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Best of the Senior Living Blog 2013

Jeff Anderson
By Jeff AndersonDecember 21, 2013

As the year draws to a close we’d like to wish you and your family very happy holidays and the very best for the new year. We would also like to take this opportunity to reflect on the year gone by. This year has been interesting  for those following the issues of aging and senior living. From the significant changes in Medicare that mean better coverage for seniors with chronic illnesses to the passing of Nelson Mandela – perhaps the world’s most famous senior – there has been much for to discuss and write about in 2013.

All the contributors to A Place for Mom’s Senior Living Blog strive to empower, inform and inspire. Over the course of the year we have published more than 300 articles and dozens of unique graphics – some informative, some inspirational, and some simply amusing. We’re proud of our entire canon of content about caregiving, aging and senior living; but as 2013 draws to a close, it’s fitting to highlight some our most noteworthy and interesting articles, interviews and graphics.

Here are highlights from our blog from the last past year. We encourage you to check out some of these articles and we’re confident you’ll find something useful or interesting that you haven’t seen before:

Health & Longevity

Everything You Know About Longevity Is Wrong | 20 March 2013

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We highlight seven surprising findings of a landmark 80 year study on longevity that turns upside down our common assumptions about how to live a long life. Reader Susan wrote, “Great article! The notion that pessimists among males didn’t necessarily lead to a shorter life span was an eye-opener.”

Top 5 Places Where People Live the Longest | 29 March 2013

We examine the factors that contribute to longevity in “Blue Zones” – places with the healthiest agers on earth. 

Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Memory Care

Dementia Care Dos & Don’ts: Dealing with Dementia Behavior Problems | 8 February  2013

Read practical tips to help with one of the biggest challenges for family caregivers and senior care providers – dealing with behavior problems caused by Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. A reader named Judith commented,”It was so good reading your article. I am a caregiver, ready to give up the case I am on. It is very challenging. But having read your article, I have understood some of the behavior and will give it another try.”

Debunking Top Alzheimer’s Myths | 5 June 2013

We examine urban legends and myths about Alzheimer’s disease and separate the science from the quackery.

Top 7 Physical Signs of Alzheimer’s| 9 July 2013

Everyone knows that forgetfulness is a sign of Alzheimer’s disease – but sometimes the first clues to the illness are physical rather than mental.

The Good Life, in a Memory Care Facility? | 10 October 2013

An in-depth article that looks at person-center memory care and how it allows people afflicted with memory loss to achieve maximum happiness despite their disease.

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Dementia Risk | 30 January 2013

Six simple steps you can take that have been linked to a reduced incidence of dementia.

Why Art Therapy is Good the for Brain | 1 November 2013

This post about the benefits of art therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients was one of our most popular ever in terms of Facebook “likes.”

Senior Nutrition and Recipes

Can Technology Help Eliminate Senior Malnutrition | 18 March 2013

How cutting edge apps can help seniors increase their intake of nutrient rich, high density food.

25 Easy Recipes for Senior Nutrition | 15 March 2013

A compilation of 25 easy-to-make recipes that help assure seniors get necessary vitamins and minerals.

Loss of Appetite in Elderly: Causes and How to Cope | 23 January 2013

Lack of appetite can be a big problem among the elderly. Learn what can prompt this issue and how to deal with it.

Senior Communities & Senior Living Trends

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Assisted Living | 20 February 2013

We reveal some surprising facts about assisted living communities, and bust some assisted living myths while we’re at it.

Is Cruise Ship Retirement Cheaper than Senior Living? | 22 February 2013

This fun post takes a deeper look at the absurd suggestion that living on a cruise ship is a viable and affordable alternative to a senior community. Reader Harold jokes, “Shucks! I was all primed for a 365 day cruise!”

Progress in the Epic Battle Against Veterans Benefits Backlog  | 6 November 2013

A look at how the VA dramatically reduced the amount of backlogged claims for veterans benefits over the course of 2013 – and the work that still remains to be done.

Announcing SeniorAdvisor.com | 25 March 2013

A Place for Mom proudly announces the roll-out of our senior living reviews website, which now has more than 17,000 verified reviews of senior communities across the country.

Seniors and Bounce Back Hospital Admissions | 27 March 2013

One-in-five hospitalized seniors return within 30 days and this is widely recognized as a problem, both to seniors’ health and to the healthcare system financially. This post looks at the causes of the problem and discusses how assisted living communities may be part of the key to unlocking this puzzling problem.

Family Caregiving

10 Reasons Families Fight about Senior Care | 27 February 2013

The stress of dealing with a parents decline can cause a lot of strife among families. It’s sadly quite common for siblings to have major arguments when they don’t see eye to eye about their parent’s need for care. We look at 10 causes of these conflicts and how to avoid them.

Tips for Delivering Bad News to Senior Parents | 4 February 2013

There’s no easy way to deliver bad news, and it can be even more difficult when the recipient is very old or infirm. Several families thanked us for these tips we shared to make this difficult job easier.

Best (and Worst) Apps for Caregivers | 3 June 2013

Today practically everyone has a smartphone or tablet device like an iPad. We review 7 apps designed to make caregiver’s lives easier.

Inspirational Graphics

We’ve designed and shared hundreds of neat graphic on our Inspiration Board. Here are just three neat examples, but I’m sure if you browse our board or check out our Pinterest page you’ll find more that you love:


Our team has created many graphics over the course of 2013. While many, such as this one about spending on Alzheimer’s research have appeared on our sister website, Alzheimers.Net. Below is an infographic we create for A Place for Mom about the value that caregivers family caregivers contribute to the economy through their work:

True Value of a Caregiver

What were your favorite articles and infographic from the A Place for Mom Senior Living Blog? What do you think of our selections?  Leave your comments below.

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