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Green Senior Living

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenOctober 2, 2015
Green Senior Living

A senior living community in New Jersey, is green — and not with envy. The 429 solar panels on the building’s roof have generated more than 515,000 kWH of energy to date, the same energy it would take to brew more than 10 million cups of coffee, according to Atria’s live energy generation data.

Discover why solar-powered senior living may be the wave of the future.

Green Assisted Living Communities

Atria Cranford, an A Place for Mom senior living community, offers more than the traditional senior living experience. Along with resort-style amenities, social and cultural activities, a signature dining program, and comforts-of-home ambiance and living; this welcoming elder care community also offers an eco-friendly, solar-powered building.

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Susan Bruncati, Executive Director of Atria Cranford, discusses the successes of their green senior living project:

“At Atria Cranford we do our best to minimize our environmental footprint. We are very proud of the green aspect of our community, and our solar roof helps to consistently generate energy. We have decreased our usage of disposable materials where appropriate and recycle when possible as we are committed to sustainability across the board.”

Atria’s green senior living project required the installation of a 115.83kW photovoltaic solar system. The system consists of two arrays, for a total of 429 panels. While this technology may sound mind-boggling, it’s actually more simple than that, and serves as a great blue print for future green senior living models.

How Do Sustainable Senior Living Communities Work?

Much like hybrid and electric cars, such as the Toyota Prius or various Tesla models, the sun can power all solar technologies, both photovoltaic and thermal. According to Atria Cranford’s detailed solar-powered project information, the sun provides a tremendous amount of energy; enough to satisfy all the earth’s needs in a fraction of a day.

The photovoltaic modules or capsules installed on the roof of Atria Cranford, also known as a solar panels, is a packaged, interconnected assembly of solar cells. The solar cells and panel are used as a component in a larger photovoltaic system that offers electricity — direct from the sun — to Atria Cranford.

Here is a visual to help you discern how the solar-powered process works:

Solar Powered Senior Living Process Graphic

Thinking About the Future of Green Senior Living

Susan Bruncati, Executive Director of Atria Cranford, discusses green senior living.

There’s nothing like catering to a senior population to make you think about the future. Our beloved elders remind us of days gone by and how society and technology have evolved in only a few decades — yet they continue to remind us of life’s continued energy. There is so much life and vitality to cherish, even in our autumn years, and Atria Cranford’s innovative, green senior living offers a little solar-energy to go along with their commitment to providing a stimulating, fun and active living ambiance.

Our seniors, their children and grandchildren will inherit what is left behind and Atria is helping make that transition a little more eco-friendly. Bruncati notes:

“We care about ecology and are handing down that legacy to our children and their children, and our commitment to green practices reaffirms Atria’s ongoing commitment to provide an innovative approach to senior living for current and future generations.”

Check out Atria Cranford’s energy generation in real time.

What do you think about green senior living? What other sustainable retirement communities offer eco-friendly, solar-powered living? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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Dana Larsen
Dana Larsen

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