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Senior Living: Week in Review July 30

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenAugust 3, 2012

Get the latest news, trends and tips in senior living for the week of July 30th…

There’s more exciting—not to mention, fascinating—Alzheimer’s news this week! Apparently cinnamon is more than just a tasty spice; it also helps combat Alzheimer’s disease. According to the latest research at Tel Aviv University and Professor Daniel Fung at Kansas State University, cinnamon has the ability to not only combat bacteria, balance blood sugar and improve colon health; it also inhibits the toxic “amyloid polypeptide oligomers and fibrils” that have been found in Alzheimer’s brain plaque formations. So you may want to spice up your life by adding cinnamon to your milk, curry—or anything else that sounds good!

And we all know that the nation is preparing for America’s population to age with the baby boomer population reaching 65+ in record numbers. The good news? Students of today are increasingly interested in pursuing a career in senior living. But senior living providers need to start investing in educational programs and resources to educate and train the future leaders in the industry.

On the health front, an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey showed that many seniors are aging actively as exercise programs for older adults ranked #3 in the survey. I, for one, will continue to be inspired by not only the powerful, athletic ensemble of dedicated Olympians, but also by those aged 60 and older who lead healthy lifestyles and stay in shape by swimming, walking, strength training—and even rock climbing, doing yoga, and more. Exercise not only makes us feel good, it acts as a fountain of youth by helping us emotionally, physically and morally.

And here are this weeks daily posts on A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Blog:

Best Pet Friendly Senior Living in Chicago

A Place for Mom is on a mission to spread the word about the benefits of pet-friendly assisted living. We would also like to award those assisted living communities in the Chicago area who allow pets. At Sunrise Senior Living in Schaumburg, about 30 miles outside of Chicago, pets have always been a part of the program… Read the full article

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6 Financial Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Dealing with money is difficult.  Compound interest, complex interest, addition, subtraction, decimals and dollar signs. Are you already dizzy? I am. The stakes are high, too. In today’s society we need money to secure the most basic essentials—even food, water and shelter.  It’s easy to see why planning financially for retirement is so important… Read the full article

Poll Results: Where Would You Most Like to Retire?

Poll results are in! With our most successful poll to-date with 905 votes, the clear winner to the question, “Where would you most like to retire” was… *drumroll*… “Where I live now.” So convenience and familiarity are primarily the name of the game when it comes to retirement and senior living, although there are definitely people who who still want to venture to specific destinations…. Read the full article

Being “Sandwiched” as a Caregiver: Taking It With Grace and Optimism

At A Place for Mom we hear about the struggles and triumphs that go along with being a caregiver on a daily basis. We recently wrote a post about how caregivers are “super-humans” as they juggle multiple challenging roles with fortitude and grace.  But this interview reminds us that caregivers are just regular people trying to make the best decisions for their family… Read the full article

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