Having the Conversation


Join Senior Living Advisors Kelly Florian, Jermaine Slade and Sue Johansen as they talk about how to have the conversation about moving to senior living in this video from the A Place for Mom “Ask an Advisor” series. Or read the transcript below.

“Ask an Advisor” video series: Having the Conversation


Kelly: Hello, and welcome to the A Place for Mom “Ask an Advisor” series. Today I’m with Jermaine and Sue, and we’re here to discuss how to have the conversation with your loved one about when it’s time to move to a senior living community. So Jermaine, you talk to a lot of families. How do you have this conversation?

Jermaine: This is a very difficult conversation to have. I tell my families to have this discussion early and often.

Sue: Really, parents don’t want to be a burden to their children so if you can sit them down and let them know that you have concerns but that there are options and you can be their best advocate, it makes that decision and discussion much easier.

Jermaine: This is where people procrastinate. And this is really where an advisor can step in and help. We’ve learned some great tips to help families get through this process.

Kelly: This is a process. And we talk to families every day and walk them through this. So let’s talk a little bit about that.

Jermaine: First, it’s always best to get your family involved. From there, decide who will be the main point of contact or the key decision maker. Many times you have families where, you know there may be a brother in Florida or there may be a sibling in Maryland, and from there you just want to make sure that everyone’s on the same page.

Sue: And the next step would be to do some homework. Really get out there and see what the care types are that are available. Visit some communities so that you can know specifically what they offer to seniors. That way when you sit your parent or loved one down, you can tell them what the advantages to moving are, and it’s a much less difficult conversation.

Jermaine: You know my advice to all of our families is make sure that you sit them down in a non-threatening environment, OK, and that you have that discussion. You know that this is a possibility and that you know they may be open to seeing a senior community or maybe go out and visiting a senior community.

Sue: And be clear. Let them know that I’m concerned about what I’m seeing and I can really be your advocate so that this transition becomes a much more natural one for your family.

Jermaine: Finally make sure you end the conversation with a plan in place. For instance, tomorrow, we’re going to go see a senior community and see what they have to offer.

Kelly: That’s great advice. So what we’re hearing today is that it’s really important for families to sit down with their loved one, have the conversation and do it proactively before it’s a situation of emergency and the move is happening under duress. For more information you can visit the website shown here or call A Place for Mom directly to speak with a local advisor. Thank you.

Having the Conversation

  • Talk early and often
  • Voice your concerns
  • Explore the types of care
  • Appoint a key decision maker
  • Put a plan in place