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Poll Results: What Is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenMay 10, 2013
What is the Best Mother's Day Gift?

Poll results are in— we asked our A Place for Mom (APFM) readers their opinion on the best gift for Mother’s Day, and found that “a meal out with the family” was the number one response. And the majority of the readers of the APFM Facebook page, simply voiced “time spent with her” as the resounding vote for the best Mother’s Day gift. Learn what gifts came in the number two and three spots.

What do you think the Best Gift for Mother’s Day is? From flowers, chocolates, homemade gifts and more, finding that truly special gift for mom can be challenging. After all, moms fulfill many roles as the CEO of the household; from teacher, chef, nurse and friend—moms truly have the most difficult job—and it’s important to let them know how special they are with the right gift.

A Place for Mom’s poll showed that a meal out with the family is the best gift for mom, followed by a weekend away, and a framed family photograph. But when we specifically asked the Facebook audience, the overwhelming response was “to just spend another day with her” and to, simply, “spend time with her.”  Obviously those who recently lost their moms or those with aging moms just treasure the time spent with her, or the time they have left. Here are a few of those poignant responses:

  • “If Heaven wasn’t so far away… I’d pack up myself and go for the day.”
  • “I would give anything to feel my mom’s hugs one more time…”
  • “Lots of love and respect are the necessary ingredient in this mother’s thoughts.”
  • “Mother’s Day should be every day. I miss my Mom and a day will come when my children will miss me too. I do not want gifts. All I want love and peace at this winter of my life.”
  • “Time with my family… The gift of time!!!”
  • ” Peace and love from my family…of course, pulling some weeds for me wouldn’t hurt either.”

And here are the rest of the poll results:

Question: What is the best Mother’s Day Gift?

  1. A meal out with the family 33%
  2. A weekend away! Mom needs a break! 21%
  3. A framed family photograph 10%
  4. Spa day 9%
  5. A handmade gift 7%
  6. A card 6%
  7. Flowers 6%
  8. Smartphone or tablet 3%
  9. Breakfast in bed 2%
  10. Jewelry 2%
  11. Chocolates 1%

What Is the Best Mother's Day Gift?

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Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen

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