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Digital Health Care for Senior Women

Kristen Hicks
By Kristen HicksMarch 11, 2019

Health care is something you can’t neglect, no matter how hard it is to find the money and time for caregivers and seniors to deal with it all. One solution that can make life a little easier, however, is turning to online health care for some of your needs.

Learn more about how senior women can benefit from using digital health care.

4 Benefits of Digital Health Care for Senior Women

While there will always be some health care needs that require in-person visits, a growing number of doctor’s visits can now be completed online.

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Online health care provides a number of benefits to both caregivers and seniors:

1. The scheduling is more flexible.

Online health care providers frequently have more flexible scheduling options than regular doctor’s offices. You can schedule appointments on evenings and weekends, which is especially helpful for family caregivers balancing full-time jobs with caregiving duties or seniors. In many cases, last-minute appointments are easier to secure with online providers.

2. They offer transparent pricing.

In the United States, the most stressful part of health care is often how it’s billed. Patients rarely know what procedures and visits cost until they get a big bill months after the fact. The complicated nature of the health insurance system often makes it impossible to make informed decisions around the cost of your care — you’re just stuck with the bills you get.

3. You don’t have to drive.

For many caregivers and seniors, one of the hardest parts of getting to the doctor’s office for frequent visits is transportation. If a senior can no longer drive safely, you have to either depend on family members or friends for rides, navigate public transportation options or spend a lot of money on cabs or rideshares. Cutting transportation needs out of the equation can save money and time and vastly increases the convenience of meeting with a doctor.

4. You tap into a larger network of specialists.

Many communities have a limited number of doctors in them and it can be challenging to find doctors with particular specialties that work nearby. If your city does have the type of specialist you need, you’ll still face long wait times to get in. Online health care, by contrast, gives you access to doctors all around the country. You can find the right doctor with the specific knowledge you most need, whether or not they live close to you.

One Digital Health Care Solution for Senior Women

Maven Clinic is a digital health care solution that addresses many of the challenges and inconveniences caregivers and seniors face when dealing with traditional health care options. The site has a particular focus on providing health care solutions to women, so gives special attention to senior women’s health care issues.

Maven has a network of over 1,200 health care providers in more than 18 types of specialties. After you create a free account on the website, you can browse all the different providers in the specialty area you need. When you find a provider that seems like a good fit, you can book an appointment with them.

The company has both an app and a website that you can use on your mobile devices and you can communicate with the health care providers through online messaging or a video chat.

In addition to doctors in a range of specialties, their network of practitioners includes nurse practitioners, nutritionists, therapists and wellness coaches. Sometimes health-related issues can be more affordably addressed by skilled professionals other than medical doctors, so Maven helps you find the right solution for your particular needs.

Maven’s costs are straightforward and transparent. You can see the pricing structure laid out on their website. A 10-minute call with a doctor costs $35, 40 minutes with a therapist cost $70 and 20 minutes with a nutritionist costs $25, to give you a general idea. Some health insurance plans do cover Maven so you may be able to get those costs covered for you.

Seniors are often the victims of online scams and for something as serious as health care, you want to be sure that anyone you work with is legitimate and trustworthy. Maven’s health care providers are all vetted by the company before they’re added to the network, so you have the chance to view each professional’s credentials before choosing whether to book an appointment with them.

Maven shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for all the doctors you work with, but for the subset of healthcare needs that can be provided over the internet, using a digital health care solution like Maven should be perfectly safe.

Have you tried a digital health care solution before? What was your experience like? We’d like to hear your stories in the comments below.

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