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How Senior Living Advisor Barbara Lambert Makes a Difference

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenFebruary 17, 2012

A Place for Mom Advisor Snapshot: Barbara Lambert, Senior Living Advisor, San Antonio, TX

Barbara Lambert helps seniors and families during one of the most trying times in their lives. She provides assisted living community guidance and recommendations when emotions are running high and decisions have to be made.

What gets Barbara through? Simple — The fact that she loves her day job.

Barbara’s Background

Barbara has been with A Place for Mom, Inc. for three years and feels that being a Senior Living Advisor is a great fit. “My job is so rewarding! I take many calls from families who have no clue as to what to do — they don’t know where to go or how to get started with finding appropriate care options.  By the end of our call, they’re thanking me, telling me they can finally get a good night’s sleep. They feel like someone understands their situation, their anxiety and fears. Finally someone knows how to help them… It’s very rewarding.”

A Place for Mom Senior Living Advisor

Talk with a Senior Living Advisor

Our advisors help 300,000 families each year find the right senior care for their loved ones.

Barbara received in-depth training for her advisor position and had industry experience working as an independent contractor for an assisted living community prior to working for A Place for Mom, Inc. In addition to her formal training, she has invested in education and resources that give her confidence that she can help every inquiry.

Most Memorable Experience as a Senior Living Advisor

Barbara has had many memorable experiences as a Senior Care Advisor, but one stands out in her mind: Helping a veteran who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, who had no family.

The elderly Vietnam War veteran called A Place for Mom because he had an irresponsible caregiver who often didn’t show up to work to care for him. Barbara talked to the senior directly and they had many conversations about choices, including a Veteran’s financial benefit called the Aid and Attendance benefit—a benefit that could help fund his care in assisted living or in-home care options. However, the senior did not want change. He did not want to leave his beautiful home, and he felt sorry for his caregiver.

One day, Barbara received a message from the man that he wasn’t feeling well and needed help. After she called back several times and didn’t get an answer, she contacted the police to do a well check. “The police found his house unlocked and neither the senior, nor his dog, were there.  She called Adult Protective Services for help, and they found him in the VA hospital. He wound up running away to his home and called Barbara  asking for help, saying ‘I know you’re the only one who really cares.'”

Barbara found a residential care home for him and was even able to help him keep his dog, his only trusted companion. Once the senior had been at the residential care facility for a few weeks, he called Barbara to let her know he was the happiest he’d been in a long time and felt like he had “found a family.” He also mentioned that he “should have listened to her a long time ago.”

Barbara Says She “Wins the Lottery” With This Job

Barbara has found that A Place for Mom, Inc. is “loaded with integrity and operates with the same mission and purpose to help people that she believes in.” Her favorite aspect of being a Senior Living Advisor is “that there is help for everyone! I can provide families an overwhelming sense of relief that, at last, they’ve dialed the right number. A number that can help improve their situations.”

And a Little Fun…

Barbara’s Favorite Book(s): Self-help books like “They are Your Parents, Too” by Francine Russo.

Barbara’s Favorite Movie: Mama Mia with Meryl Streep

Barbara’s choice of Superpowers, if she could have one: To be FEARLESS!

If Hollywood made a film about Barbara’s life, the person she’d like to play herself: Hillary Clinton as Barbara admires her wisdom, her steadfastness, her ability to communicate and her sense of humor.

Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen
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