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Senior Living Week in Review: December 14th 2012

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenDecember 14, 2012

December brings family gatherings and, often, knowledge that parents are aging and may need long-term senior living and care options. Other news? Medicare updates and the reminder that grandparents’ wisdom can often help us cope with tragedy.

An Old Man’s Story: Top Facebook Post of the Week! Click the picture to read story…

Today’s tragic Connecticut shooting shocks us and reminds us, once again, of the horrific events that can transpire at the hands of human illness. Today’s event is specifically frustrating as the shooting happened at an elementary school, filled with innocent children. This is when human vulnerability, at all ages, becomes apparent and when we can look to our elders for advice. Here is an article that discusses how grandparents can help their grand kids in the aftermath of tragedy.

Also, here are some of our most popular December blog posts to help caregivers gain insight on aging and how to cope with the senior living transition:

  1. Tips for Tough Talks with Your Aging Parents — It’s important that families have candid, open discussions with older loved ones about plans and goals surrounding long-term care, end-of-life and other age related issues. But getting these conversations started, and making them productive, can be really challenging.
  2. Documents You can’t Afford to Ignore: Family Protection by Preparation — Our life is bookended by essential documents: We’re given a birth certificate after our first breath and a death certificate after our last. In between, we accumulate innumerable other certificates, registrations, titles, contracts, licenses, directives, deeds, diplomas and so on. By the time we’re elderly, we have accumulated dozens, perhaps hundreds, of official documents of all shapes and sizes. But which of these are important?
  3. Making the Transition to Senior Living: One Family’s Story — Transitioning a loved one to senior living can be one of the most emotional and difficult situations a family can go through. A Place for Mom is happy to help families on a daily basis, and one of the wonderful families we had the pleasure of working with was nice enough to share their senior living story.
  4. How Will the Latest Medicare Updates Affect My Loved Ones?  — If you’re responsible for someone in long-term care or suffering from a chronic condition, the latest changes to Medicare policy may mean more opportunities for coverage
  5. The Reality of Alzheimer’s Disease: The Untold Story — Meryl Comer, broadcast journalist and President of the Geoffrey Beene Alzheimer’s Initiative, gives insight into the toll Alzheimer’s takes on families and the nation as a whole. Learn the importance of research, funding and public awareness.

Reading Recommendations from A Place for Mom Staffers

  • Google’s Flu Map: Can Google Predict the Next Big Flu Epidemic?
    The CDC is reporting that flu season is off to an “early start,” and will likely be one of the worst in the past decade. How does the CDC predict such things? With cold, hard clinical evidence: The organization publishes a weekly FluView report based on the number of patients who have reported flu-like symptoms and the number of hospitalizations.
    Suggested by: Marika F.
  • Why Older Folks Are Targeted for Fraud
    There’s a reason why so many older people fall for financial scams, new research suggests. Elders don’t respond as readily to visual cues that suggest a person might be untrustworthy, and their brains don’t send out as many warning signals that ignite a ‘danger ahead’ gut response. In fact, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, older adults’ vulnerability to fraud may be related to neurological changes that occur with age, rather than traditional views that they are lonely, more gullible or simply unaware of risks.
    Suggested by: Jeff A.
  • Top 2012 Tech Gifts for Seniors
    ‘Tis the season of jolly, merriment and gift giving. But what do you give your favorite senior? Here is a list of the top 2012 “tech” gifts for seniors, from Kindle Fire to iPad mini. Your loved one doesn’t even need to be tech-savvy. Many of the suggestions are actually apps that help seniors take the right medications and offer help in dementia care and wandering.
    Suggested by: Tracey F.
  • Investors Struggling to Successfully Tap Huge Chinese Senior Care Market
    Chinese children are pressured by what’s called the “421” family structure, where the children are responsible to take care of their parents as well as their grandparents. And many households are also daul-income, providing more budget flexibility and senior care options. While only 3% of Chinese seniors are expected to be in the market for senior living, 3% is still 5.4 million people, creating a lot of opportunity. Investors are trying to enter the market and build their own brand, which involves convincing younger generations that putting parents into a senior living community isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
    Suggested by: Krystal C.

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