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Senior Living Week in Review: December 21st 2012

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenDecember 21, 2012

It was a big week in senior living at A Place for Mom. Our CEO, Sean Kell, discussed not only the cost of Alzheimer’s care, but also taking stock of a loved one’s health over the holidays on Huffington Post. And APFM spokesperson, Joan Lunden, made an appearance on “The Couch” to discuss her role at A Place for Mom as well as the importance of checking on aging loved ones’ health over the holidays. The big message? Use this long holiday weekend to not only spend quality time with family, but also to assess your favorite senior’s health and nutrition and overall quality of life.

‘Tis the weekend of family, holiday celebration and being thankful for all we have. Sometimes we get so busy in this crazy adventure called “life” that we forget what’s truly important: Our friends, family and health. Take the time this weekend to slow down and enjoy each others’ company and take care of each other; especially our favorite elders.

Here are a couple helpful articles in honor of the upcoming festivities:

  1. CHEER Plan for Managing the Holidays with Aging Parents — Get helpful tips for managing the holidays with aging relatives with APFM’s C-H-E-E-R plan for happy holidays with aging parents: Check, Help, Empower, Enjoy and Reminisce.
  2. Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Seniors — Sometimes shopping for an elderly loved one can be challenging. If you are stumped for a gift idea for the elder in your life, here are some ideas—some old, some new—to help you find the gift recipe that brings a smile to your favorite senior’s face this holiday season.

Reading Recommendations from A Place for Mom Staffers

  • Top Pinterest Pick of the Week: Fun Grandma!

    Robot & Grandma: Robotic Care Could be Next Big Thing in Senior Living
    Seniors’ willingness to accept robotic assistance may be an indicator of how care is delivered in assisted and skilled nursing communities in the future, or create a viable alternative to moving into those communities entirely, according to a study conducted by Georgia Tech.
    Suggested by: Tracey F.

    A Place for Mom Senior Living Advisor

    Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

    Our advisors help 300,000 families each year find the right senior care for their loved ones.

  • Loneliness Increases Odds of Dementia, Study Says
    Even adjusting for factors like age, socioeconomic factors, and initial cognitive functioning, researchers found that feelings of loneliness increased the odds of an older adult developing dementia by 64 percent.
    Suggested by: Dana L.
  • Simple Life Strategies: How to Get Things Done When You’re Busy
    Here are 5 simple steps to make sure you ‘get things done’ when you’re really busy. You may be surprised!
    Suggested by: Marika F.
  • Why Older Folks Are Targeted for Fraud
    There’s a reason why so many older people fall for financial scams, new research suggests. Elders don’t respond as readily to visual cues that suggest a person might be untrustworthy, and their brains don’t send out as many warning signals that ignite a ‘danger ahead’ gut response. In fact, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, older adults’ vulnerability to fraud may be related to neurological changes that occur with age, rather than traditional views that they are lonely, more gullible or simply unaware of risks.
    Suggested by: Jeff A.
  • New Burden of Disease Study Show’s World’s People Are Living Longer But With More Disability
    The health of most of the planet’s population is rapidly coming to resemble that of the United States, where death in childhood is rare, too much food is a bigger problem than too little, and life is long and often darkened by disability.
    Suggested by: Stephen W.

A Place for Mom News

A Place for Mom’s CEO, Sean Kell ~

A Place for Mom’s Sean Kell discusses “Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s: The Cost of Care” in this recent article with Huffington Post. Did you know that 5.4 million Americans aged 65 and older, or one out of every 8 adults, are currently living with Alzheimer’s? Read this article for a little Alzheimer’s cost-of-care education.

Sean Kell also provides insight on taking stock of an aging loved one’s health over the holidays. This interesting article discusses that the holidays are not only a time for reconnecting and sharing special moments; they’re also a time when issues related to aging and health come to the forefront as family members recognize a change in the wellness and safety of their loved ones.

A Place for Mom’s Spokesperson, Joan Lunden ~

This week we continued driving awareness toward senior nutrition with Joan Lunden’s appearance on “The Couch,” a morning talk show program that’s a CBS affiliate. Joan spoke about her affiliation with APFM and taking advantage of the holidays to check in on mom or dad—a key message of our senior nutrition campaign.

Caregiving Books and Resources ~

Check out our “Recommended Books” Pinterest Board to see a list of books about aging, caregiving, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia recommended by A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Advisors.

Senior Nutrition Campaign ~

We are also happy to announce that our Senior Nutrition campaign is helping to inform caregivers and families about the importance of senior nutrition. From learning How to Prevent Senior Malnutrition to learning which foods are essential for staying healthy with diabetes, education is king for the American public.

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