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Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenDecember 20, 2012

Fact: Over 3.7 million seniors are malnourished, according to The American Academy of Family Physicians. A Place for Mom is on a mission to educate both seniors and caregivers about balancing senior nutritional needs with proper medication and exercise to help stop this tragic epidemic.

Senior malnutrition is preventable. The problem is that most people are unaware of that there’s a problem to begin with. But not only do seniors have different nutritional needs than younger adults, they also take more medication, have higher rates of chronic medical conditionssuch as diabetes and heart diseaseand are more likely live alone and less observed.

Malnutrition does not happen overnight, which is why deciphering when there’s a problem can be tricky. In fact, the condition is usually very gradual and happens over months, if not years, as seniors age and go through life-changing situations.

Here are some great resources to help educate your family about the importance of senior nutrition:

  1. Senior Nutrition Resources — Learn how nutritional needs often change around 60,  get top healthy senior eating tips, and find out how to help seniors increase key nutrients and improve their diets. You can also read about the A Place for Mom Nutrition Experts who provide senior nutrition advice on blog posts and across our site.
  2. How to Prevent Senior Malnutrition — Learn how to prevent senior malnutrition. Know the causes, signs and symptoms that cause the condition and learn ways to help seniors stay hydrated.
  3. How to Help Seniors Increase Hydration and Protein Intake — Get tips on how to effectively change senior diets to accommodate the doctor’s orders. Heather Schwartz, MS, RD with Stanford Hospitals and Clinics provides insight.
  4. Why Seniors Have Different Nutritional Needs — Dr. Lindsay Jones-Born provides a breadth of expertise about how nutritional needs change as we age and why malnutrition is such a problem in America today.
  5. Why Malnutrition Plagues Seniors in America Today— Sandra Burton, a Registered Renal Dietitian discusses senior malnutrition and the need for public awareness.
  6. Are Meal Delivery Services the Key to Senior Health? — Food delivery services such as Meals on Wheels may help seniors remain at home rather than moving to a nursing facility—but it’s an option that might not be right for everyone.
  7. Why Seniors Should Lower Carb and Sugar Intake — A recent Mayo Clinic study links higher carbohydrate and sugar intake in older adults to an increased risk for mild cognitive impairment.
  8. Essential Foods for Staying Healthy with Diabetes — One of the simplest ways for seniors with diabetes to live a healthier life is by eating right. Check out our list of must-have foods, shopping tips, and helpful resources.
  9. The Future of Healthy Aging: E-Health Resources for Seniors — Many medical experts agree that it’s time for seniors to overcome any lingering fears of technology and enter the digital age—a world of e-health opportunities is waiting.
  10. 3 Tips for Healthy Family Eating for the Holidays — The holidays are synonymous with an abundance of rich foods and overindulgence. Finding the right balance of yummy comfort food, decadent desserts and healthy recipes for every family member’s palette can be a challenge; especially for caregivers balancing meals for seniors and other family members.
  11. Top 10 Reasons Seniors End Up in the ER
     Almost a quarter of all seniors visited the emergency room in 2010. What brings older adults into the emergency room? You might be surprised.
  12. Top 5 Ways You Can Help Combat Senior Malnutrition — Senior malnutrition is all too widespread, but caregivers and family members alert to the signs of nutrition problems can help battle this sobering condition.

Education is King: Enter Our Senior Nutrition Sweepstakes

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Senior Nutrition Tips from Joan Lunden
and Dr. Jones-Born on Better TV

On a recent segment on Better TV, A Place for Mom’s Joan Lunden and senior nutrition expert, Dr. Lindsay Jones-Born, discussed senior malnutrition, the unique nutritional needs of seniors and some healthy senior nutrition recipes. Watch the video clip from the show below:

Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen
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