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APFM Annual Senior Care Innovation Scholarship 2015

Caitlin Burm
By Caitlin BurmMarch 25, 2015
Senior Care Innovation Scholarship

A Place for Mom is proud to announce our third annual Senior Care Innovation Scholarship in 2015. Read on for more information about how to enter.

Senior Care Innovation Scholarship

A Place for Mom announced the commencement of the Senior Care Innovation Scholarship in 2013 to give back to our seniors. Since then, we have made it a tradition, and each year we offer a $1,000 scholarship to students for advancement in the field of gerontology. The scholarship will award students enrolled in an accredited college or university, with a financial donation.

Learn more about the scholarship winners from years past.

The 2014 Scholarship Winners

1. Alicia Roth, Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology, University of Florida

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Alicia wrote about making a difference in seniors’ lives by developing treatments for insomnia in medical populations, including caregivers and patients with dementia. We enjoyed her essay on improving the sleep of caregivers through in-home monitoring, like Skype and CBT therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

2. Deepa Shah, MBA in Healthcare Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Deepa wrote about directing investment in continuous improvement of senior care, soliciting new technology in analytics and senior care delivery, and influencing policy to incent all health organizations to adapt towards a higher quality and higher efficiency that can adequately serve America’s aging population.

3. Megan Zepp, Doctorate in Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Megan wrote about her love for medicine being influenced by her grandfather, an anesthesiologist. We enjoyed her personal experience and focus on assisted living communities, where she hopes to use her skills and compassion to create meaningful solutions for seniors.

4. Nicholas Bott, Doctorate in Neuropsychology, PGSP-Stanford Consortium and UCSF Memory and Aging Center

Nicholas wrote about the diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative diseases. He wrote about “identifying the neuroanatomical, cardiovascular, and lifestyle factors associated with superior cognitive aging,” and discussed how it could be adopted by older adults to promote their cognitive health.

5. Piper Smith, Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Missouri State University

Piper wrote about changing cultural norms in how society views the elderly and how we care for them. We enjoyed her focus on making healing a less painful process, especially for those low-income families.

The 2013 Scholarship Winners

1. Jennifer Heston, Ph.D. in Social Gerontology, Miami University

Jennifer wrote about re-conceptualizing the way we look at age and those who live with cognitive challenges, such as Alzheimer’s disease. We enjoyed her essay and its focus on societal attitudes toward dementia, finding meaningful roles for seniors, and her conception of new senior housing.

2. Katherine Kitchen, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, University of Wyoming

Katherine wrote about her desire to improve the mental health of seniors in long-term care facilities, especially those in rural areas, who are under-served. We liked her focus on this group of seniors, and her determination and innovation to get clergy members and mental health providers to collaborate more effectively to improve the health of these older adults.

3. Peter Kim, Medical Student, Northwestern University

Peter wrote about his experience with music therapy and his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s, and his mission to investigate the benefits of this therapy on symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and dementia. We enjoyed his focus on music therapy, and his plan to have weekly sessions where patients could participate in therapeutic group singing, hand percussion and rhythm exercises, which could have multiple benefits on this group of seniors.

4. William Weber, Medical Student, Northwestern University

William wrote about his time spent in senior care centers compared to his time volunteering at homeless shelters, where he witnessed the differences in treatment and variation of seniors. We enjoyed his focus on the structure of the senior care system, and his plan for the government to work together with senior care to reduce consumer costs and provide a range of care options for older adults.

5. Emma Breault, Nursing Student, Regis College

Emma wrote about her experience with nursing and geriatric care, and the changes and resources that she believes could be added to this care to give seniors a better quality of life. We enjoyed her focus on providing more resources, fostering better communication among the geriatric health care team, and increasing research and development for patients to improve the geriatric health care system.

The Scholarship Essay

This year’s scholarship essay will focus on how to prepare for America’s growth of aging Baby Boomers, and what innovations in the senior care industry need to happen in order to care for our senior population.

Selection and Eligibility Criteria

  1. The annual scholarship award is for five (5) students enrolled in an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or graduate level program in the fields of gerontology, long term care administration, social work, medicine, nursing, or sociology at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university.
  2. Employees of A Place for Mom and members of their immediate family (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses, regardless of where they reside) and persons living in the same household, whether or not related, of such employees, are not eligible to apply.
  3. Applicants must complete a letter of introduction and a 500-word minimum essay on the selected topic and sign the Scholarship Award Agreement.
  4. The scholarship will be awarded to five students who write the most compelling essay as judged by an outside panel of senior living professionals.

Award Amount

  • $1,000 awarded to five individuals

Guidelines for Applicants

  • Letter of introduction with your work history, why you’re seeking a degree in your field and why you feel you would be a good candidate for this scholarship award. Applicants must also sign the Scholarship Award Agreement
  • Deadline: April 15, 2015

Essay Topic

The Administration on Aging estimates that by 2050, nearly a quarter of Americans will be age 65 or older. By 2025, the number of people 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to reach 7.1 million – a 40 percent increase in the number of those currently affected.  How we prepare for America’s aging Baby Boomers is of critical importance. What innovations in the senior care industry need to happen in order to care for our aging population? What contributions will you make to solve this problem?

How to Apply

A Place for Mom may choose to not award or to withdraw the Scholarship Award for any reason. Award recipients will be notified individually and announced by May 31, 2015.

Caitlin Burm
Caitlin Burm

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