Help Our Loved Ones Stay Safe Amid Coronavirus

Keeping seniors from exposure is critical.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still new, and healthcare organizations are doing everything they can to reduce its spread. Unfortunately, it currently seems that seniors are at the greatest risk of serious illness. To maximize prevention, elderly adults should have limited interaction with outside visitors. Whether it’s a caretaker, friend, or family member—anyone coming in and out of the house could pose a potential risk. To stay updated with the latest news, some resources include:

  • Check the CDC and World Health Organization
  • Contact your local Department of Public Health with questions about your city
  • Stay in touch with APFM to learn the latest in how the outbreak is affecting seniors

Expect constant change.

As tests become available and more data is collected, facts and percentages will be amended. In response, guidance for older adults and senior living communities will shift as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves, according to the Interim Guide for Healthcare Facilities.

Raising prevention standards.

The senior living industry—practitioners of already high standards of excellence and care—is putting an even greater premium on caution, prevention, and overall well-being during the coronavirus outbreak. New protocols for the elderly include:

  • Strict limits on non-essential visits
  • Extensive visitor screenings
  • Frequent temperature checks
  • Turning away anyone with known symptoms
  • Patient quarantines when necessary

Consulting the coronavirus experts.

Senior living communities throughout the country are reinforcing existing policies and procedures to actively combat the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, communities are instituting specific protocols provided by the CDC and World Health Organization to enhance cleaning and sanitization guidelines, with a particular emphasis on hand-washing.

Consider a move to a senior living community instead of an extended hospital stay.

Patients may not want, or be able, to stay in hospitals for extended periods of time. Senior living communities are a strong extension of our national healthcare network and are working hard to prepare for the influx of elderly patients during this time. Some advantages include:

  • The majority of our 17,000 community partners are open and taking new residents
  • Communities offer different levels of acuity support to support medically complex needs
  • Senior living can potentially prevent return trips to the hospital

If your loved one is in a hospital and you need help navigating next steps on his/her behalf, check out our Caregiver Discharge Guide for materials that can best explain options and next steps.

Tour and research communities in new, different ways.

Many communities are still providing in-person tours while taking important precautions, such as checking visitors for symptoms, taking temperatures, hand-washing and sanitizing, and limiting tours to smaller parts of their facilities. Depending on location and exposure risk, some communities have responded in creative ways to help families explore their facilities in a safe and easy way, including:

  • Limited Touring Zones – gating a public area to serve as a dedicated tour zone
  • Offsite Meetings – hosting families in an offsite location, in dedicated offices, or conducting home visits
  • Virtual Tours – using the latest technology to facilitate virtual tours via your preferred device

Communities understand how challenging this might be and are open to working with you to find the best approach for your family. Our team is committed to helping you learn about the different options, facilitate the right conversations and even coordinate logistics.

I was increasingly concerned about my 96-year-old mom who was living nearby, but still on her own. Even though she was healthy and happy, mom agreed with me and was willing to consider assisted living. After a phone conversation with Alice at A Place for Mom, we were set up at a nearby facility that had everything mom needed moving forward. We both fell in love with it right away and she moved in the next month.

JoAnn - Las Vegas, NV

Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 3 years ago. She was living at home with dad and last summer they were told that she couldn’t be left alone anymore. When she became harmful, we took her to the ER for a psychological evaluation. They sent us out of the hospital due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and handed us information about A Place for Mom. My Senior Living Advisor was fantastic. He sat and listened to what we needed and wanted and within 90 minutes a place was already calling to set up a virtual tour.

Joy - Minnesota

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CEO Letter from A Place for Mom

Dear Caregivers and Families,

First and foremost, I hope this finds you and your family well.

As information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to evolve quickly, the health and well-being of A Place for Mom families, senior living communities, and employees remains our number one priority as we monitor the guidance from our local health officials and government leaders.

Our team is working around the clock to help caregivers like you address the needs of your loved ones during this challenging time. Read more

As a father of three college-aged students and a son of an aging parent, I know that moments like these challenge us to do what’s best for our family members both young and old. I also know that caring for our aging loved ones in this uncertain world is now more difficult than ever.

To that end, I have been speaking with many of the senior living communities to which we refer our families. I’m inspired by how hard they are working to ensure the health and safety of our moms and dads in this critical time. They are taking strong precautionary measures, following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and reinforcing existing policies and procedures they have refined over many years. Equally as important, they remain committed to their mission of improving the quality of life for seniors.

Our A Place for Mom senior living advisors have been working tirelessly to help our families. With the increasing demand on our healthcare system senior living communities are an increasingly important extension of the national caregiving network for the aging population.

Whether you are faced with an urgent need or just want to talk to someone who understands senior living, our team is here on the front lines and ready to help.

Please feel free to reach out to one of our advisors or email me directly at, and I will ensure you are connected with the right resource. Thank you for your ongoing confidence, care, and trust.

Take care and be well,

Larry Signature