistance with medication administration. Staff must obtain training in a variety of areas. These areas include confidentiality, identifying and addressing difficult situations and behaviors, dementia, and residents’ rights. This community has a number of provisions concerning food and diet which include meals and snacks of nourishing quality must be provided, communities must provide three nutritionally balanced meals, using a variety of foods from the basic food groups, Therapeutic diets may be provided if prescribed by a physician, and communities must reasonably respond to residents’ suggestions regarding meals. Before a resident is accepted, they must go through a service plan screening to guarantee their needs are going to be met. This screening includes a number of areas of interest such as activity restrictions, dietary restrictions, whether medication is self-administered or administered by staff;, and residents preferences.

Demographics and Values

In Palisade, 12.8% of the citizens are veterans of the United States military. The total population of Palisade consists of 2,686 people. Palisade has a population density of 882 people per square mile. Based on gender, 49.6% are male and 50.4% are female. The median age of Palisade is 40 years old. In Palisade, 15.4% have some form of disability, 20.7% live in poverty, 12.5% do not have health insurance, and 59.6% participate in the labor force. Of the population of Palisade 8.8% have a graduate degree, 23.0% have a high-school diploma, and 25.8% have a college degree. Demographically, Palisade is 0.9% Native American, 88.8% white, 0.2% other or not specified, 9.0% mixed race, 0.7% Asian, 0.3% Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian, 11.1% Hispanic, and 0.0% black.

Cost of Living

The overall cost of living can be the motivating factor when determining what location meets the needs of your family. The median home value in Palisade costs around $178,580 and the median price for rent is around $708 per month a month. The rent burden for Palisade is around 16.5% of the average person’s monthly income.

State Information

An overview of Colorado

In terms of resources, Colorado has a cost of living index of 105.5, a grocery index rating of 102.5, and a housing index rating of 119.0. These index ratings are based on a system where 100 is considered the national average and anything above 100 is considered more expensive than said average. The natural beauty of Colorado is ranked 31st in the nation. Colorado is ranked 10th in quality of life and 12th in healthcare. The state of Colorado has 92 hospitals and 162 health centers, providing care to a population of 5,776,356. The three highest ranked hospitals in Colorado are Poudre Valley Hospital, Mercy Regional Medical Center, and Centura Health-Penrose St. Francis Health Services.

Social demographics of the state

In terms of diversity, Colorado ranks 18th in the nation and is considered LGBTQ friendly. In Colorado, 27% of the population is over the age of 55. The median age in the state is 37. Thirty percent of Colorado residents regularly attend a religious service from one of the state’s 4,188 different congregations. The top three non-Christian denominations in the state are Jewish-<1%, Muslim-<1%, and Buddhist-<1%, with the most common Christian denominations consisting of Evangelical Protestant-26%, Mainline Protestant-15%, and Historically Black Protestant-2%. In Colorado there are 148 masonic lodges. In the last presidential election 48% of Colorado residents voted Democrat and 43% voted Republican.

State-wide weather information

On average, the humidity rating for Colorado is around 54%. The highest monthly average humidity rating is 79% in the month of December. During the winter, the average temperature in Colorado drops to around 26F. During the winter, the average high temperature peaks at around 53F during the month of February. In the winter months, the average low temperature falls to around -8F during the month of January. During the summer, the average temperature in Colorado is around 66F. Over the summer months the average high temperature peaks at around 96F during the month of July. The average low summer temperature is around 31F in the month of June. On average, Colorado has an air quality index rating of around 44.4 AQI. The highest seasonal air quality index rating occurs in the month of July with a rating of 61.9 AQI. The average monthly precipitation for the state of Colorado is around 1.32 inches. The average amount of precipitation peaks during the month of April at around 4.53 inches. While residents of Colorado mostly enjoy pleasant conditions, it’s important to be aware of inclement weather as well, which in Colorado can include earthquakes (moderate).

Wildlife to be found in Colorado

The state of Colorado has a diverse array of plant and animal life. Local plant life can consist of Lichens, Aspen, Berry Shrubs, and Conifers Thrive. While venturing throughout the state, you might see animals such as the Mule Deers, the Kokanee, the The Lark Bunting, or the Salmon. The state animal of Colorado is the The Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep .

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There are 20 assisted living facilities near Palisade, Colorado. See the full list.

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