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Tell Us Why You Want to End Alzheimer’s

Caitlin Burm
By Caitlin BurmOctober 28, 2014

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, and to help create awareness in a personal way, A Place for Mom is asking why you want to end Alzheimer’s. To show your support, use the hashtag #EndAlz.

Alzheimer’s has impacted many lives as the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., and sharing why you want to stop the disease could help bring the awareness we need to find a cure.

Why Do You Want to End Alzheimer’s?

Many of our loved ones at A Place for Mom have been touched by Alzheimer’s, and we understand the pain it causes families.

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We are determined to do what we can to stop the disease, so we are creating awareness in a personal way this November. We want to know: Why do you want to end Alzheimer’s?

We are asking caregivers, families and those who have been impacted by the disease to help us raise awareness.

1.Create a sign.

Have the sign read, “I want to #EndAlz because…”

2.Fill out the sign.

Complete the sign with your personal statement.

3.Take a photo.

Take a photo holding the sign and submit it to our contest below or email it to content@aplaceformom.com, for it to be featured in an upcoming article.

4.  View your submission.

View your photo and others that have already been submitted to the contest, to see why our community wants to end Alzheimer’s.

10 Reasons Why We Want to End Alzheimer’s at A Place for Mom

We asked our staff to share with us why they want to stop Alzheimer’s, and received such incredible, moving responses, that we wanted to share them with you below.

Here is why A Place for Mom wants to #End Alz:

  1. “I lost two grandmothers.” -Sean Kell
  2. “The slow loss of a loved one is so painful and sad. You feel helpless.” -Tracey Fitzgerald
  3. “I want to improve people’s lives.” -Hans Swenson
  4. “No one should be forgotten.” -Amanda Landino
  5. “My time with my grandfather was cut too short.” -Jon Gregory
  6. “Everyone’s golden years should be as golden as possible.” -Nick White
  7. “I want my Dad to remember experiences he has.” -Randy Zehr
  8. “I want my Grandma to remember me.” -Shelane Barrett
  9. “It’s time! Too many lost memories…” -Dawn Dietz
  10. “So that no one has to watch their loved ones suffer.” -Lisa Low and Anita Mitchell

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