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Celebrity Quotes About Moms

Jeff Anderson
By Jeff AndersonMay 4, 2015

With Mother’s Day approaching, we’re highlighting the profound and lasting influence that mothers have on their children. 

We collected some great quotes from celebrities who shared their mother’s best advice and how their mothers helped make them who they are today.

Celebrity Quotes: Mother Knows Best

“My mom was a role model to me; she still is. She’s still ahead of me… She was always cheerful. She never laid down rules. She would win by being smarter and making sense and telling us to make the right choices, but more so it was that she was an example. The emphasis she put on working and taking care of your family is something I followed, but also the fact that she enabled me to take care of myself.”

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– Louis C.K., April 2013, Rolling Stone

Louis C.K.

To listen to people and treat them well. That’s something she does with every person she meets. My mum’s had cancer three times, and she’s always remained charmingly free of cynicism, very open to life, and wonderfully gentle while at the same time strong. Strength does not have to be belligerent and loud.”

– Russell Brand, November 2012

Russell Brand

“The best advice my mom has ever given me is to never give up. She believes when one door shuts, another door opens. Always, always move forward. I admire her tenacity and her generosity and her ability to do 17 things at once.”

– Melissa Rivers, May 2012

Melissa Rivers

“I grew up in a family of strong women and I owe any capacity I have to understand women to my mother and big sister. They taught me to respect women in a way where I’ve always felt a strong emotional connection to women, which has also helped me in the way I approach my work as an actor.”

– Ryan Gosling, April 2012

Ryan Gosling

“We’re best friends — she’s a very special woman, she’s been so supportive. She’s partly the reason why I have so much respect for women. I’m never going to find someone as good as my mother, am I?”

– Justin Timberlake, October 2010

Justin Timberlake

“I get my sense of humor from my mom. There are so many quiet times you spend as a mother that aren’t glorified but are a foundation for your kids. No matter what, there was always a thick safety net under this trapeze.”

– Tina Fey, January 2010

Tina Fey

“People ask me all the time, ‘How did you survive that?’ or ‘How do you do all this?’ It’s really because of my mother and the encouragement she gave me. My mom didn’t have very good mothering herself, so to learn how to mother with just on-the-job training was so inspirational to me.”

– Hillary Clinton, January 2010

Hillary Clinton

“People can create their own lives; I saw how my mother created hers and so made it possible for us to survive. My mother was the one who rose to the occasion.”

– Tom Cruise, 9 April 2006, Parade Magazine

Tom Cruise

My mother taught me empathy — the basic concept of standing in somebody else’s shoes and looking through their eyes. If I did something messed up, she’d just say, ‘How would that make you feel if somebody did that to you?’ That ends up being, I think, at the center of my politics, and I think that should be the center of all our politics. If we see a child who’s languishing in an inner-city school, how would we feel if that was our child?”

– Barack Obama, January 2006

Barack Obama

What’s your favorite quote? How has your mother influenced you? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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