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Poll Results: Top Priority for Government Healthcare Funding

Dana Larsen
By Dana LarsenNovember 22, 2012

Poll results are in— we asked our A Place for Mom readers what they thought the government’s top healthcare research funding priority should be, and found that an overwhelming majority are concerned about Alzheimer’s disease research. In fact, Alzheimer’s received 2,150 votes out of 4,069 votes. Learn what healthcare concerns came in the number two and three spots.

Alzheimer's Cure: Top Priority for Government FundingIt’s no secret that people are concerned about Alzheimer’s disease as the United States is approaching the Silver Tsunami of aging baby boomers reaching 65+ in record numbers. In fact, President Obama has made it a mission to cure Alzheimer’s by 2025 and new research is constantly being uncovered about these mysterious ‘plaques’ that lead to the brain’s deterioration. But readers have voiced just how concerned they are about how we’re not prepared for such a large aging population. There’s truly not enough funding, despite good intentions. One poll commenter had good insight:

“Today, reaching one’s seventies is quite normal; living well into one’s eighties is becoming very common. But there is an aggressor that lies in wait for many of the elderly: Alzheimer’s Disease. Most everyone can say they know at least one person with this loathsome illness. With so much of the population living longer and no cure in sight, the numbers developing Alzheimer’s are growing steadily. What’s truly frightening is, there’s no definitive cause. Some elderly get it and some don’t. The only medications merely slow down the disease, and then, only when it’s still in an early stage.”

So, yes, we at A Place for Mom agree that a cure for Alzheimer’s disease is an important mission. While, Cancer (#2 spot), Diabetes (#3 spot) and Heart Disease (#4 spot) are all important—as well as the other epidemics on the list; Alzheimer’s disease definitely poses a huge risk for the United States in the next 15+ years with the aging population.

Here are the rest of the poll results:

Question: What Healthcare Research Should Be Our Government’s Top Funding Priority?

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease 53%
  2. Cancer 26%%
  3. Diabetes 10%
  4. Heart Disease 7%
  5. HIV/AIDS 2%
  6. Influenza 2%
  7. Tuberculosis 1%

What Healthcare Research Should Be Our Government's Top Funding Priority?

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