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50 Nutrition Tips from A Place for Mom Readers

Caitlin Burm
By Caitlin BurmMarch 17, 2015

We held a Healthy Tips sweepstakes in honor of National Nutrition Month, to bring attention to making more informed food choices and habits this March. A Place for Mom readers shared with us how they practiced staying healthy, and we listened to them. Now, as promised, we’re sharing their top 50 nutrition tips with you.

A Place for Mom received great health tips from our readers through our sweepstakes, where we offered a chance to win a $25 cash gift card for their stories on how they stayed fit.

Congratulations to Natalie Y., who advises us to “Exercise daily” and who is the winner of our contest! Although not everyone could win a grand prize, the responses were so great that we had to share the top nutrition tips with you.

50 Nutrition Tips

  1. “Drink a lot of water.” – Veronica V.
  2. “Plenty of activity in the sunshine.” – Sara N.
  3. “Stay away from GMOs.” – Jasanna C.
  4. “A balanced diet.” – Diana M.
  5. “Lettuce, tomatoes and cheese.” – Carolyn E.
  6. “Eat less sugary and fatty food.” – Tina D.
  7. “A vegan lifestyle.” – Patricia R.
  8. “Eat plenty of fruits and veggies.” – Denise B.
  9. “At least 6 fruits and vegetables every day in our house.” – Maggie Smith
  10. “Eat honey and cinnamon daily.” – Cynthia S.
  11. “Shopping at Wholefoods.” – Dawn K.
  12. “Eat kale.” – Mike A.
  13. “Watch sodium levels on ingredients.” – Shirlee L.
  14. “Go to the gym.” – Elizabeth R.
  15. “Walking with mom.” – Samantha K.
  16. “Stress less.” – Staci M.
  17. “Take vitamins.” – Tamara A.
  18. “Walking 3 miles.” – Aaron L.
  19. “Small food portions.” – Stephanie H.
  20. “Yoga 5 nights a week.” – Barbara N.
  21. “Eat homegrown or organic food all year.” – Karen C.
  22. “I sneak vegetables and fruit into as many foods as possible. For example, diced carrots are great in tomato sauce and in meatloaf or meatballs.” – Laurie S.
  23. “Grow a garden.” – Danny S.
  24. “Cook fresh.” – Eva S.
  25. “Eat very little meat.” – Melody S.
  26. “Getting enough sleep.” – Hillary B.
  27. “Vegetarian diet.” – James R.
  28. “Less processed sugars.” – Lisa C.
  29. “Believing in myself.” – Anthony S.
  30. “Make less food from a box.” – Cathy O.
  31. “Discipline and pushing away when I’ve had enough.” – Douglas W.
  32. “Read labels, if any of them are bad, I skip the product.” – Theresa S.
  33. “Swimming and jogging.” – Carolsue A.
  34. “Walking on my treadmill.” – Marie C.
  35. “Eat a banana every day.” – Kathryn C.
  36. “Try and eat a salad every day.” – Michael B.
  37. “Taking time for myself.” – Robin G.
  38. “Drinking a glass of water before each meal.” – Amanda S.
  39. “Refrain from eating simple carbohydrates.” – Jamie H.
  40. “Healthy food choices.” – Rose M.
  41. “Doing things you enjoy.” – Rose M.
  42. “Thinking positive.” – Rose M.
  43. “I try to keep a balance, and be moderate.” – Rose M.
  44. “Substituting healthy ingredients. For example: we made meatless meatloaf last night w/oats/lentils/vegetables.” – Rebecca P.
  45. “If it doesn’t spoil then I know it’s not for me.” – Jennifer C.
  46. “Drink a “Mean Green Smoothie” every morning.” – Misty M.
  47. “Drinking lukewarm water with honey and lemon before breakfast.” – Sadia S.
  48. “By eating spinach or one dark leafy vegetable per day!” – Marie R.
  49. “Only buy healthy snacks.” – Ana S.
  50. “It is important to keep reinvesting, I read magazines and blogs about healthy foods, exercising, and make plans for having fun.” – Rose M.

Thank you to everyone who submitted! We enjoyed hearing your nutrition tips.

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Do you have any other tips on nutrition that you’d like to share? Comment below and tell us how you practice staying healthy.

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