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Senior Living Week in Review: December 7th 2012

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenDecember 7, 2012

December brings not only the festivities of the holidays and joyous family celebrations, but also many interesting happenings in senior living. From new Alzheimer’s research to information on flu season and the importance of senior vaccinations, get the latest senior living news, trends and tips!

Pinterest Pick of the Week:  Seniors’ Secrets to Long-Lasting Love

‘Tis the season for comfort food, family, joyous events and—the flu. That’s right; the miserable guest who visits and makes our heads’ pound and bodies’ ache. And it’s extremely important for caregivers and families to make sure loved ones over the age of 65 get vaccinated as they’re at a greater risk for complications from influenza, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, it’s estimated that 90% of seasonal flu-related deaths occur among the elderly. Learn how the flu vaccine works and how it effects the elderly.

And the holidays also seem to be a catalyst for tough conversations with aging parents and loved ones. A Place for Mom Senior Vice President, Tami Cumings, actually discussed why the holidays often lead to serious discussions with our aging parents about long-term care in a recent interview with National Public Radio (NPR). This is often heart wrenching for families, which is why we’ve compiled 6 practical tips to help families use the holidays as an opportunity to assess and talk with their aging loved ones.

Top post of the week:  “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”         ~Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

Reading Recommendations from A Place for Mom Staffers

  • Why the Elderly Fall Victim to Scams: Blame the Aging Brain
    There’s a reason why so many older people fall for financial scams, new research suggests. Elders don’t respond as readily to visual cues that suggest a person might be untrustworthy, and their brains don’t send out as many warning signals that ignite a ‘danger ahead’ gut response. In fact, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, older adults’ vulnerability to fraud may be related to neurological changes that occur with age.
    Suggested by: Marika F.
  • Merck Makes a ‘Speculative’ Step Into Alzheimer’s
    Merck & Co Inc. has moved to the forefront of Alzheimer’s disease research by starting a mid-stage study of a drug from a new class of oral medicines that aim to shut down production of a protein of the memory-robbing disease. Basically, Merck hopes to “defy the odds” with plans to have patients who suffer from mild-to-moderate stages of the disease take their pill which has been shown to help treat the disease by reducing the protein, or dementia-causing plaque.
    Suggested by: Alaina D.
  • Reluctant Granny Pod Pioneer Forging Way for New Senior Housing Model
    Many seniors are reluctant to move into senior care residences, so “MedCottages”—along with similar, small housing products—provide small living spaces that can be attached to or located nearby loved ones who can help care for them. These dwellings are meant to help seniors “age in place,” but it’s yet to be determined whether they’ll actually be successful.
    Suggested by: Krystal C.
  • New Help for Hoarders
    Hoarding is a disorder that often comes with an age-related dementia. It can get to the point where suffers actually consume their living space with stacks of books, garbage and clutter that materializes over time into extreme self-neglect, domestic squalor, social withdrawal, apathy and lack of shame. It isolates people and creates a downward spiral. Today there are new services and treatments for those who suffer from this awful disease.
    Suggested by: Dana L.

A Place for Mom News

A Place for Mom recently caught up with Meryl Comer, seasoned broadcast journalist and President of the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative, to learn about the Reality of Alzheimer’s Disease. Comer provides powerful insight as an Alzheimer’s caregiver and support advocate for this tragic and debilitating disease.

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