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Senior Living: Week in Review August 20th

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenAugust 24, 2012

Get the latest news, trends and tips in senior living for the week of August 20th…

Caregiver Dealing with Dementia

Interesting news this week shows that some people may be immune to dementia. Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found evidence that natural resistance to dementia may run within families. Elderly people who  have high levels of a protein called “C-reactive protein (CRP)” and show no symptoms of the brain-wasting disease seem to be less likely to have relatives who suffer from dementia.

In other news, chronic conditions seem to be increasing among seniors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There seems to be a dramatic increase in the number of older adults, aged 65+, with two or more chronic conditions. The increase was seen across genders, race and socioeconomic status over a ten year period.

And here are this weeks daily posts on A Place for Mom’s Senior Living blog:

Beyond Bingo: Activities at Today’s Senior Communities

“If my mother moves to an assisted living community, she will be safe, well-fed and cared for; but those facts alone don’t mean she will be happy.”  These are normal thoughts for people who are considering senior communities for a loved one. After all, even zoo animals are safe, well fed, and cared for…Read the full article

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Silverado’s Relationship
with the NFL and Aging Athletes

National Football League (NFL) players are like ‘super-humans.’ Only a select few athletes ever make it to the NFL “big time” because of the extraordinary athletic skills and stamina needed to compete with the “best of the best.” In reality, even super-humans get old. Silverado Senior Living has partnered with the NFL to make sure  these impressive athletes are granted golden years worthy of their cultural and athletic contributions… Read the full article

Do Healthy Seniors Really Need Alzheimer’s Testing?

Is forewarned really forearmed when it comes to testing seniors for Alzheimer’s disease, or does knowing the risk of illness increase stress and jeopardize insurance coverage? Alzheimer’s disease is one of the conditions people fear the most when they think about aging—and why wouldn’t we? Nobody wants to picture their senior loved ones losing their memories or suffering the cognitive decline and dementia that characterizes Alzheimer’s… Read the full article

New Study Ranks Best Cities for Senior Living

A non-partisan think tank has ranked the best cities for successful aging, for adults age 65 to 79 as well as seniors age 80 and up. How does your city measure up? Though there are quite a few lists out there of “best places to retire,” a new study by the Milken Institute is ranking…
Read the full article

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