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21 Mother’s Day Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Jeff Anderson
By Jeff AndersonMay 6, 2015

We all like to recognize our mothers and make them feel special on Mother’s Day. But with the day upon us, many of us could use a refresher course in proper etiquette and advice on how to behave. Here are some tips for the day, coupled with mistakes to avoid.

We hope this advice helps you and your loved ones have a fantastic Mother’s Day.

Tips for Mother’s Day and Things to Avoid

Do: Honor your mother, grandmother and other maternal figures.
Don’t: Ignore Mother’s Day, remarking that it’s “just another holiday invented by the greeting card industry.”

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Do: Bring her flowers.
Don’t: Cut them from her garden.

Do: Thank her for taking care of you when you were little.
Don’t: Demand the truth about the Tooth Fairy.

Do: Write a heartfelt message of love and gratitude.
Don’t: Write it on a napkin.

Do: Gather your siblings for a celebration.
Don’t: Force her to declare a favorite child.

Do: Have a nice dinner.
Don’t: Ask her to make it for you.

Do: Look over family photos.
Don’t: Ask about the circumstances of your conception.

Do: Tell her she is as beautiful as ever.
Don’t: Ask her if she has gained weight.

Do: Recount humorous episodes from your childhood.
Don’t: Remind her about the time she lost her temper and broke a plate on the floor.

Do: Get her a modest piece of jewelry.
Don’t: Get it from a coin-operated vending machine.

Do: Tell her she has been a great mom.
Don’t: Ask her why she wasn’t more like June Cleaver.

Do: Praise her cooking.
Don’t: Add that grandmother’s was better.

Do: Thank her if she has helped care for your children in the past.
Don’t: Ask her to watch your children all day so you can spend the Sunday with your spouse.

Do: Toast to her happiness and health.
Don’t: Play drinking games, like have one drink per every year she has been a mother.

Do: Go on a scenic Sunday drive.
Don’t: Insist she drive, and then yell “I’ve got shotgun!”

Do: Tell her that you are enjoying the day with her.
Don’t: Complain you wish it was still football season, because “Sundays are nothing without football.”

Do: Take her to church in the morning if she attends Sunday services.
Don’t: Leave her there all day.

Do: Enjoy the outdoors, weather permitting.
Don’t: Suggest skinny-dipping in the nearest body of water.

Do: Prompt discussions about happy family memories.
Don’t: Ask her to describe her worst Mother’s Day ever and what was unpleasant about it.

Do: Remember to honor other mothers in your family.
Don’t: Ask any childless women in your family if Mother’s Day makes them depressed.

Do: Take a few photos as a family.
Don’t: Tell your mother she isn’t as photogenic as she used to be.

Please share your own Mother’s Day “Do’s and Don’ts” in the comments below. We’d love to hear your stories!

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