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Innovative Product Helps Seniors Stay Fit

Caitlin Burm
By Caitlin BurmApril 13, 2017
Innovative Product Helps Seniors Stay Fit

“We don’t stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising.”

It’s no secret that exercise is often called the fountain of youth. In fact, few factors contribute as much to successful aging as having a physically active lifestyle. Learn more from the health experts at ChairMaster about an exercise solution that helps seniors stay fit as they age.

Benefits of Exercise on Senior Health

Studies show that regular exercise helps seniors in many ways. Health benefits include:

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  • Helping keep bones strong and reducing the risk of osteoporosis
  • Improving cognition and slowing down mental decline
  • Improving muscle strength and joint flexibility
  • Reducing the risk of falls by improving balance and strength
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Reducing the risk of some types of cancer, stroke and Type 2 diabetes

The good news, is that research indicates most of these health benefits can be achieved with a healthier lifestyle and as little as 30 minutes of exercise a day.

While 30 minutes may seem like a lot to seniors, studies show you don’t have to do 30 minutes of exercise at once. Recently, a study of over 6,000 participants showed that those who did short bursts of exercise measured as well on health indicators like that of blood pressure, cholesterol and waist circumference as those who worked out in full 30 minute segments.

How Seniors Stay Fit

Besides the time exercise takes, a lot of seniors also struggle with the fact that most exercise products — and even fitness classes — are designed for younger individuals. Elliptical machines and motorized treadmills are especially intimidating with the risk of falls and injury. However, a new fitness product, the ChairMaster, is a great exercise solution for seniors.

The ChairMaster is a comfortable reclining exercise chair, which has a built-in exercise bike that stores out of sight — and attachable resistance bands for strength training. Easy to use, the ChairMaster helps seniors:

  • Improve balance — by using the chair for standing exercises
  • Improve cardio — through a recumbent cycling workout with 5 levels of resistance
  • Increase flexibility and strength — with smooth, low-impact resistance cords instead of heavy weights
It is also a great tool for fitting in short duration workouts, instead of trying to do 30 minutes of exercise all at once. Users like the fact they can do 10-15 minutes of cycling while watching television — and then add another 10-15 minutes of some upper or lower body exercises at another time.

Using a ChairMaster for Exercise

The ChairMaster exercise bike has 5 levels of resistance and displays user calories, distance, speed and time. Using the resistance bands that are included with the ChairMaster enables over 50 different standing and sitting exercises to improve balance, flexibility and strength. Plus, custom ChairMaster workouts address specific health concerns like arthritis, and balance and fall prevention.

When asked about the ChairMaster, one customer said: “I love the fact the ChairMaster looks like a piece of furniture. It fits in beautifully in a home. It’s comfortable and I love the reclining feature. I have had other pieces of fitness equipment but I didn’t use them, as they didn’t fit in anywhere. If you have a ChairMaster, there is no excuse not to exercise. The cycling feature is great and I can use the resistance bands to build up my strength. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody.”

Jim, a paramedic and firefighter also noted:

“Working out on the ChairMaster can help prevent injuries from happening. It’s convenient, attractive, the cycling function is great, and the resistance bands are easy to use and effective. The convenience factor is huge — you are going to use the ChairMaster because it’s right here in your TV room.”

About ChairMaster

The ChairMaster team are passionate about the belief that staying fit, especially as we get older, can help people lead happy, healthier lives. More than a fitness company, they are a team of individuals dedicated to using exercise as a way to improve personal wellness.

The ChairMaster ships free anywhere in the U.S., and provides customers the option of using white glove services — which include setting up the Chairmaster in any room of a home. For more information on the ChairMaster, visit www.chairmaster.com.

How do the seniors stay fit in your life? Share your stories and suggestions with us in the comments below.

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Caitlin Burm
Caitlin Burm

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